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Own the perfect Xbox 360 Controller: A rechargeable battery powered controller with a more comfortable ergonomic design.
287 backers pledged $24,624 to help bring this project to life.

Update # 5: Better Battery

Posted by Evil Controllers (Creator)

We would like to thank you all again for being a fan of Evil Controllers and for your continued support during this project; we continue to be blown away by the response and are so excited to unveil the new Evil Back Plate!

If you have been a customer of Evil Controllers before, you know that customer satisfaction is our top priority! In the spirit of making our fans #1, we are always looking for ways to improve our products. By late December, our plans were going smoothly. The shape of the mold was approved to fit snug with the default Microsoft Xbox Controller, the materials and the battery had been given the ‘green light,’ to meet our expected date. Unfortunately, we had found ourselves unsatisfied with the battery that we had chosen to use. As gamers ourselves, we knew the importance of obtaining the most superior battery available, and the battery we had originally chosen was only lasting 12-13 hours of game time. While 13 hours is good, we at Evil knew we could do better!

After searching far and wide, we found a superior battery that lasts over 20 hours before needing a charge! Unfortunately, these batteries are located over-seas and have placed a bit of a delay in the shipment process, postponing the release to Mid-March. We deeply apologize for the delay, but we know that producing a better product is worth the wait!

Here’s an image to show how your perfect Xbox 360 Controller will compare with some of the other devices you may currently use.

We are very excited to introduce our Evil Back Plate and know that you will be ecstatic with the results. We thank you for being patient and for your continued support. Our fans are the best, and it is with you in mind that we continue to create a superior product.


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    1. Ethan on

      You should throw in the free stuff that you mentioned for the 35,000 stretch goal. A controller case would be nice.

    2. Joses on

      Well, I hope that the new Xbox has backwards compatibility with the 360's controller. Otherwise =( for having a delay in my $200 controller.

    3. Missing avatar

      Bradley Stewart on

      Not happy myself. When you get much more than the proposed goal it's pretty upsetting to see a delay. On top of the delay we are already purchasing a product that will very likely be obsolete with the release of the next Xbox that will debut at e3. I certainly can't be the only unhappy customer in his first experience with evil controllers. I can only imagine how much longer I'd be waiting if the goal wasn't reached so early.

    4. Andrew Higginbotham on

      Well hopefully this will allow for them to send out the Rewards that are not tied directly to the Back Plate itself. I know that would make my day at least. And thanks EC for the Update.

    5. Joses on

      ouch March haha.
      well, atleast we know what's going on now. thanks for the bigger battery too.
      Still looking forward to it.