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Own the perfect Xbox 360 Controller: A rechargeable battery powered controller with a more comfortable ergonomic design.
287 backers pledged $24,624 to help bring this project to life.

Update # 8 Battery Date Confirmed

Posted by Evil Controllers (Creator)

Hi Everyone!

We appreciate your patience and your support despite the on-going delays. Although we have suffered these unexpected circumstances we have received a high volume of messages with constant support and excitement for our Evil Backplates. We have learned many lessons during this process and we appreciate your understanding as we continue to grow as a company. Without your support we would not be able to turn our dreams into a reality, unfortunately our dreams are taking a little longer then expected. For those of you that have gone out of your way to send us that support, we very much appreciate it! As always are fans prove to us that we have the best fans on the planet!

For those of you that are understandably frustrated. We have already decided to send everyone that will be receiving a Backplate some additional goodies. We know you took a chance by supporting us and we know once you receive the product you will be supremely pleased, but as we cannot deliver the product quite yet, all we can promise is that we will do the best we can to make it up to you by giving you some additional items in addition to an amazing final product.

What we can give you is the ETA on the batteries that have held up this project. The batteries have a confirmed arrival date for Friday of next week. At that point we will be working day and night to send you your pledge rewards, immediately!

Batteries are arriving: April 5th

The wait is almost over, thank you for taking this journey with us!

- Evil Controllers


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    1. Stephen Waller on

      Hi Guys,

      I have not received my back plate kit as of yet, I was wondering if it is on it's way or has there maybe been another instance of delay as we are now just into the month of May??. I remember reading a little information somewhere that stated evil backplate kits were being made available in April. Come on guy's I would like to be happy:-)

    2. Missing avatar

      ernesto gonzales on

      I really want to know how much the diy kit will be sold for on the site now. just installed my controller and had SEVERAL jealous friends, wish they had pledged like i had.

    3. KG brown on

      Today being the 9th,did the batteries turn up on the 5th?

    4. KG brown on

      Hey Evil did you guys get the batteries liked you planned? Whats the E.T.A. on our controllers?

    5. Missing avatar

      TX nerd on

      Get off twitter and give us an update. K, thanks.

    6. Pirate Pete on

      Today being the 7th,did the batteries turn up on the 5th?

    7. Ken

      Today is the 5th... Update?

    8. terry j gwinn on

      So for the individuals that spent the $200 package, what would be included extra for them? it seems that we are already getting stickers, hat, shirt, etc. I can not see you giving them something that would make a difference. I also believe you said that they all will be upgraded with the very latest versions out there, is that still true?

    9. Missing avatar

      David Schnoor on

      Appreciate the update, can't wait to get the kit and install it!!!

    10. KG brown on

      cant wait. you have my favorite controller and i really need it back, lol. cant wait for the final product. one of my play and charges, quit charging, i bought another and ended giving it to my son because his broke, and i had to buy a new pack of batteries to hold me over. if it is worth it, i will be buying at least four more.

    11. Julian on

      Good, I'm about to run out of batteries.

    12. Missing avatar

      angus okeefe on

      Guys and gals at Evil,

      I have been a loyal customer of yours for a couple years now. I have purchased 6 of your modded controllers and have always been a big advocate of your work and creativity. That being said, you are not a new start up just getting going with kickstarter. I know you are an established company in the industry and these types of issues are surprising and disappointing for a company thats been around as long as yours. I was crazy excited when I found this campaign, and that excitement has turned into major frustration. I am still looking forward to this controller, but I can't imagine I will remain a customer of yours after this.

    13. Pirate Pete on

      Good news,thanks for keeping us updated...

    14. Jay on

      Awesome news guys! Honestly, I cannot wait to charge it up and get gaming.

    15. Missing avatar

      Michael Mewhirter on

      Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the final product!

    16. Joses on

      Sounds good