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The anime pitch party game! Pitch shows and movies to the producer based on random words in your hand, and vote for your favorites.
The anime pitch party game! Pitch shows and movies to the producer based on random words in your hand, and vote for your favorites.
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Channel A: Alpha Genesis Edition



Want to get right to the fun? Download a print-and-play pocket version of Channel A (with about 1/3 of the cards) right here and right now!

No printer? Try our online version and play with us on social media!

Would you watch an anime called “Moldy Seed Prince”? No? What about “Gorilla Cyborg Force Overdrive”?

Channel A is a party game in which you create and pitch ridiculous anime series and convince the other players that they really want to watch them! Create shows based on random words in your hand, and vote for your favorites. The Alpha Genesis edition includes everything you need to play--250+ title cards, 112 premise cards, and more! Already have a copy of the first edition? This one includes about 70 new cards, including new and updated chibi to inspire your show ideas.

Ready your kaiju, magical girls, and secret ninjas and tune in for an evening of hilarious fun! Check out the exciting rewards and stretch goals below! This graphic will be updated as we unlock more fun stuff!

Interested in learning more before you make your decision? Download the rulebook preview of Channel A now!

Looking to support a local retailer by preordering Channel A through them? Encourage your FLGS to back us and get their copies early!

Channel A is easy to play! Players take turns being the Producer. The Producer picks five premise cards and chooses their two favorites, such as “Catgirls” and “Space War.” Then all players create a title for a manga about Space War Catgirls using the cards in their hand, like “Alien Cyborg Cutie Z” or “Harajuku Kitty Robo Knights.” Each player pitches their show, describing what it would be about in a few (often absurd) sentences. All players vote for their favorites (but not their own), and the player with the most votes wins the round!

In the box, you’ll find…

  • 272 title cards, each with a word or phrase to build your show titles
  • 112 premise cards, 100 with an inspirational category, and 12 with an inspirational chibi character
  • 16 blank cards to add your own flair to the game
  • A Producer card
  • Rules, of course

Among the premise cards, you’ll find 12 newly designed chibi characters (some of which are featured on this very page!). Can you build a show title about the Techno-Angel chibi and Giant Robots Fighting premise? OF COURSE YOU CAN!

So how is this different from the previous version of the game?

If you’re lucky, you got your grabby hands on a copy of the previous version of Channel A: The TV Series Edition published by Asmadi a few years back. This edition adds over 70 new cards, as well as offering new and updated chibis like the ones you see on this page. 

The TV Series Edition was also printed on a thick cardstock that made shuffling tough. The Alpha Genesis Edition that we’re kickstarting here will be printed on standard, high quality cardstock to make for easy deck handling and shuffling.

Given the extreme difference in cardstock, we’re not able to offer just the new cards for those who already own an existing copy of the game. The two card types go together like catgirls and a pack of angry dogs, which is to say not at all.

Everyone can download the Channel A rulebook right now! We want to make it easy for you to decide if this game is for you, so we invite you to dig into those rules!

CHANNEL A CORE GAME (FUNDED!!!!): At $15,000, we’ll unlock the core game! All backers at $30 and up will receive a copy of the core game, shipped by UPS or the post office (depending on pricing) to anywhere in the US. Check out the Shipping section below for more info on our flat shipping fee and ideas on what to do if you're not in the US.

STRETCH GOAL 1 (LOCKED): CHIBI STICKERS ($21,500): At $21,500, all backers at $30 and up will receive a set of four vinyl, die-cut chibi stickers featuring chibis from the game. Stick them anywhere that won’t get you in trouble and get inspired to make new and ridiculous series names!

STRETCH GOAL 2 (LOCKED): SECOND SEASON EXPANSION ($37,500): At $37,500, we’ll unlock our first expansion, a selection of general cards covering an assortment of genres! This expansion will include 100 new cards (80 title, 20 premise cards including 3 new chibi). These expansions will retail at $13, and we’ll open up a new tier for backers to buy them at retail cost.

But wait…why does it cost as much to fund an expansion as it does to fund the core game?

