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An asymmetrical strategy game played across two boards based off of the iconic 1984 James Cameron film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.
An asymmetrical strategy game played across two boards based off of the iconic 1984 James Cameron film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.
An asymmetrical strategy game played across two boards based off of the iconic 1984 James Cameron film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.
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    1. David "(o)(o)(o)” about 1 hour ago

      Wouldn’t want to stand in the way of you getting a shitty pnp. 😂

    2. Missing avatar

      Marcelo about 1 hour ago

      Lawyer in Brazil, If You pay the cost i get the case.

    3. David "(o)(o)(o)” about 1 hour ago

      If only there was a lawyer somewhere here in the comments section that could really stick it to SGP 🤔

    4. Missing avatar

      Marcelo about 2 hours ago

      @david (o)(o)(o) lets make a print play version with the film photos

    5. David "(o)(o)(o)” about 6 hours ago

      Anyway I’m off to play Who Goes There? 😬

    6. Erik The Big "E" about 7 hours ago

      I am not sure of the dates involved, but licensing of the I.P. only lasts so long. Once the license lapses, and once a certain date is passed with no production, retail, etcetera, then the cost of royalties back to the I.P. is negated.
      I believe this was alluded to in one of the interviews on WeFunder.
      SGP is probably just waiting this one out until that time, so they never incur the royalties charges.
      They are out of the money raised by the Kickstarters, with little to no way to raise more due to the failure of WeFunder. They are avoiding the extra cost of royalties, and our only hope now is that the I.P. lapses back to StudioCanal and they re-issue it to another company.
      Maybe that is what Lynnvander is hoping for. Riverhorse/Lynnvander could step in and do their Terminator board game as they wanted.

      This is of course just my conjecture and read of the situation as it now sits.

      BTW: Last man standing is in effect!!!

    7. David "(o)(o)(o)” about 10 hours ago

      On that cheery note...

    8. Cleanse FoldManipulate about 11 hours ago

      We are never going to hear either way, SGP folded or finished game. If the project is in limbo, not fulfilled, not cancelled, then there is little anyone can do. Personally for me if the game ever gets produced I bet it will be a complete pile of dogs crap of half baked ideas and cheap toxic poison miniatures.

    9. Missing avatar

      Stephen O' Mara about 21 hours ago

      Wow, I had totally written this off ages ago and wasn't even paying attention. I see this took a real nose dive.

    10. GhstbstrLMLIII 1 day ago

      For what it's worth, today marks 12 weeks since the last "update."

    11. ChaosWoLFF 1 day ago

      @SGP / @All

      In an effort to keep our questions from getting buried:

      - How exactly was this project managed?

      - How where the funds allocated?

      - So The Wefunder failed. Is SGP & Associated Project's Terminated? / What Is The Status Of SGP & Associated Project's?

      - Are there any 3rd party companies that completed work for us that are awaiting compensation?
      *A few backers have contacted Norse Foundry (terminator metal add-on's) & Boda (Evil Dead 2 manufacturer) both companies complained about the business relationship with SGP not being professional. BOTH companies are awaiting payment & communication.

      Please Copy / re-post / add & edit these questions and keep them relevant and at the top of this comment section as these are the main point(s) of what need to be discussed.

    12. ChaosWoLFF 1 day ago

      Oh bruce, He'll be back thats for sure. There isn't much to say about this project anymore, or any reason to stay positive. I'm sure Bruce is doing just fine though :). But Game on. Who will be the last one standing???

    13. Michael Lehmann
      1 day ago

      FYI: the German Facebook version of Space Goat Productions is still available.
      But no update since 12/2017.

    14. GhstbstrLMLIII 2 days ago

      @Erik - Game on! So long as I’m waiting on other KS games (now including Trogdor, which just finished its campaign today) I’ve got no reason not to pop in here and gripe every-so-often.

      Granted, my bet would have been Bruce too. He worked so hard to help us stay level-headed.

    15. Erik The Big "E" 2 days ago

      Anyone up for a last man standing contest in the comments section?

      I would have figured Bruce would have had the pole position on that one, a sure bet favorite.

    16. GhstbstrLMLIII 2 days ago

      It's been a couple of weeks. Time for another "Update Day" sarcastically-happy comment? Nah? Too soon? Not even worth it anymore?

    17. Gustavo Paderis Sacramento 2 days ago

      I have not had access to a comment session for weeks. And it is sad to see that nothing has changed, definitely this was the first and last project that I will support for KS

    18. Drewbacca
      5 days ago

      @Yanik It’s probably because they were brought on to do work on Terminator which they completed and delivered to SGP.

      It just happened that SGP then decided to use little to none of Lynnvander’s work so they requested to be disassociated with the game.

    19. Yanik D'Aigle
      5 days ago

      Well this is interesting....according to Lynnvander and their website under their development page, this project is complete/ delivered -

      You can see it under the Space Goat Productions sub-section.
      Anyone know anything further about this?

    20. Yanik D'Aigle
      5 days ago

      Looks like their Facebook page is down too...

    21. Missing avatar

      Darren 5 days ago

      Cause he's a coward Chris

    22. Missing avatar

      Charles Sustek 6 days ago

      Has anyone successfully gotten their money back? Can I call my credit card company and arrange for it?

    23. Chris Perz

      I see Shon logged in again on the 9th and neglected to drop by and say something.

    24. GhstbstrLMLIII on

      @David - Tommy of Lynnvander posted a cryptic message on the "Hold Space Goat Accountable" facebook page that he's still working on it behind the scenes. Sounded like he's gotten a little movement from when he last mentioned something months ago, but it's still not far enough along that he can give details.

