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Everykey replaces keys and passwords.  It's sleek, secure, and can be deactivated at any time.
Everykey replaces keys and passwords. It's sleek, secure, and can be deactivated at any time.
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Manufacturing Update 2: Final Certifications, Circuit Boards, Injection Molding Tooling, and Bluetooth Over the Air Update Software

Posted by Everykey Inc. (Creator)

Hello again, backers! We’ve been working harder than ever all of last month here in Cleveland, Ohio to move production forward. The following update will highlight some of the latest info on certifications, pre-production circuit boards, injection molding tooling, and Bluetooth over the air update software.

Final Certifications

In our September update we mentioned that our batteries had already achieved UN38.3 certification which allowed for international shipping of the product. We are pleased to announce that we have passed all additional required product testing which covers a wide range of safety areas such as electrostatic discharge, radiated emissions, and power surge, to name a few. These certifications are a big milestone as we can safely and legally distribute Everykey to our backers in countries around the world.

Everykey Fob Undergoing Radiated Emissions Testing
Everykey Fob Undergoing Radiated Emissions Testing

Circuit Boards

In our previous manufacturing update we shared how we assembled a 200 board pre-production run to test the manufacturing process with the components that were selected for the Everykey circuit board. After discovering that the leads on the USB connectors were bent, our electrical engineering partners selected another USB connector. An additional 200 pre-production boards were manufactured and upon testing, it was discovered that while the new USB connector mounted correctly to the board physically, the battery would not charge. Further testing revealed that the layout of the board did not support the USB connector electrically. Our electrical engineering partner has already corrected this issue with a board design modification and we will be running a new set of pre-production boards next week.

The video below gives you a taste of our manufacturing processes. At the beginning of the video, you’ll see solder paste being applied to a panel of Everykey circuit boards. Then, the panel exits the paste machine and enters a pick and place machine where parts are picked up by a robotic arm and placed onto each printed circuit board with extreme precision. The finalized panel exits the pick and place machine at the end of the video, and all that’s left to complete the circuit boards is to add the battery, which is done at a separate station in the manufacturing facility.

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Injection Molding Tooling

On the injection molding tooling front, we’ve already started getting the first samples from our tools. Three different tools have been made that will produce different parts of the Everykey product experience. The Everykey Fob and the small and large Everykey Wristband each have their own tool. Over the next few weeks we will be working to dial in the accuracy of the initial tools to give the best possible fit and finish. Below is a picture of the tooling for the small Everykey wristband as well as an Everykey Fob that was produced as an injection molded sample.

Everykey Small Wristband Tooling
Everykey Small Wristband Tooling
Everykey Fob Injection Molded Sample
Everykey Fob Injection Molded Sample

Bluetooth Over the Air Update Software

Our over the air update software has been successfully completed and tested. We have already sent this software to our Bluetooth module supplier. We’ve worked with our Bluetooth module supplier to ensure that the Everykey Bluetooth modules come pre-loaded with all of the necessary software when they arrive at our manufacturer. This streamlines the manufacturing process and nearly eliminates the possibility of non-working software being loaded onto the board.

Current Timeline

We have been working day and night to sort through all of the issues and logistics of manufacturing and our current projections have units shipping by the middle of next month. We are doing everything we can to get Everykey out before the holidays. Thank you for your continued support!   

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    1. Rage

      Diane, we are all backers. It matters not where we are and I have waited just as long as you but am in the UK. I find it insulting to read that just because you are in the U.S. you somehow think you are more important and deserve to put ahead of international backers.

      On a happier note I can't wait to get my 2 Everykeys.

    2. Tés on

      Great! Shipping by the holidays. I'm satisfied. But, I have a back up product just in case...

    3. Andreas Hitzig

      @diane zimerle : Please explain why backers from outside the US should not get the same attention as backers from within the US. Time is running the same speed all over the world, so everyone is waiting the same to finally get his Everykey. It's not only you who has been patient and waited !

    4. Missing avatar

      diane zimerle on

      I feel you should have spent your time trying to get your product to your long awaited customers in the USA instead of worrying about people across the world, I have been patient, waited, wanted.. but now I am asking for a refund, sorry this is just taking way too long someone else will have this product out and cheaper before too long.. major fail!