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Everykey replaces keys and passwords.  It's sleek, secure, and can be deactivated at any time.
Everykey replaces keys and passwords. It's sleek, secure, and can be deactivated at any time.
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    1. Peter Scherrenburg on

      Can you please tell me when there will be a delivery?

    2. Everykey Inc. Creator on

      @Daniel Linscott - If you've filled out your Kickstarter backer survey, your address was one of the things we asked for, so we've already got it on file as the address to ship your reward to. If you haven't filled out that out yet, you can do so by clicking the link in your pledge tier - you can also change your address there if you need to.

    3. Missing avatar

      Daniel Linscott on

      When are you guys going to start gathering mailing addresses from backers to get the product out to us? I would have expected that to have happened before September 28th.* Is everything still on track?

      *"A 200 unit pre-production run will be manufactured on September 28th, and shipping to backers will commence.The following units will continue to ship throughout October, so be on the lookout for your Everykey!"

    4. Everykey Inc. Creator on

      @David Zetland

      All communications between the Everykey and your devices are secured using AES 128-bit encryption. It would take current computers thousands of years to brute force their way through this type of encryption.

    5. Everykey Inc. Creator on

      @John Ross

      The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 supports BLE.

    6. Everykey Inc. Creator on

      @Karel Vanblaere

      If you are running Windows 10 without BLE compatible hardware, you will need the Everykey dongle.

    7. Everykey Inc. Creator on

      @Ray Lee

      If your Mac has BLE capable hardware, Everykey will work with Mac OS without a dongle. If you don’t have BLE capable hardware, the dongle will work.

    8. David Zetland on

      What are you doing to ensure that your "Software Over the Air Update" is not hijacked such that someone can lock/take over your PC?

    9. Missing avatar

      J. Ross on

      Many thanks for the update, Does anyone know if a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has this BLE Hardware?

    10. Karel on

      What if you have Win 10 with no BLE compatible hardware?
      Which is in fact a lot of machines

    11. Ray Lee

      how about Mac version?

    12. Everykey Inc. Creator on

      @dipun mistry

      1. You will not need this dongle for Windows 10 provided your computer has BLE capable hardware. Windows 10 provides out of the box support for BLE. Windows 7 and 8 do not provide full BLE support which Everykey will need in order to function properly. We have created our own implementation for BLE support on Windows 7 and 8, however it was developed for and requires the BLE dongle mentioned in the update.

      2. The OTA functionality is provided on each Everykey and will work everywhere.

    13. Missing avatar

      dipun mistry on

      Also, will OTA work in the UK?

    14. Missing avatar

      dipun mistry on

      Will I need this dongle for Windows 10? If my laptop has bluetooth built in, would I still need a dongle? Where can I learn more about what makes this dongle so special and why it is needed?