    25. Missing avatar

      John Grayson on

      There is apparently something going on in the works with Lynnvander Studios once again. Not sure what, seems very cloak and dagger at the moment.

    26. Chris Perz

      @GhstbstrLMLIII: Yeah, Ship Naked does suck. I received my collectors edition copy Everdell recently. The box it was shipped in was only a little bit larger than the game box and during transit it was dropped and one of the corders of the box and collectors sleeve were damaged. I contacted them about a replacements. You know what they did? They sent a replacement box and sleeve in the same sized shipping box. When it arrived, one of the corners of the shipping box was damaged again. The game box and sleeve sustained some minor damage again, probably because it weighs less. It really isn't enough to complain about this time though. But seriously, If a game was damaged during shipment due to shitty packaging, why the hell would you ship out a replacement in the same shitty packaging? And this isn't the first time this has happened with them.

    27. Missing avatar

      Peter Epperly on

      Reported to Kickstarter; what good it will do.

    28. GhstbstrLMLIII on

      Side note - Certifiable just had to deliver more disappointing delay news (related to/extending from the prior bad news of choosing Ship Naked as the fulfillment partner). Open, honest communication from the creator to the backers. It’s an amazing thing!! And it dampers so much unnecessary outrage that silence brings. (Oh - and Ship Naked sucks!!)

    29. GhstbstrLMLIII on

      @Erik and Chris - Thanks for the info! Glad to hear some of their stuff is moving forward.

    30. Chris Perz

      @GhstbstrLMLIII: Lynnvander worked with Catalyst games for the Shadowrun board game and it was successful.…

    31. Christopher M Moreman

      CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT - This seems to be the remedy for this and the Evil Dead game. If there is a group starting this up, please let me know. Otherwise, I am happy to take the lead and look into the specifics.

    32. David "(o)(o)(o)” on

      Well, they ARE the kiss of death to themselves...

    33. Erik The Big "E" on


      Even though the other Lynnvander Terminator game(Genisys: Rise of the Resistance) did not fund on KS, they still found a way to get the game done and have offered pre-orders for the release.
      Contrast that with SGP who SUCCESSFULLY raised funds for THREE different projects and have not delivered.
      It can be done...funded or no,
      as Lynnvander has shown.

    34. GhstbstrLMLIII on

      SGP must really be the kiss-of-death. Lynnvander and Dynamite cancelled the Tarzan game that was currently running. Funding stalled at about 50% of what they were asking and the last update about the cancellation was "backers only," so I can't see what they said.

      From the limited info we have, it doesn't appear that Lynnvander is at fault for any of SGP's massive screw-ups, and according to several facebook posts it even appears Tommy is going out of his way to try to get this and ED2 off high-center. Even so, I think this campaign has completely haunted them. I know it was a major discussion point in the other Terminator board game they helped design that was cancelled. Honest question because I don't know: Has Lynnvander been a part of a successful campaign following the closing of this one, or have all the later ones failed?

      I guess the one exception that proves the rule is Michael/Grim Games. Their zombie game came later and had a successful campaign, though I find him much less trustworthy than Lynnvander.

    35. Missing avatar

      Alex Ridgway on

      @RC Pluschau Kickstarter really don't care, I contacted them regarding SGP breech of terms, they simply replied "send them a message for an update". They probably have their cut so they don't care anymore.

      I'll continue to use the site but be more careful on who I choose to back.

      But Kickstarter should be able to mark projects as failed to deliver or have some sort of feedback system to rate the creator.

    36. Missing avatar

      Christopher Friedman on

      I see Shon logged in today... Bet that Hellboy project is coming along better than our board games... But seriously we're still here and want you to own up to everything.

    37. RC Pluschau on

      One of the things I love to do is look at my Kickstarter list of things i supported and see the bright green stamp of SUCCESSFUL on the Terminator game.
      Perhaps KS should think of rebranding campaigns that FAILED TO DELIVER with a stamp of Failure instead of stating that this was succeasful...Success should mean more than reaching a targeted goal of money they were goig to steal from backers

    38. Erik The Big "E" on

      Guys, the reason Shon and SGP haven't updated us lately is that they have been so incredibly busy with demos and travel time to conventions like Origins and GenCon.
      They are hard at it demo-ing Terminator for its impending release...

      I can't even say that with a straight face...

    39. Missing avatar

      Christopher Friedman on

      Shon, thanks for logging in today... Take some ownership over the mess you created and give us an update.

    40. Shawn

      Ok folks I’ve not followed this for months. But I’m getting a sense I’ve done my money on this one?

    41. GhstbstrLMLIII on

      @David - Silence is the new Update??

    42. David "(o)(o)(o)” on

      “Paths forward”

      They’ve chosen the months of silence & slow dismantling of their online presence option.

    43. Missing avatar

      Vincent Hubau

      Their website seems to be dead now

    44. David "(o)(o)(o)” on

      @Cleanse and there’s the advert for Kickstarter you never see. “Pledge for infinite silence & never ending disappointment. We’ll take your money now!”

    45. Cleanse FoldManipulate on

      As I said somewhere, SGP basically can say nothing, never officially close the project, never fulfilling pledges and there is nothing any of us can do. It will just sit here in Kickstarter for many years.

    46. Mathew Hill

      And looks to be 10 mins from the Canadian border. Unsure if that's relevant. ; )

    47. Mathew Hill

      Um .. 'offices'? You might want to take a look on Google maps at Space Goat Productions' address. The Better Business Bureau says 1007 N Forest St STE A Bellingham, WA 98225-5509.
      Google Maps' streetview shows this to be the tiniest of houses:

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