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The Everhart Museum is seeking funds to create a wall drawing in the exhibit BUDS, BLOOMS & BERRIES: Plants in Science, Culture & Art.

The Everhart Museum of Natural History, Science & Art is creating an exhibition on plants called BUDS, BLOOMS & BERRIES: Plants in Science, Culture & Art, which will feature the Museum's collection of plant specimens and cultural objects, as well as contemporary art. The exhibit will be on view from August 12-December 31, 2011. One of the contemporary artists we are including--Gabrielle Senza--is creating a temporary installation (wall painting) on one of the gallery walls for the exhibit, highlighting the ephemeral nature of the natural world if our society does not take environmental conservation seriously. The Everhart Museum is seeking to raise funds for Ms. Senza to be on site for 10 days in early August 2011 to create the artwork and document it for the Museum.

The artwork Terra Temporalis will be a new foray into installation art for the Everhart Museum. The Everhart is a 100+-year-old institution that has been serving the citizens of Northeastern Pennsylvania by offering educational exhibits and programs on natural science, ethnography, fine art, folk art, and conservation. Yet, the Everhart Museum has never had an ephemeral art installation on site for a special exhibition; the fleeting nature of this large-scale, site-specific wall drawing (which will only be on view for the duration of the exhibit) will highlight a very important concept in contemporary art and environmental conservation: time. Time is of the essence in experiencing art (contemporary and historic) but it is also transient and critical to understanding the need to re-focus and halt the environmental degradation and devastation occurring around the globe at an alarming pace.

Terra Temporalis will be approximately 11x17 feet, and similar to another of Gabrielle Senza’s large oil on canvas The Promise of Light X (seen on the video and on her website), but will be only in the ephemeral varied tones of graphite grey, as it will be done with powdered graphite, applied directly to the wall by drawing with her hands, brushes, rags, etc. This drawing will exist only for a few months—in January it will be painted out, the wall returning to its original state.

Gabrielle Senza is an internationally-recognized artist whose work has explored the miracles of nature, time and personal journeys throughout her prolific career as a multi-media artist and activist. Gabrielle Senza is also a social and environmental activist, whose installation and multi-media work conveys powerful messages that raise awareness and help to inspire change. She writes, “Drawing on the temporal aspect of our fragile planet and the sometimes desperate feeling I get when I am aware of the fleeting beauty that is around us, Temporalis - itself fleeting and beautiful seeks to convey the ephemeral nature of the world around us. The contemplative, silent grandeur of Nature, sitting so beautifully beside us, is vulnerable - so vulnerable - it hurts to think about it.”

Your support of this project is critical to providing the Everhart Museum’s visitors a rare opportunity to experience art in this way—please choose a level below and give what you can! All donations are tax-deductible.


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