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Characters live at the core of Fate! Fate Core is the latest edition of Evil Hat Productions' popular Fate roleplaying game system.
Characters live at the core of Fate! Fate Core is the latest edition of Evil Hat Productions' popular Fate roleplaying game system.
Characters live at the core of Fate! Fate Core is the latest edition of Evil Hat Productions' popular Fate roleplaying game system.
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Fate Core - An Update on Stretchy Things


Hi folks! Can you believe this Kickstarter is over two years old? 

We thought we'd take a few minutes today to give you an update on the remaining stretch goals that everyone at $10+ will be getting in digital form once they're done. There's just a few of them left, and since each one was starting from scratch there's been a lot of time & effort involved in moving them along. We're seeing progress across the board. 

We'll also talk a bit about the other Fate stuff going on in Hat-landia. Let's get to it!

Stretches...! Makin' Progress, The Stretch-meister!

These four stretch goals will be part of the $10+ digital reward package upon release, as promised. Let's see how they're coming along!

Shadow of the Century is entering alpha play-testing this May. We're taking playtester applications right now on our website — learn more here:

Do: Fate of the Flying Temple: The final round of editing is happening now. We expect to send it to layout (by Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple creator Daniel Solis) by the end of May. 

Young Centurions: Our alpha playtest feedback is in. The team has reviewed it and has their action-list of things to address. We're hoping to be able to move this one along to layout and art acquisition sometime in the next few months.

Dresden Files Accelerated: We began development in 2014 as promised, with it steadily ramping up from there. Our second playtest should come right on the heels of Shadow of the Century's. The first playtest revealed that our ideas were sound but our implementation was way off. This next round has a much more "playbook" style approach that we think will get the ideas across better. Our beta playtest will tell us if we're right!

Meanwhile, Elsewhere in Evil Hat's Fate-o-sphere...

These things aren't part of your rewards package, but they are related to the game line this Kickstarter made possible, so we wanted to share.

Our Patreon campaign has been steadily churning out great, varied settings & mechanics in our Fate Worlds of Adventure line. We've knocked 8 of them out so far and have another 14 on the way. You can grab our already-released ones as pay-what-you-want items on DriveThruRPG as well as a select few in paperback at retailers or the Evil Hat webstore. Patrons of our Patreon campaign get early access to the drafts, and more depending on their level of commitment. 

The Fate-Core-powered Atomic Robo RPG is up for an Origins Award this year as Best RPG. Available now & everywhere! To celebrate the nomination we've knocked 10% off of its price on the Evil Hat webstore. We've also got a Majestic 12 supplement in the works as we speak. Our goal is to have editing and art done and ready for layout by the end of May.

War of Ashes: Fate of Agaptus is in proofing and indexing now. We're aiming to get this sent to the printer by the end of May. Brace yourself for the rise of nasty, lethal, grimmsical cuteness! 

Other projects wait in the wings, but aren't yet ready to see the light of day. If you haven't already, make sure to sign up for our mailing list on the front page of to stay in touch with the latest from the Hat. 

Thanks again for your support!

So We Did Okay At The ENnies


Yeah. :)

Evil Hat placed with at least a silver in every nominated category last night at the ENnies, including golds for Best Rules (Fate Core), Best Family Game (Fate Accelerated), and Best Game (Fate Core). 

There are no words; we're still speechless this morning (after staying up way too late), so, simply:

Thank you, everyone!

Fate Core, Fate Accelerated, and the Fate System Toolkit Garner ENnies Nods


This year's ENnies nominations are in and it's looking great for Evil Hat! Books from this Kickstarter are responsible for a full five nominations, or six if you count Randy Oest's excellent work on the Fate SRD website.

Our nominations include:

  • Best Family Game: Fate Accelerated
  • Best Game: Fate Core
  • Best Rules: Fate Core
  • Best Supplement: Fate System Toolkit
  • Product of the year: Fate Core

And we also got a nod in the Best Accessory category for our Eldritch Dice set of Fate Dice. We're up against some stiff competition, too, in all these categories.

Voting doesn't begin until July 20th, but we hope we'll get your support when the time comes. If you'd like to get a reminder of the voting when it starts, we'll send that out via our mailing list.

If you're not signed up for the Evil Hat announcements list, you can do so on — the sign-up form is on the upper right corner of the page.

Thanks as always for your support. We wouldn't have shown nearly as strongly as we have this year without your dedication to Fate Core, your play reports, and your feedback. You're the best!



We're having a great time over here at the Hat. Our Zeppelin Attack kickstarter just hit its funding (woot!), but there's even bigger news for the Fate Core fans out there, over on RPGGeek: Fate Core and its supplements have made a strong showing in the finalist lists for the Golden Geek Awards!

