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Own the perfect Xbox 360 Controller: A rechargeable battery powered controller with a more comfortable ergonomic design.
287 backers pledged $24,624 to help bring this project to life.

Update # 4 - Surveys and the Lithium Ion Battery

Posted by Evil Controllers (Creator)

Hi Everyone!

Thanks to everyone’s support we have fully funded the creation of the new Evil Back Plate. We decided to wait until we could give you a significant update before posting one and we decided now was the perfect time.

Since last Friday our pledgers have begun receiving their surveys that request additional information. This info is for their name, their gamertag, their email address and of course their shipping information. Depending on how much you have pledged will be dependent on the number of questions you receive. So far over 150 Backers have received their surveys and we plan on having the remainder of the surveys sent out before the end of the day tomorrow. So be sure to check your inbox and to provide us with all of the necessary information vital to sending you your rewards.

As for the project, we are currently in the hardware approval process. Once the design for the Evil Back Plate has been perfected we will begin manufacturing the Evil Back Plates. However, we have gotten the Lithium Ion Battery we plan to use approved and you can check out the stats below.

The only difference between the battery in the picture above and the battery that will come installed with the Evil Back Plate is the color of the battery itself which is likely to be black rather than blue. While it does appear to have more weight than 2 Double AA batteries the controller’s over all weight will be lighter and more comfortable as the back plate won’t protrude as far out in the back, creating a more ergonomic design and a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to follow us at

Thank you!

- Evil Controllers


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    1. KG brown on

      Hey Evil doers,

      Just wanted to see when another update would be coming? Also any word on when they will be shipping?

    2. Andrew Higginbotham on

      Hey guys,

      Just wanted to see when another update would be coming? Also any word on when they will be shipping?

    3. Evil Controllers Creator on


      Good Eye!

    4. Evil Controllers Creator on

      Hi Andrew,

      All surveys have gone out, if you have not received it be sure to message us so we can get all of the necessary info.

      Thank you for your support!

      - Evil

    5. Andrew Higginbotham on

      When will all of the surveys be out? I am a backer at the $200 point and still have not received a survey for the additional rewards.