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Everpurse charges your smartphone (compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and Samsung Galaxy S3) all day without wires.
1,451 backers pledged $238,187 to help bring this project to life.

Big Shipping Update

Good news everyone!

We have shipped over half of our pre-orders purses to customers over the past few weeks, and we will have the rest shipped within the next 3 weeks. We have been working around the clock to make sure that we deliver the best quality product to your door! 

Also, we are excited to announce that we are shipping our Galaxy S3 and S4 purses. These purses will work with both the Galaxy S3 and S4, so when you upgrade you’ll still be ready to charge on the go! 

We’re also excited about the upcoming iPhone 5s and we want to let you know that your Everpurse iPhone 5 purse will work beautifully with that phone type as well.

Please send us your pictures of your Everpurse in action and we’ll be sure to share it on our social media pages. 

PS. You can check us out hard at work in this time-lapse video (2 hours in 12 secs):

The Everpurse Team


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    1. Vlastimil Pečínka on


      I've got my Everpurse, an Christmas preset for my wife :) unfortunately the charger is not compatible with the EU socket, what to do now?


    2. Missing avatar

      Maren on

      I've received the Everpurse and it's supposed to be compatible with iPhone 5S. However, after plugging my new 5S into the base, I received a message on screen: "This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone." Is this Everpurse defective and/or have you successfully tested and confirmed it is supposed to work with the 5S? Thanks.

    3. Antony Hell

      I still didn't received my Everpurse what should I do?

    4. Missing avatar

      Carol Verga on

      It will be October soon when will we be getting the ever purse?
      When will it be shipped??

    5. Vivek Bhaskar on

      Any updates on shipping?

    6. Jack Bauer

      What's my shipping status?

    7. Everpurse 2-time creator on

      Michelle, HH, Jo Anne, Elena & Christine, as long as your order has not already shipped, then YES, you are more than welcome to upgrade your phone dock with us. Please reach out to us at with your order upgrade request. As we are shipping large batches of purses each day, please also begin your email subject line with "URGENT" so that we can tag and take care of your order change for you asap. Cyndi, please also follow up with us at the above email address for delivery status of your order. Fabienne and Jamie, we're so glad to hear that you received your order, and we hope you absolutely love your new Everpurse! And Jamie, yes, your wife's Everpurse WILL work with the the iPhone 5S, as the phone size and connector (lightning connector) are the same as the iPhone 5.

    8. Cyndi on

      I am glad to hear about the purse. Now, how do we know when our is delivery and who is delivery the package? Is there a way to track it down?


    9. Christine Seale on

      Hi guys and galls,
      Please can I too be a pain ? My I phone 4s has just given up the ghost, got an appointment with my apple store next week, is it still possible please for you to change the order to a 5s, or will it e possible to upgrade the purse somehow to newer i phone models, via adapters? Look forward to hearring from you,
      Many thanks Chris

    10. Elena SanGabino on

      Same here! Need iPhone 5 rather than 4 ordered way back when- ease acknowledge our order change requests and verify our tech upgrades were received!

    11. Missing avatar

      Jo Anne Laird on

      I ordered my 4S so long ago and now will be upgrading to the 5. It doesn't sound like I can use what I ordered on the newest phone. Can you please confirm. Thanks

    12. Jamie Dihiansan on

      We got ours today! (well my wife's)

      I hope it works with the new iPhone 5S! Thanks again.

    13. Fabienne A. Jackson on

      Was good to see the video and all the hard work everyone is doing. I just ordered my second one and I'm thinking about getting a third for my sister for Christmas. Love my blue croc and it was at the Michigan vs. Notre Dame game on Saturday evening. The blue was perfect for Michigan. We won. GO BLUE!
      I show it off to everyone from the clerks at Walgreens to the bagel shop. I'm a walking billboard. LOL
      Sincerely, Fabienne Jackson

    14. Missing avatar

      HH on

      I would also like to know how to change the order. Thank you.

    15. Michelle MacAlpine on

      I will need iphone 5s purses instead of the 4s that I ordered. How do I change my order?