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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, October 27 2012 12:21 AM UTC +00:00
Evil AliensBy Evil Aliens
First created
Evil AliensBy Evil Aliens
First created
pledged of $60,000pledged of $60,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, October 27 2012 12:21 AM UTC +00:00

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    1. Revolv Studios on

      I've pledged for and played your game, and you really have something exciting and fun with great visuals! Often the success of a Kickstarter project revolves around marketing capabilities and network - not the quality and potential of a game. I hope to see the project come to fruition for all those who have worked so hard on it!

      Tyler Wright - USA

    2. Evil Aliens Creator on

      Hey Guys. Sorry this didn't make it. We'll make an update shortly regarding pre-orders for the game. We have a little surprise for all those who pledged as a thank you. Just need to get it ready :)

    3. Anthony Metzen on

      It's a shame this didn't get more support. Hope you still find a way to make it a goer. I think the pledge packages were not quite hitting the target market, rather than no one appreciated the idea. (Though I couldn't get the demo to work, I did see it at Supanova)

    4. mike smith on

      Another Canberran?

    5. Paul Summerfield on

      eh... i mean controllers all the way!

    6. Paul Summerfield on

      I plugged in my controller the other day and the game suddenly got a hellaofa lot better! keyboarding is for me.
      I got a 6,500,000 approx score! but ran out of stuff to orbit in the demo, So looking forward to an update to the demo with more content. wink wink

    7. adam on

      Have you played the demo?

    8. Missing avatar

      MarkOm on

      As soon as I saw that you were from Canberra, I backed this project, lol. I have now looked over it and Im looking forward to this comming out.

    9. adam on

      I think we should start up a high score competition. What is your high score?

    10. Paul Summerfield on

      I am so looking forward to this game. Just playing the demo is making me drool and ive got the game running the game background while i paint so i can listen to the wonderful music. I havent played an innotive game like this in years and i cant wait for Evil aliens to finish it! ;D also i challenge anyone to try and get 10,000,000 million high score! Screenshot confirmation! ;'D

    11. Ada Ballard on

      Thanks Tom. but that fullscreen option works rather strange. It don't maximize the screen in IE 10, but when I tried to go fullscreen under opera 11.64 - it worked flawlessly and without any freezes! (it was freezing terribly in default screen mode under Opera before)

    12. Wildgrass on

      Heya Ada, by right clicking on the playable area on their website there is an option to go fullscreen, a shame about the freezes though :(

    13. Missing avatar

      stuart on

      iv played the demo, and i havnt had any problem with it. its an amazing and addictive game to play. it definitely should be backed by many!

    14. Ada Ballard on

      It's rather strange that we need to find out whether there is demo or not from the other backers and not from the updates from devs or from their main page on the Kickstarter...

      The demo is very cool though! But the farther you go in the demo, the more freezes it experiences. And I personally think it would be more comfortably if we could download the demo and play it full-screen.

    15. Wildgrass on

      Hmm, the controls on the site seem correct for me Urutsini, although yours also work as an alternative.

    16. Urutsini

      I had tried that before but it didn't do anything. It was only when I clicked the "Back" button on my browser did it ask me to install something. Also, the controls listed are wrong. They are [A] = Left, [D] = Right, [SPACE] = Boost, [<,] = Tracking.

      But, now that I have it working, go check it out peoples!

    17. Urutsini

      Agreed. You guys need something out there that people can feel for themselves. Even a tech demo would be better than nothing. I was sold at the expo on just flying around randomly. Others will too. And do it ASAP if you want any chance at getting this Kickstarter . . . don't give up on it, play your cards right and this thing is still possible.

    18. Ada Ballard on

      Hey devs, finish the demo faster please! If the game is as great as these guys say, this will help greatly to reach the goal. It'll be very sad if that game won't reach the goal and remain unfinished and unpublished forever!

    19. Urutsini

      I also got a chance to play a demo of this at the EB Expo. By far the standout new talent on display at the expo. It's difficult to portray how awesome it is through video alone, get your damn hands on it. Take the best bits of Osmos, flOw, Asteroids and Wipeout and multiply the speed by 10 . . . throw in the smoothest ride and the most intuitive controls you can imagine and you have Orbitor.

    20. Missing avatar

      Cheeseman on

      Hello, this is Bruce here. I have managed to get my hands on Orbitor on the EB Games Expo. All i would like to say is, this game looks absolutely beautiful in motion with well designed physics and tight controls. Even though i have only played for a couple of minutes, i knew i should pledge this indie game too.

      If you are doubting whether you want to pledge this or not, just pledge for the game, mate. It is good fun.

      Anyway, good luck to Evil Aliens.

    21. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    22. Missing avatar

      Nicole Imber on

      Of course I was gonna pledge, I'm in the video! But anyhow, good luck mates. Can't wait to play this at home, I'm sure you'll make it!

    23. mrzeld on

      What is the "The Lab" area of the web site? You only briefly mention it in the film and no mention of it on the KS page. Also, if the game is put on Steam, we will get a steam key or just a download of the standalone game?

    24. adam on

      This game looks so pretty! I cant wait to get my hands on the final version!

    25. Raffaele Mallamace on

      You finally made it to Kickstarter. Woo!