That’s a good question, imaginary backer! We love this game. That’s why we’re subsidizing some of its printing. That bumps our initial funding goal down and gets us to the fun stuff quicker. Having said that, we’d love to get past the Second Season expansion and fully fund that initial print run…which gives us more cash to bring you more fun stuff. Kickstarter math for the win!

Apart from some updates and file conversions, the core game is done. The stretch goals, however, are not. We’ve got the talented Channel A team ready to don their power suits and crank out the new material as soon as the project funds. We’ve built time into our delivery estimates to allow us to send the core game and all funded stretches out simultaneously.

We're charging a flat $10 shipping fee regardless of how many copies (or expansions) you order, which will be billed to you later—please do not add it to your pledge! We’ve carefully calculated our funding goals to cover the production of the game, and adding shipping to your pledge now will mess up that math. Also, this approach allows us to subsidize the shipping a bit—the actual S&H costs will be more than we're charging you. 

We'll be billing for shipping via BackerKit, where you'll also be able to configure your rewards. BackerKit is a pledge manager—a separate website that gives you (and us!) greater control over what happens after the campaign than a simple survey would. You'll also have the option to add on a few select items via BackerKit if you choose to do so, with no extra shipping costs.

Here’s the sad part—we’re only able to offer shipping to the US. Our shipping options outside of the US would cost more than the actual game in most cases, and we can’t in good conscience do that to you. However, every reward offered in this Kickstarter will be available to our international fans.

If you live outside of the US, here are your options:

  • If you don’t mind the high shipping costs, use a freight forwarder. Those costs will still likely be below what we could offer, especially if you join forces with other interested gamers in your area!
  • Find a friendly US gamer to send your copy to you.
  • Buy the game via your Friendly Local Game Store when it hits distribution (we sell to a number of international distributors). 

Creator: Ewen Cluney

Editor: Karen Twelves

Artist: Dawn Davis

Layout & Graphic Design: Fred Hicks & Clay Gardner

Business Development: Chris Hanrahan

Marketing: Carrie Harris

Project Management: Sean Nittner

Video: Shaun Hayworth

Music: Edward Blakeley

Risks and challenges

Evil Hat is an experienced game publisher. We've printed many games in a variety of physical formats over the past few years. This puts us in a fine position to take on the risks and challenges that will arise. Experience tells us that things don’t always go as planned.

Here's what we can anticipate as potential problems.

Stretch Goals: We don’t start work on stretches until they’re funded. However, we’re thinking positive, and we’ve calculated our delivery estimates to include time to finish our stretches. We’re limiting our stretch goal list to make sure we can deliver during our promised timeframe.

Printing: We have a strong, established relationship with our printers. We’ve got them on tap to print the games in whatever quantity we end up needing. But printers can run into problems all the same: supply shortages, unexpected delays due to company holidays or industry events, shipping problems, printing errors, and so on. We’ve got the experience to stay atop those potential problems and the flexibility to pivot and address them promptly. In the event of defective product, we will send a replacement at no cost to you.

Distance: The game will be manufactured in China. Physical manufacture can always introduce complications, particularly when it comes time to ship items in bulk. The slow boat from China is a real thing! That said, we've manufactured multiple things with our chosen manufacturer, Grand Prix International, before, and we believe we have a solid handle on the time impacts here.

Schedule: There's always a chance we'll be asking the printer to print the game right when their schedule gets busy. While this may bump our timeframe, it will likely only be by a few weeks. If we've done our math right, there should be padding to absorb that.

Manufacturing: Problems can happen during the manufacturing process. Prototypes and proofs don't turn out like you'd expect. Materials and stock thought to be readily available might take longer to procure. File revisions might require a second round of prototyping. These issues, too, can create delays.

Shipping: Packages get lost. We'll send replacements. Shipping can take longer than expected. We won't put the game on sale until they've shipped out all backer copies. Shipping costs can end up higher than expected. We'll absorb the overage.

Finances: Thanks to the success of our other projects, Evil Hat is a perhaps atypically solvent game company. We've already invested time and money to get the game to this point, and our bank account continues to look plenty healthy. If an unexpected cost arises, we've got the cushion to take the hit.

If there's any risk or challenge YOU can think of that we haven't mentioned here, please write in and ask. We love to answer questions, and we do our best to provide an unparalleled customer service experience whenever possible. We intend to impress you.

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