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Recent updates


Big Shipping Update

Good news everyone!

We have shipped over half of our pre-orders purses to customers over the past few weeks, and we will have the rest shipped within the next 3 weeks. We have been working around the clock to make sure that we deliver the best quality product to your door! 

Also, we are excited to announce that we are shipping our Galaxy S3 and S4 purses. These purses will work with both the Galaxy S3 and S4, so when you upgrade you’ll still be ready to charge on the go! 

We’re also excited about the upcoming iPhone 5s and we want to let you know that your Everpurse iPhone 5 purse will work beautifully with that phone type as well.

Please send us your pictures of your Everpurse in action and we’ll be sure to share it on our social media pages. 

PS. You can check us out hard at work in this time-lapse video (2 hours in 12 secs):

The Everpurse Team

Build and Customs update

Good news! Saturday, Liz was able to bring enough tech back from China in her suitcase to build 100 purses, and those have already been built. Even better, though our big order is still stuck in customs for the next few days, we were able to order and receive additional tech, enough tech to make 500 more bags, which we will build all this week in our Chicago workshop. We are still waiting to hear from customs about when they will release our giant order, but are happy to be continuing our build.


The Everpurse Team. 

Production Update

Hi Everyone,

While we were able to ship a third of our pre-ordered Everpurse clutches before our self imposed deadline, we did experience another delay with a supplier delivery (this time a piece of technology is being held in customs) We anticipate the shipment will be released in the next few days and we will update you as soon as we know more. As you already know, it takes about a week to build your Everpurse, from putting in the tech to our design partners putting in the final stitching - this puts our anticipated delivery of every last preorder time out about two more weeks. We hoped that in place of an update about delays we'd be toasting with our design partners to getting your long awaited Everpurse clutches into your hands, but could not have anticipated this hold up in customs. We ask for your continued patience, we have our entire staff and our design partner's staff on-call for more round the clock Everpurse building (both iPhone and Galaxy models) and sewing as soon as our packages are released from customs.


Everpurse Team. 

This Friday: Last day to update your order before we begin shipping!

Hello backers!

Parts are in, and our office is filled with boxes, which means we're about to begin shipping your Everpurse!

We are so excited to begin shipping and want to remind you that you have until THIS Friday, June 14 to make changes to your Everpurse order or shipping address. If you have a new phone or have switched addresses since you first ordered, contact us at If you will be moving sometime in the next three weeks and would like us to ship your Everpurse somewhere else instead, please let us know. Once things being to ship we will not be able to make any changes.

Again, please make any last minute changes to your Everpurse order or shipping address before Friday, June 14 (that’s THIS Friday). Just contact us at and we’ll get it done :)

We're looking forward to sending your Everpurse straight from our workspace to your door!

- The Everpurse Team

Ship Date

Hello Backers!

It’s been a few weeks since our last update, and we know you’re eager to find out if we’re any closer to shipping. Based on our progress, we expect shipping to begin on or before June 15th!

The Final Countdown
While we are very excited to begin shipping, we want you to understand that the possibility for further delays - while small - still exists. For example, we are still working through a few final testing documentation issues, and while we don’t expect any problems, there is always a chance. Other unforeseen issues may arise as well. Last week we were waiting on the US Customs department to release thousands of electronic components stuck at the FedEx facility in Memphis, TN because they didn’t know how to categorize the parts. (They’ve never seen anything like this before!) It’s a unique challenge to work with never-before-seen products.

We’re also sourcing a unique white color for our charging mats. In order to maintain our high standard of quality, we are using the most fire-resistant plastic. Unfortunately, the plastic that we need only comes in off-white, so we had to create our own pigment in order to make sure that the charging mat will be as beautiful as your Everpurse!

Growing Our Team
We have had phenomenal support from you, our backers, and we are working overtime to make sure you get your Everpurse as soon as possible. We have also grown our team to ensure shipping and delivery goes smoothly. New team members include two Customer Support Specialists, two Technology Engineers and a VP of Finance. It’s amazing to work with such dedicated people with epic drive and talent!

Everpurse Google Hangout
Many of you are very antsy and excited to receive your Everpurse and are eager to learn more about why it has taken this long and what we have been up to. We are more than happy to share, which is why we are hosting our very first Google Hangout this Friday, May 31 at Noon CST. A Hangout is just a live Youtube video where we can interact with your questions and comments in real time. We’re excited to answer all of your questions; you can ask us absolutely anything about Everpurse. We can’t wait to Hangout with you!

Who: All our backers are welcome!
When: Friday, May 31 at 12pm - 12:30pm CST
Where: Google Hangout (click this link!)

You can send us your questions via twitter with the hashtag #EverpurseQA or post questions on the comments section of our Kickstarter and Facebook pages. We will answer them in a live video stream on the Google Hangout page at the link above.

Thanks for hanging in there, everyone - your Everpurse will be there before you know it!

- The Everpurse Team