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Everykey replaces keys and passwords.  It's sleek, secure, and can be deactivated at any time.
Everykey replaces keys and passwords. It's sleek, secure, and can be deactivated at any time.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Diane hurst on

      Do you have a clearer ship date?

    2. Everykey Inc. Creator on

      @Adam Louis Jast - Sorry, we didn't see the "why" on the front of your question, we thought you were asking if we are creating a second product. Can you please clarify your question? Thanks!

    3. Everykey Inc. Creator on

      @Adam Louis Jast - Nope, we are 100% focussed on delivering products to our Kickstarter backers. If you're referring to Everykey Fob, it actually makes the manufacturing much more simple while providing more value to the users, so that's why we made that change.

    4. Adam Louis Jast on

      Why did you choose to create a secondary product before getting the original concept out to us first?

    5. Missing avatar

      James Ha on

      Can't wait to get it!

    6. SeattleFreeze on

      It is (feels like) summer already here in Washington State! LOL I am impatient to recieve the Everykey.

    7. Everykey Inc. Creator on

      @Doug Macduff - We're currently scheduled to ship in summer of this year! You can read more details about the new timeline in the March update.

    8. Everykey Inc. Creator on

      @Mischa Dasberg - The new clasping mechanism design keeps the wristband more secure on your wrist, and it's the only band design that we plan to offer for the time being. Sorry to hear that you're not a fan of the new design. You're welcome to use Everykey Fob without the wristband or we can process a refund if you'd like.

    9. Doug Macduff on

      Is this the update page?? When will we receive the merchandise? Thank you.

    10. Missing avatar

      Mischa Dasberg on

      The clasping mechanism really changes the Nice look it had before. @everykey: Is there a way to get the old design? I must say the new design looks a lot cheaper now.

    11. Sarl H Cablaas on

      @Everykey - Sounds like a great solution for windows 7 :)
      Still looking forward to see this awesome product.

    12. Everykey Inc. Creator on

      @Wesley van Kuijen - At this point it's likely that we will distribute the dongles ourselves and make them available to purchase through Everykey so that they will ship with the Everykey (saving you money on shipping). That's the current (tentative) plan but we need to finalize the deal with the Bluetooth dongle supplier before we can make them available to order.

    13. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    14. Everykey Inc. Creator on

      @Wesley van Kuijen - During the Kickstarter campaign, we announced Windows 7 support, so Everykey will work with Windows 7.

    15. Everykey Inc. Creator on

      @Michell Papai - We're planning to ship in the summer of this year. You can read the February update for more details on the timeline updates.

    16. Everykey Inc. Creator on

      @Sarl H Cablaas - Fob removes from the bottom of the wristband. There's a small compartment in the wristband that Fob can slip in and out of.

      With the introduction of Fob, it's even more water resistant than before because now there's an extra layer of protection. Previously, all of the electronics sat inside the outer shell. Now with the introduction of Everykey Fob, the electronics sit inside an enclosed casing which then goes inside the wristband. We should have physical models of Everykey Fob this month, which will be used to create the manufacturing tooling. We will show you those as soon as they're ready.

    17. Everykey Inc. Creator on

      @Chris Johnson - Thanks for the tip Chris! The idea of the clasping mechanism is to keep the wristband on your wrist, so we'll make sure it does that effectively.

    18. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    19. Michell Papai on

      hello dear I wonder what the target date for sending since it was for the first half of March !!

      I await comments .

    20. Sarl H Cablaas on

      @Everykey thanks for feedback.
      To be honest - I cant imagine how, got it that I can charge the FOB - but how do I get it out of the band - and how will it be waterproof, when the band is connected in the middle?
      The fob doesn't seem to have a waterproof layer?

      Maybe you could provide some screenshots or a simple video how it will look like.
      Water resistance (2AM) is a very important feature for this band - Don't wanna lose this :)


    21. Missing avatar

      Chris Johnson on

      Thanks for the recent update - the band design looks much simpler and I get the change. Can I ask that you take a look at how easy it is for the band to un-clip itself when you put on, or take off something like a shirt? I own a Garmin Vivosmart and they had to introduce a design change after the initial release to stop people to lose their wearable device because of this problem.

    22. Everykey Inc. Creator on

      @Sarl H Cablaas - You can now charge Everykey by removing Everykey Fob from the top area of the wristband and charging it using micro USB. Since its battery life is up to 30 days, you'll only have to charge it about once a month! Everykey will still be water resistant, and with the addition of Fob (detailed in the March update), we have a new layer to keep water out.

    23. Sarl H Cablaas on

      Thanks for this update! Looks quite nice this clapsing mechanismn.
      Could you provide please some images of how this new band (design) will get charged - cant see it?
      What about the waterproof details, is it still 5ATM - would be awesome :)
      Please keep this regular updates as we're getting near summer and I would love to have this band soon :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Bob Sopko on

      I was concerned about it falling off. You fixed that and if lost have an easy way to shut it down. Appreciate you updating us. Thanks.

    25. Missing avatar

      Allyson Chan on

      Super proud of you guys. Can't wait to see the final product.