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Everpurse charges your smartphone (compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and Samsung Galaxy S3) all day without wires.
1,451 backers pledged $238,187 to help bring this project to life.

Build and Customs update

Good news! Saturday, Liz was able to bring enough tech back from China in her suitcase to build 100 purses, and those have already been built. Even better, though our big order is still stuck in customs for the next few days, we were able to order and receive additional tech, enough tech to make 500 more bags, which we will build all this week in our Chicago workshop. We are still waiting to hear from customs about when they will release our giant order, but are happy to be continuing our build.


The Everpurse Team. 


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    1. Danielle Dabrowski Villegas on

      Rose Vines, when did you order yours? I have yet to receive mine.

    2. Rose Vines on

      Received my Everpurse today. Good job! I gave it as a gift to a friend and she's delighted with it.

    3. Missing avatar

      Tara Kinslow on

      I should have waited for the Hustle bag. More charge and frequent updates and email responses! This should have been called the "forever purse" because it will be forever before we get it!

    4. Missing avatar

      Tara Kinslow on

      With about 1 month to go we will be coming up on 1 year! It has taken almost a year to get this bag out. Clearly this is the worst kick starter project I've ever backed! Sparse communication from the company, people complaining and wanting their money back, vague and rehearsed answers to questions, this is absolutely insane. I have never seen anything like this. Oh and wait a 10% slap in the face discount on future orders. That just makes me laugh. I'm thinking if all these people wouldn't have backed this, this project wouldn't be successful anyway. The discount should be 50% off to original backers on the next future order! Anyway, I guess I'll be back on in September ranting again because I'm sure there won't be an update until mid to late September about another delay. What a joke! What a complete joke!

    5. Alexandra Craciunoiu on

      I find really annoying that you guys are not even taking the time to respond to any of these comments

    6. Missing avatar

      Turki Shahel on

      I'm still waiting to receive my everpurse, why is it taking this long?

    7. Danielle Moran on

      I am with Alicson, please take care of your backers, we shelled out a lot of money in good faith a full year ago, September 2012, and when I first backed was so excited telling everyone about it. If these are outdated upon arrival, not worth carrying because of the battery or new phone compatibility, that word of mouth won't be so great. If you take better care of your backers, you will get a much better future outcome. Especially seeing that you now have direct competition.

    8. Ali

      The Everpurse is better-looking and seems to be made of nicer-quality materials (the bag -- no comment on the internals/electronics) than the Hustle, and that might account for some of the difference in weight, but the Hustle holds a significantly larger charge -- which is an extremely important spec when it comes to a charging purse/bag. The full 2800 mAh of the Everpurse won't even charge my phone up to 75%. When will Everpurse upgrade its battery capacity to keep up with current phones/devices? -- Especially since we've been waiting this long and technology is moving along. This was not an inexpensive item to buy; for it to be obsolete upon arrival expensive disappointment, and a waste. I hope you'll consider taking care of your first customers (Kickstarters and any others in that camp) so that you can have a continued and very successful life on the market. Good luck to all of us.

    9. Missing avatar

      Sarah Hansen on

      I wanted this to work out but after months of broken promises and slow communication I'm going with the lighter bag that offers more charge: 2800 mAh & 368 grams for the everpurse vs 4250 mAh & 200 grams the hustle. I canceled my everpurse order and went with the hustle. Plus they reply to emails...(I'm disappointed and skeptical that I'll even get the everpurse refund)

    10. Danielle Moran on

      Also, are you shipping new orders from your website already? I looked and was able to add to cart with no mention of a delay in shipping. I thought backers came first? Thanks for your answers!

    11. Danielle Moran on

      2 comments, please read...
      1) You need to answer backers questions,like mine: Can you provide the list of the order they are shipping? Where is black fabric on that list? ... you upset backers by not communicating well.
      2) Looking at that hustle bag iamjohnison posted I am disappointed, was your idea not patented?
      Thanks for your response ...

    12. Missing avatar

      Jessica Mary on

      and by update I mean to whatever phone we have/will update to

    13. Missing avatar

      Jessica Mary on

      I feel for the excessive wait we should be able to update our purse whenever it is received at no cost.

    14. Robyn Marnell on

      blah blah blah heard this all do I get a refund...

    15. Mary Carlin on

      What about iPhone 5 orders? People have commented about your persimmon Everpurses but NOT emerald croc iPhone 5s.

    16. Missing avatar

      Carol Verga on

      Sure would be nice to see when I will be getting them. Which ones are shipping?

    17. Nikki Lasley on

      Liz et al: this is not a helpful update as it doesn't give the crucial piece of info...WHICH purses are being shipped and where do you stand with completing the rest of the orders?!?! I don't want to jump ship but you're leaving me very little choice.

    18. Nikki Lasley on

      Liz et al: this is not a helpful update as it doesn't give the crucial piece of info...WHICH purses are being shipped and where do you stand with completing the rest of the orders?!?! I don't want to jump ship but you're leaving me very little choice.

    19. Missing avatar

      chris weitman on

      I, too, would like my money back and have initiated the process. I've backed several Kickstarts and this is the ONLY fail I've encountered. I have not lost faith in Kickstarter. I lost faith in this "entrepreneur".

    20. Missing avatar

      Kimberly Shih on

      While I love the idea of your product and have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of my order, I have decided to go with a different product and I would like to request a refund on the order. Please let me know how I can get a refund for my order (I have already e-mailed

    21. Selena Cozart on

      This really feels like "The Boy Who Cried 'Wolf'". I do not believe this update. I do not believe that you are going to make good on this project. This is proving to be a case of "if it seems too good to be true, it probably is."

      Again, I would like to get a refund on my money. I am no longer interested in this purchase.

    22. Lisa Kruse

      I honestly don't believe this update, it sounds like you know backers are annoyed and are trying to appease them. I have emailed thru your website, posted on facebook and messaged you here all requesting a refund but I have not heard anything back. I will be upgrading to a new iphone when one is released, anticipated date of Sept.10, and I have no interest in giving you more money and taking MORE time to upgrade my purse.

    23. Linda Payne on

      This is getting very old. I want to see a list of people who have received their purse, A& a REASONABLE time table for when I might receive my purse, I want the names & contact info of who is in charge of this fiasco. I plan to contact Kickstarter to initiate fraud charges, followed by whoever is necessary to get my money back. This is unacceptable.

    24. Jack Bauer

      Please be one of them be mine! Thanks for the update!

    25. Mayan Avitable on

      I really need more information that that.

    26. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    27. Missing avatar

      Margaret Deputy on

      I don't believe you any more. I want my money back!

    28. Danielle Moran on

      Nice! Can you provide the list of the order they are shipping? Where is black fabric on that list? I was last told early August. Thanks!

    29. Missing avatar

      Karl Corby on

      Any way to find out when I will be receiving my purse?

    30. Cara Finn on

      Yay Liz! That's the entrepreneurial spirit!

    31. Ruth Ann Harnisch

      Did you see the copycat on IndieGoGo?