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Own the perfect Xbox 360 Controller: A rechargeable battery powered controller with a more comfortable ergonomic design.
Own the perfect Xbox 360 Controller: A rechargeable battery powered controller with a more comfortable ergonomic design.
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    1. Joses on

      Will you be producing a mod for the Xbox one? And will the $300 tier backers get a discount, if so?

    2. Evil Controllers Creator on

      Hi Ismael,

      We sent you a message.

      Send us your information through the message.

      We would love to get your controller back in tip top shape.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ismael Cerda on

      Hey evil controller,

      Want me to send you some pictures of the stick? It didn't really break it just fell off.

    4. Evil Controllers Creator on

      Hi Ismael,

      We apologize for the inconvenience.

      Message us your current address so we can send some new thumbsticks your way, ASAP!


    5. Missing avatar

      Ismael Cerda on

      The top of my left stick broke off :(

    6. Evil Controllers Creator on

      Hi Pete,

      We can very much sympathize with your frustration. We have reached out to Fed Ex to see what the issue is as we believed this had been resolved. We have reached out to you as well regarding the information you have received. We would like to resolve this issue ASAP, but are not able to without additional information. As mentioned in our previous message, if you would like to handle the payment so we could reimburse you that would work as well. Since we are not the party Fed Ex considers responsible that may be an easier method.

      We are awaiting your email response or to hear from you over the phone, our phone number is:

      Again, we understand your frustration, but are confident we can get this issue resolved.


    7. Pirate Pete on

      Still not a word from Evil,not really shocked,your customer care is so poor.
      Come on Evil let's have a reply...

    8. Pirate Pete on

      Hello,do you remember on the 22 of April when you told me that YOU would be resolving the issue of an outstanding payment for shipping that was not my problem but YOURS?
      FedEx have now told me that they have started legal action against me for non payment.
      I want YOU to resolve this within the next 48 hours,I don't want a PM telling me it's all sorted.I want it printed here where everybody including FedEx can see it.YOUR mistake and YOUR problem from the start.
      Your customer care is truly appalling,do you really think this a the way to build a relationship with your customers???

    9. Evil Controllers Creator on


      It won't be 100% free, but we can definitely offer you a significantly reduced rate for being a backer and a fan, but we won't know for sure until our next version comes out.

    10. Missing avatar

      Trevor W. on

      Hi evil. If you still check this I just wanted to let you know my controller is AMAZING!! I was wondering if when master mod v4 comes out will we get it for free considering I paid $200? It will be ok if you say no I'm just curious. Thanks !

    11. Evil Controllers Creator on


      Your controller is on it's way. Give us a call if you have any more issues. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    12. Missing avatar

      EL3KTRA on

      ok, I already called you guys once and you assured me you would correct the issue. You guys shipped me the wrong controller (wrong image) and I did not receive my evil stickers. Can someone please contact me and get this resolved? It's been over 2 weeks now. This is the second controller I have purchased from you guys and your ability to deliver accurately the first time is now 0 for 2.

    13. Andrew Higginbotham on

      Thanks Evil.

      Also I was able to use the mods on more games then the ones advertised. Such as Defiance. It's nice to turn a 3 shot burst weapon into full auto without a hitch.

    14. Evil Controllers Creator on


      Your hat is being shipped out ASAP!

    15. Andrew Higginbotham on


      You had messaged me a while back about the hat mixup and asked which style of hat I would like to make up for the mistake. It's been over a week and haven't heard back yet, should I take that as you not having the alternate style in stock as well. Thanks again for an amazing controller.

    16. Evil Controllers Creator on

      Hi Pete,

      That was definitely not intentional. We have sent you a message and would like to resolve this ASAP.


    17. Pirate Pete on

      Hello Evil,as i've said before a great item and very fast delivery.
      Just the one question. Why have i just been billed $34.99 for delivery by FedEx ?
      After the delays we've all had and already paying an $11 shipping charge for being outside the States this feels like a cheap shot.
      Anybody else been hit with a bill for delivery?

    18. Missing avatar

      Trevor W. on

      @Evil I didnt get a controller case and it would really help if you could ship that to me. Also, what was the extra goodie because of the delay? Thanks!

    19. Joses on

      Works great so far with CodBo2. A few things could use improvement though. When using quick reload and setting the reload cutoff, it kills being able to pick up claymores or equipment. It requires holding X to pick up, which changes the quick reload setting. There should be a set lock for the quick reload. Another thing I've been experiencing. For some reason my left trigger causes my gun to fire. I have to hit right+b to just get back to rapidfire only but surprises me and I never know which combination of buttons I used to make the left trigger fire my primary weapon, so that I could avoid it.

