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Documentary film on recreational cannabis legalization in Washington State & what this historic decision means for American drug poilcy

We are independent Seattle filmmakers Riley Morton and Nils Cowan. We're producing EVERGREEN: THE ROAD TO LEGALIZATION IN WASHINGTON, which will be the definitive feature documentary on the issues surrounding I-502 – the groundbreaking citizen initiative that officially made Washington the first state to legalize recreational marijuana possession on December 6, 2012.

We've already shot the entire movie, and we have an award-winning team of Jason Reid, Adam Brown and Darren Lund editing the film now while our team works on post-production day and night. We need your support now to help finish the movie and get this important information out to the world!  

Remember that we only get the money if we hit the $12,000 goal.  If we don't hit the goal, we get nothing, our Backers aren't billed and don't get any of the sweet prizes we lined up for them.  Thank you for your support of this independent film project.


Become a backer and receive the prizes listed on the right side of the page, including all of the Backer Prizes at the dollar amounts lower than your level.

We also greatly appreciate any efforts you can make to spread the word about EVERGREEN! Re-Tweets, Facebook shares and good old fashioned word-of-mouth all help to push education on this issue forward. Pending successful post-production funding, we plan release EVERGREEN in Spring 2013. | Facebook | Twitter

EVERGREEN: THE ROAD TO LEGALIZATION IN WASHINGTON is a balanced investigative film that shows the inside story of how Washington State citizens were able to pass I-502, effectively ending 75 years of cannabis prohibition. We hope our film can act as a case study for this issue nationally, so citizens in other states can learn from Washington in shaping their own drug reform policies at this historic time.

We've been working on this project for more than a 16 months already, having gone inside Washington's battle for drug reform on the ground, embedding ourselves in camps on both sides of the issue while interviewing dozens of policy experts, elected officials, advocates, opponents, medical patients, cannabis manufacturers, street dealers and local citizens affected by this unprecedented state law.

EVERGREEN will be the definitive documentary on this topic, serving as an important educational piece for the nation.  EVERGREEN features exclusive footage and interviews with:

  • Rick Steves, PBS travel host and prohibition reform activist
  • Alison Holcomb, I-502 Campaign Director / ACLU of Washington Drug Policy Director
  • John McKay, former US Attorney under George W. Bush
  • Pete Holmes, Seattle City Attorney
  • Steve Sarich, Dispensary Owner and Director of Cannacare Marijuana Patient Network
  • Douglas Hiatt, Seattle Defense Attorney
  • Roger Roffman, University of Washington Professor studying Marijuana
  • Josh Berman, co-owner of 4Evergreen Clinic
  • Dan Satterberg, King County Prosecuting Attorney
  • Tonia Winchester, I-502 Outreach Director
  • Mary Lou Dickerson, Wash. State House of Representatives
  • Don Pierce, Legislative Director for the Wash. Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs
  • Pat Slack, Director of Snohomish County Drug Task Force
  • Vivian McPeak, Co-Founder and Director of Seattle Hempfest
  • Jodie Emery, Marijuana Reform Activist and wife of Marc ‘Prince of Pot’ Emery
  • Dominic Holden, News Editor for The Stranger
  • Jonathan Martin, Staff Reporter for The Seattle Times
  • Charles Mandigo, Former FBI Special Agent for Seattle Region
  • Poppy Sidhu, Medical Marijuana Activist
  • Keith Blocker, Youth Organizer for the Tacoma Urban League
  • Keith Henson, Director of Pierce County NORML
  • Lisa Dank, Musician / Online Promotions Director for 4Evergreen Clinic
  • Gil Mobley, Medical Cannabis Physician in Missouri and Washington
  • Brendan Kennedy & Michael Blue, Marijuana Entrepreneurs / Privateer Holdings
  • Marijuana suppliers and pot-related businesses
  • Drug dealers and local citizens on the street

We shot more than 120 hours of footage in order to accurately capture all sides of this complex and nuanced story. We wrapped principal photography and moved into post-production at the end of 2012. 

We've been able take EVERGREEN this far using sweat equity and money out of our own pockets with support from a few key people to date. Now we need your help so we can raise enough finishing funds to cover upcoming hard costs and get this important story out to the world.

Thank you for checking out our project. We're targeting both national and international television distribution deals along with a digital release to educate the largest audience possible in 2013. This will be a major accomplishment when we're able to complete and release the film thanks to YOUR support!

The Impact

As the definitive historical document on the I-502 issue, EVERGREEN will help push this information out into the collective consciousness. Public education is the first step in determining any policy decision. By showing the nation Washington's groundbreaking I-502 as a case study, we will be able to help citizens in other states determine the best route for reforming their own policies. 

What are the local, national, economic, cultural and Federal implications of the first US state voting to approve recreational marijuana possession by a 56 percent to 44 percent margin? How did Washington get this pot reform law passed in the wake of the failure of Proposition 19 in California? What are the complex politics behind the issues of American civil liberties, personal freedom, states' rights and federal legal jurisdiction?  Why are a majority of medical marijuana patients, dispensaries and care providers strongly opposed to I-502?