Here are those lists:

Game of the Year

  • Fate Core System 
  • Numenera 
  • Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Best Artwork & Presentation 

  • Fate Core System 
  • Numenera 
  • Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook

Best Supplement 

  • Fate Accelerated 
  • Fate System Toolkit 
  • Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game

Folks, this is an INCREDIBLE showing. And no bull, it's an honor to be listed alongside these other finalists. Think about it: Fate Core is getting mentioned in the same breath as a big-hit game by Monte Cook and freakin' Star Wars

We're particularly proud to see that Best Artwork & Presentation nod: Kurt Komoda knocked the art out of the park, and we put a lot of thought and effort into making sure that the art fit the text tightly, creating a greater whole. Perhaps most impressive here is that ours is the only black & white publication of the three — it's not often you see black and white art get treated as a peer of color.

But above it all, none of this would have happened without you guys. It's your funding that made it possible for us to produce the best possible game with the best possible art. It's your support that enabled us to create and publish Fate Accelerated and the Fate System Toolkit (and so much more) all in the same year as the release of Fate Core itself. You've transformed the company. You've changed Fate's position in the market. You've elevated Fate as a game on everybody's radar. 

We hope (and heck, believe) these Golden Geek nods are just the start for Fate in 2014. As we continue to work on our slate of Fate for this year — the Atomic Robo RPG, Young Centurions, Do: Fate of the Flying Temple, War of Ashes, Dresden Files Accelerated, the Fate Adventures Patreon campaign, and more — we know we've got the wind at our backs and our army marching ten thousand strong. Fate is doing better than ever, and there's no sign of it slowing down.

So thank you again, guys. We're pretty geeked about what you've done, and we're going to continue to bring you great things for as long as you'll let us. More soon!

Fate Core: Lookin' Golden From Here


Hey there, Fate Corps! 

Some fun news today, and a bit of an update on everything. Update first! It totally called dibs.

How Things Are Going

One of the great things this Kickstarter's wild success brought us was the ability to bulk up as a company. We've been able to bring together a core leadership pool for Evil Hat that has helped us do more things, all at the same time, instead of our previous incarnation as a one-or-two-things-maybe wee indie. You've already seen some of that with how our first year went: we were able to bring out Fate Core, Fate Accelerated, Fate System Toolkit, Fate Worlds 1 & 2, Strange Tales of the Century, a few fiction books, and more — not to mention partnering up with Green Ronin to print the Fate Freeport Companion. 

That pace has relaxed a bit, but that doesn't mean we're not still getting a lot done, all at the same time. We're running the Zeppelin Attack! card game kickstarter right now, which would normally be one of those all-consuming things that takes up all of Fred's attention and a big chunk of company resources to boot. But thanks to you and your support of this Kickstarter, we've been easily able to keep plenty of other stuff goin' too. 

Much of our current roster is working on what Fred likes to call the "Fate Core Phase Three" stuff — things y'all will be getting in digital form (assuming you pledged at $10 & up) once they're ready for publication. Here's where each of the Phase Three items are at.

Do: Fate of the Flying Temple: The system design is in playtesting right now (including in a classroom or two), running through til April 15th. Once we get there we'll be able to chart the rest of its course; could be we don't need much extra work, could be we need a fair amount, depending on the playtest feedback.

Shadow of the Century: Development continues! Some setting and system work have been done, and the team is hard at work iterating through the ideas to make sure they work together to build a compelling, playable setting of 1980's style action adventure.

Young Centurions: The final setting & system polish is being done on the draft, with our deep-system-nerds working on reviewing the design over the next few weeks. We likely have some playtesting in our near future too.

Dresden Files Accelerated: As promised, we kicked off development on this at the beginning of this year. We're two design meetings into the process, with story development pending Jim's answers to a few key questions, and a design doc roughed out and getting edited as we speak. This one's going to be a long road (as all Dresden Files projects are), but we've set a great pace and will be keeping it going.

Fate Core & Supplements Nominated for Golden Geeks

2013 was a great year for Fate, with the launch of the Fate Core product line thanks to your support. And the fine folks over at RPGGeek have noticed! Fate Core and its supplements have picked up six nominations for this year's Golden Geek awards. If you're a member of the Geek and have the time to place some votes, we'd be thrilled to get your support in our run for the win. 

Voting (for folks w/ registered accounts on the site) can be done here:

Thanks again for making an amazing 2013 happen for us at Evil Hat. It's been a real sea-change for us and simply wouldn't have happened without this Kickstarter stepping on the gas. We hope you'll join us again over on the Zeppelin Attack! kickstarter, and regardless we can't wait to share our "phase three" efforts with you as this year continues... not to mention other projects like the Atomic Robo RPGWar of Ashes RPG, and Fate Adventures & Worlds Patreon campaign

Wherever we happen to see you in 2014, we're sure you'll be a part of another great year for the Hat. Thanks!