    20. RJ on

      Just got the other pieces and case for my controller yesterday thanks evil it's awsome and looks better with the all gold parts.

    21. Evil Controllers Creator on

      @Allen , let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

      @Margaret , thank you for reaching out. We have sent you your tracking number.


    22. Missing avatar

      Margaret Chou on

      Should I be concerned that my boyfriend got his but I haven't received mine yet? Same address? And maybe it's a silly question but how do I get those special screws out? Is that a specialty screw driver I need to get from Radio Shack or something? Thanks for any help. :-)

    23. Missing avatar

      Allen Freitas on

      @Evil I replied to the message days ago and have yet to hear back

    24. Joses on

      Got my controller. It's beautiful. You guys won't regret it! The wait was worth it!

    25. Andrew Higginbotham on

      Got mine this week. I was in the field training and was surprised when I got home. Only thing is my hats too small. Is there anything that can be done about that?

    26. Evil Controllers Creator on

      @Allen @Joseph : We have sent messages to both of you, be sure to reply if you have any additional questions or concerns.


    27. Evil Controllers Creator on

      We appreciate the kind words everyone! We are glad you are enjoying your new controllers!

    28. Missing avatar

      Allen Freitas on

      A couple things. I just got my controller back from you guys and I didn't receive the evil d pad faceplate and I also requested a RED backplate back in February when you messaged me about it but I received a black one. Is there a reason for this?

    29. Missing avatar

      Joseph Lawson on

      I received my tracking number on the 13 and it says nothing about being shipped and I still haven't gotten it yet.

    30. Ganji on

      Just received my controller and its wonderful. Also props for quick shipping. Thanks Evil!

    31. FallenHalo on


    32. Ethan on

      Get the evil dpad, you won't need a chat pad! precise letter selection

    33. Luke Arledge on

      I'm extremely impressed with my new controller back. It barely changes the original controller shape (for the purpose of how it feels) and no huge battery pack.

      Only thing is now my chatpad isn't going to work. Can you guys work on that? Maybe a new plastic back for those? Or just a EC Vision compatible version that you would sell. Either way, love this add on, but still kind of miss using the chat pad.

    34. Missing avatar

      Allen Freitas on

      I got my tracking number yesterday but when I try to track it, it says it's unavailable.

    35. Evil Controllers Creator on

      Thanks for the impressions everyone! Keep them coming!

      @KG Your tracking number has been messaged to you, we apologize for the delay.

    36. Pirate Pete on

      Got mine in the mail today,very fast for a trans-antlanic delivery.
      Very well packed and everything seems fine,build quality is very good,time to build it and see how it feels.

    37. KG brown on

      another 48 hours has passed after being told 48 hours. now you release a video saying 48 more hours?

    38. Peter Tosi on

      Got mine down here in Australia. Love how it seems to change the center of gravity on the controller. Very happy with the quality.
      FYI peeps
      If at first you get just a flashing ring and cannot connect the controller, just let it charge a bit longer and it will connect.

    39. Greg Stiffler on

      Got mine in the mail today and installed. It looks and feels great. The only downside is that it doesn't work with the chat pad. I like the way the chat pad feels on the controller. Not having it takes some getting used to.

    40. Missing avatar

      Caleb McGee on

      I love my controller evil. It is the best and only controller I will need. I only had one slight problem and that was no black buttons but I'm happy without them

    41. RJ on

      I also just realized that it doesn't have the gold triggers either but it does have sensitive triggers so I don't mind.

    42. RJ on

      I received the tracking number yesterday and it said it had shipped through like 3 checkpoints by then and it got here around 3:00 so about 3 days.

    43. Sean Dion on

      Got the controller. The install wasn't terribly difficult (be careful not to flip anything over though). We started charging it. My only gripe is how long this took to receive. We haven't yet tested how long the battery works, but the install itself was fine.

    44. KG brown on

      awesome rj, how did it ship and how long did it take to get to your door?

    45. RJ on

      I just got my controller today thanks evil for the extras that i hadnt expected, which were: bullet evil d-pad, evil dog tags, an evil key chain, and I believe it has sensitive abxy buttons too but I think I was supposed to get the controller case too and it wasn't there but I'm not sure if I was supposed to get one of those or not, it also doesn't have the gold trim but the trim doesn't really matter because it still looks pretty beast. Thanks Evil

    46. Ethan on

      I got my package yesterday without tracking, don't worry guys, you will get them really soon.

    47. Adam Samara on

      hey so I have not gotten a tracking number and it has been like 4 days...

    48. Evil Controllers Creator on

      Hi Guys!

      @KG Brown You will be receiving your tracking number in the next 24 to 48 hours.

      @RJ Your tracking number has been messaged to you.


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