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The project's funding goal was not reached on Thu, August 21 2014 3:59 AM UTC +00:00

Your Friendly Reminder to Back the Relaunch Kickstarter :) 48 Hour Early Birds Lock Down in 4 Hours :)

Posted by Everything Epic (Creator)

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Secrets of the Lost Tomb RELAUNCH is Now LIVE!

Posted by Everything Epic (Creator)

Backers!!! Secrets of the Lost Tomb Relaunch is now Live! 

Go and Put in your Pledges now and grab up those 48 Hour Early Birds! 

(*Locked after 48 Hours!


Minor Correction to Price Announcements from Earlier Today (Prepainted Glory Seeker 48 Hour EB is not 425 it's $400 and new Regular Price is $425 :)

Thank you so much for Backing us and for Continuing with us on our Journey and Adventure!

You're the Best Backers in the World!!!

REMINDER for Secrets of the Lost Tomb RELAUNCH! T-Minus 6 Hours till Relaunch!

Posted by Everything Epic (Creator)

Calling all Backers! Calling all Backers!!!

This is your friendly Reminder! 

The Relaunch of Secrets of the Lost Tomb is happening tonight at 12:01 EST! 

We want to get as Much Momentum and we want to get Funded and into as many Stretch Goals as possible!!! 

Let's get in there and Put your Pledges in As Soon As Possible! Day 1 Funded and into the Stretch Goals Big time! :) 

Be Ready to jump IN on those 48 Hour Early Bird Pledges! We wanted to say Thank You for all of your support and devotion to our cause so we've put in a 48 Hour Early Bird for the Following Pledges: (The already Low Pledge Levels have been lowered a bit more) 

1) The Fortune Hunter (from $150 to $145) 

2) The Pre-Painted Miniatures Upgrade (from $175 to $165)

3) The Glory Seeker ( from $250 to $240) 

4) The Pre-Painted Glory Seeker ( from $450 to $425) 

Be Ready to Blast Through Stretch Goals and fly towards attaining all those Sweet Minis! :)

Also, all New Backers of New Pledges... Every Little Bit of help and backing that you contribute now, helps us make the highest quality most Epic Games Possible! 

We thank you for your support and can't wait to see this 14 day (2 Week) Kickstarter Fly! :) 

I'll send out another update tomorrow morning with the link! :) 

You're the Best Backers in the World! 

Relaunch Coming Next Week! Continue the Support and Momentum!

Posted by Everything Epic (Creator)

Hey Backers!

We've not funded this Kickstarter, but we're not giving up! We're determined to get more miniatures funded and created in these molds! We've gotten the artwork created, the 3D Models Colored, and we want to get Pre-Painted Minis and All of the Bosses Created in this first Mold Run!

We are also tenacious enough to press on for one more 2 Week (14 Day NO DELAYS Campaign) with an Estimated Start Date of this upcoming Tuesday the 26th of Aug and it would then End on the 9th of September. We would then immediately put ALL miniatures Funded by this Kickstarter through the Molding Process which then takes 30 days which keeps us on the Track of having the game ready for November! 

How are we doing this? 

We're lowering the Funding goal DRAMATICALLY! (Pre-painted Miniatures Start at $4,000 goal and then each new Miniature is approx. $1,000 per stretch goal!)  How can we do that? During this 30 Day campaign and while we were molding the original 23 miniatures for the original campaign, we've found some ways to do some better molding procedures which can save some money. We've also redesigned this entire funding level so we know exactly what we'll need to get this funded. Each miniature costs about $1,000 to create a mold for, so that's what we're doing! We're not here to make profit, we're here to get this done and without creating more Delays so everything keeps up with the current schedule! 

What is this Kickstarter RELAUNCH all about?

Many of you may be wondering what is this Kickstarter all about? We've already funded Secrets of the Lost Tomb back in January... Right? Well, Yes indeed we have! However, what THIS Kickstarter is all about, and what it's here to fund, is to create all of the miniatures that did not get funded in the original Kickstarter and also, it's here to fund the Pre-Painted Option! Additionally, any backers who may have perhaps missed the original campaign, now have the opportunity to join the Adventure and Back now! :) When this new Re-Launch Kickstarter becomes funded, we will be able to then create the Molds needed to create these miniatures and pre-painted minis at the same time as the original Production of the original Game. 

Doing this all at the same time has a HUGE benefit that you wouldn't normally think of. Most of all, set-up costs, mold costs, and shipping costs really add up... When you're creating things in Bulk and All at the Same Time, it saves a Great Amount of money, which we can then, in turn, pass the savings along to YOU, the Backer, by giving some great lower than retail price pledge levels here on Kickstarter and it also helps us finish up this Dream that many of you have had from the original Kickstarter!

The 48 Hour (Glory Seeker) Early Bird Savings Pledge:

So... in order to thank you for backing this Kickstarter and sticking it out and to give the new 2 Week Kickstarter the Biggest Possible first 2 Days it can get, we're giving a Special Early Bird Pledge for the first 48 Hours then we're Locking Those Pledge Levels DOWN!  (Glory Seeker and Glory Seeker Pre-Painted Special Early Birds! ) 

That's right! We really want you to Back us and STICK with us for the Duration of the Campaign! So we're making this a special early bird to try to get Each and Every One of you from this Campaign, to jump over to the new campaign by Tuesday! This should create a huge buzz and momentum, along with the Gencon buzz to help get funded ultra fast and into tons of the Stretch Goal Minis that we can get into! 

New Backers, Adventurer Pledges, Fortune Hunters, Glory Seekers / Pre-Painted Upgrades and Everyone:

Be sure to jump right into the New Kickstarter early next week (Should be on Tuesday Morning Launch!) The faster you jump in and pledge and/or also grab the 48 Hour Early Bird and help us get funded and into the Stretch Goals... The BETTER! :) Get in all of your pledges ASAP! :) Momentum is KEY to success! The better this Kickstarter does... the more awesomeness and EPICness we can provide! 

Thank you so much for your support!

If you have any questions about anything please email me directly at 

Please See for any more info about what we do! 

Also... We will definitely be updating you the night before and day of the new kickstarter Launch, so you'll have the heads up and be ready to hop in and grab up those 48 Hour Early Birds! Those are especially there for you folks who backed us here!

Thanks so much again! Without YOU this can't be possible! 

You're the Best Backers in the World! 

More Pics from Gencon from the Demos! :)

Posted by Everything Epic (Creator)

Hey Backers! 

We're back from Gencon and what an amazing Experience! 

We met hundreds and thousands of gamers, introduced them to the world of Secrets of the Lost Tomb and Demoed the game tirelessly from 8am to 1am almost daily! 

We lost our voices, lost lots of sleep, but we gained so much amazing feedback, smiles, brought happiness and tons of fun to lots and lots of very happy gamers, it was all so so worth it! 

Check out some of the pics of the demos! :) 

Thanks so much for your continued Support! 

You're the Best Backers in the World!