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Characters live at the core of Fate! Fate Core is the latest edition of Evil Hat Productions' popular Fate roleplaying game system.
Characters live at the core of Fate! Fate Core is the latest edition of Evil Hat Productions' popular Fate roleplaying game system.
10,103 backers pledged $433,365 to help bring this project to life.

More Dice! More Points! Fate Accessories KS is Live

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)

Hi all!

Today we've launched the Fate Accessories Kickstarter, to bring to you all more Fate Dice and also (hopefully — our first stretch) some matching Fate Point tokens. We've got some exciting new styles of Fate Dice ahead, plus a brighter-colored "accelerated" update of our Core Dice too. Check out the options at our kickstarter page!

Fate has been the lifeblood of Evil Hat for many years now, something that you all made possible. So again, and always, thank you for your support!



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    1. Olna Jenn Smith

      Okay, that makes more sense then! In which case, I hope it is a success beyond your wildest dreams!

    2. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      @Kevin Hull - Aetherworks is our distributor in Australia, so like the shipping section on the Fate Accessories KS says, everything that gets funded will be offered in distribution. That includes Australia.

      @Olna - We totally did know those fees... which is why it only ships to the USA.

      @James - The further we get into the stretches, the more colors there will be. Stay tuned. :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Kevin Hull on

      I would have backed this to the max, much the same as I've backed other Evil Hat Kickstarts in the past but, no international shipping...

      I've paid in the past, and would continue to pay, whatever the shipping costs came to be. Decades ago, I learned that having all manner of goods shipped to Australia could well mean paying more for the shipping than the items. Like an adult, I knew the score and accepted the reality of the situation.

      Now, there isn't even an option.

      While I wish you guys well with this, and I'm certainly interested in the items offered, I've no idea how I'm going to go actually getting my hands on them here. You've obviously, even in the 21st Century, never had to shop for your favorite hobby pursuits here in Australia. Short supply, hollow promises, and extortionate prices are the order of the day down here.

      That's the reason that, in the past, I've been willing to hand YOU my money.

      And, if the suggestion is that I deal with a middle man of some sort in the US to get them here, the charges would be similar to getting them from Evil Hat directly anyway...


    4. Olna Jenn Smith

      Okay, I'm worried about you guys and the finances of this. Flat shipping fee sounds great, but did you guys know about the USPS change in international package rates before calculating it? Flats can't go international anymore and it's really hard on every small business I order from right now. :( :(

    5. ldjessee on

      Some of the dice (like the layered ones) might be tempting, but definitely the points are tempting. If I could back just the points, that is what I would do, with the layered as an add-on.
      I would love to have Dresden fire colored points, Icy Winter Court points, and maybe some that look like 1920s-1930s poker chips, and even some sci-fi ones, maybe in some kind of hi-tech motif.
      Dice I would only get if I was giving them away to new players... points I do not have anything suitable and thus would buy several sets.
      Just my own situation.

    6. James Gaines on

      I'm solid on dice with your last dice Kickstarter. But those fake chips look mighty tempting. I would definitely try to move those up production, and add more colors, if I were you