EVERGREEN answers these questions while tracking the behind-the-scenes efforts of both campaigns – from initial grassroots fundraising efforts, to tense exchanges and conflict-filled campaign stops, to the historic vote by Washington citizens in November 2012 and what it means for America's future.

We gained exclusive access, tracked down expert interviews and shot more than enough footage to make this an amazing film. We've been able to assemble the ideal post-production team to get it done right: Jason Reid, Darren Lund and Adam Brown have a successful track record with taking crowdsourced budgets and being extremely efficent in producing award-winning films. Their last three feature documentaries all featured a crowdsourced funding component and went on to reach a big audience after completion. SONICSGATE: REQUIEM FOR A TEAM won the Webby Award for Best Sports Film before airing on national CNBC television in 2012. MAN ZOU: BEIJING TO SHANGHAI premiered on regional PBS affiliate KCTS 9 in 2010 before winning a regional Emmy® Award for Director – Post-Production. Their latest film, K2: SIREN OF THE HIMALAYAS premiered as a competition Finalist at the Banff Mountain Film Festival in 2012. 

This is a groundbreaking time for drug policy reform in America. You can be part of the information revolution by helping us produce and release EVERGREEN: THE ROAD TO LEGALIZATION IN WASHINGTON. 

The time is now!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

All independent films face risks and challenges, but we've put together an award-winning team of independent veteran filmmakers that has been here before and knows how to stretch a small budget into a top quality film.

Our Kickstarter fundraising goal of $12,000 is a bare minimum amount we've that post-production will cost us going forward. These are hard costs we absolutely must raise enough money to cover no matter what, and any legitimate film project will face these types of costs before being released. Your generous contributions will go toward the following:

$1,500 - Graphics/Animations
$1,520 - Stock Footage & Stills Licensing
$2,000 - Color Correction
$950 - Closed Captioning
$2,000 - Music Licensing
$4,000 - Errors & Omissions Insurance

There are many more costs associated with post-production in addition to the above, but we feel we can pour our hearts into the project and make a top quality film by hitting this initial $12,000 goal.

However, please continue to spread the word and contribute even after we've hit the initial $12,000 goal because we'll also have to face the following post-production costs as we take this film to the next level:

$660 - HD Cam Master Tape
$2,400 - Master Online Edit
$7,500 - High End Motion Graphics and Charts
$10,080 - Additional Stock Footage & Stills Licensing
$5,500 - Original Music Score Composition
$1,860 - Hard Drives & Media Storage
$1,200 - Footage Digitizing/Transcoding/Sync
$3,520 - Transcription & Logging
$5,000 - Additional Music Licensing
$4,800 - 5.1 Top Quality Sound Design
$480 - Digital QC
$6,000 - Marketing/PR
$2,500 - Web Development & Management
$4,200 - Additional Legal
$1,200 - Production Insurance
$3,200 - Sound Design/Mix

You can see exactly where all these funds go listed above, and we greatly appreciate your contributions to these specific areas of the budget.

As a "Thank You!" to all of our generous supporters, we've lined up the sweet Backer Prizes listed on the right side of this page at various donation levels.

Get your name shouted out on our Twitter feed ($5), see your name listed in the Special Thanks of the film credits ($10), receive a ticket to our exclusive wrap party in Seattle ($20), own a digital copy ($40), basic DVD ($60) or autographed DVD ($80) of the movie when it comes out, or get your own limited edition EVERGREEN tee shirt ($150).

Want to see the final cut of the movie before anyone else? Contribute $320 and you'll be invited to attend the exclusive press screening in Seattle with one guest.

Any Rick Steves fans out there? You'll receive an autographed copy of his book EUROPE THROUGH THE BACK DOOR at the $220 level, or you can take a guest out to lunch with Rick at the $420 level!

Contribute at the $1,500 level to have your business listed as a Sponsor of EVERGREEN in the film credits, website and future events.

Ever wanted to be a film producer yourself? Contribute at the $5,000 level to become a Co-Executive Producer of EVERGREEN, or contribute at the top $10,000 level to become an Executive Producer.

Your contribution will go a long way to help pay for some of these specific finishing costs. We are fired up and personally invested in getting this project released by any means necessary!

Even if you can't afford to contribute financially, you can still help out the project significantly by spreading the word to your friends, family and co-workers!

Share the trailer and Indiegogo link on Facebook, post it on Twitter, blog about it, talk about it, tell everyone you know that this movie is happening! Use these share tools and help us create a viral #CannabisEducation movement.

If you have any questions or would like to support the project in any way that's not listed here, please email us at We are also currently seeking a qualified executive producer and other potential partnerships to help get this film to the finish line in the next two months.

We greatly appreciate your contributions and can't wait to show you the finished product. Thank you so much.


Riley Morton & Nils Cowan

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