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Pixelated chivalry?! Joust your way to the top in this medieval RPG. A Knight's Tale with pixels.

Pixelated chivalry?! Joust your way to the top in this medieval RPG. A Knight's Tale with pixels. Read More
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UPDATE #2 - Pledge £20 or more and get a Desura key for Super Tower Rush!

(single & multiplayer competitive tower descent)  






"Welcome to the world of pixelated chivalry, where your courage, reflexes and fame propel you to reach the dream of every self-respecting knight."

"Exciting music accompanies each match nicely and adds a great vibe to each joust." - Marco Martinez, Gamespot

You'll travel to Pixelville to fulfil your greatest dream and to marry the beautiful young princess Arianna Annabelle di Grandigund Hyacinthe. To do this you must prove yourself a capable horseman by winning the King's championship tournament which involves defeating those recognized as the unbeatable knights of the realm, "The Big 5". According to the King, "whoever manages to defeat them in combat will be a good suitor for his daughter!" 

"Pixelry, a delightful portmanteau of Pixelated & Chivalry, offers players a chance to see what it would be like to be a medieval Knight made out of pixels. We've all dreamed of it, and now it's a reality." - Lewie Procter, 

This is an epic adventure with a medieval ambient and the exciting world of chivalry, where you must acquire new and increasingly better equipment to achieve your mission. Raise money by winning jousts organized at the local tavern, then spend that money at the Shop and the Forge to upgrade your armor, weapons and magical potions. 

"I've been playing with the current version this morning and rather enjoyed myself." - Adam Smith, Rock Paper Shotgun

Hopefully you're already familiar with Pixelry, but if you aren't then all you need to know is that it's a jousting-focused medieval RPG. The version that's been available during alphafunding is now being referred to as Pixelry Classic, and that contains a few mini-games to play, the King's tournament to compete in and some customization options to your heraldry and horse. That version is no longer on sale.

What we're now working on is the full version of Pixelry as intended, and this is what will be known as Pixelry Champions. It is this that we are seeking funding for, as Pixelry Champions will have many extra features and needs lots of polish.

Reaching our goal of £23,000 will mean that we can work on the game full time and add the following features to the Pixelry experience:

  • Better sound system. 
  • Choose gender: Male - Female. 
  • Fix resolutions. 
  • New room transitions. 
  • Implement the use of the mouse on the UI and add hotkeys to different places. 
  • Animations, ambience, particles, give more life to the world. 
  • New music and sound effects. 
  • Better RPG aspects and combat system of the game.
  • Detailed inventory system with more options, items and better implementation on the combat strategies. 
  • Enhanced UI with universal mouse support with simple drag & drop system 
  • Better enemies and more difficulties and leagues. 
  • Calendar with special events or minigames. 
  • Item offers and different incentives and challenges.

Pixelry Champions has the potential to be a much bigger game, and we'd love to see it expand into a huge multiplayer arena where players can trade items, banter and head off on their horses to duel in online jousting matches and tournaments. The Champions experience that we'd love to make will take a fair amount of time to develop considering that there's only two of us, and that means we require further support from you all to make it a reality as soon as possible.

Update #1: Stretch Goals Detailed

Obviously, there's quite a lot to take in there, but every single tier that we reach will add so much to the game and we'd really love to get it all in - especially the multiplayer! Most of it should be quite self-explanatory, being extra mini-games, horse care or expanding areas and gameplay. But out of all of them the one that we feel does need outlining is the new engine, Pixure.

Being able to add Pixure to Pixelry Champions is going to transform the game. Most of all it adds a whole load of depth to customization. Rather than just picking from armors, weapons and characters that we've pre-built into the game, you'll be able to design your own and the process is extremely simple and very flexible.

When creating and object in Pixure (armor, weapon, shield) you'll have a number of colors and materials to choose from. And how you design it and the material you use will actually feed into your stats and directly affect how you fare during jousts. So not only do you have a very simple interface with which to pick your colors and craft your armor to whatever you like, pixel-by-pixel, but there's also tactical considerations that come into play as well.

As for making your own character and look of your steed, you're able to get the finest of details just the way you want them - face, hair, expression. Pixure really opens the game up to your creativity. And let's not forget the advantages it adds if multiplayer is added to the game too! You'll be able to trade all of your possessions in an online global market, and then you can head off into a jousting match and see how your new equipment holds up. Perhaps you can improve it and sell it on to make a profit? Or just get inspiration and tips from others to become the best knight in the land!

Pixelry is all about the jousting. Lances ready, horses prepped and helmet visors down...the two opponents charge at each other with only one coming out as the victor. Simple as it may seem, jousting is a sport of nuances, in which the tiniest of things can make all the difference. So one of the challenges for us was to capture it in a way that was accessible but also retain enough depth so that players feel that a decent challenge is provided. We've done this through the following player considerations, all which they should attempt to manage during the run up to their opponent:

  • Speed of horse - going faster means your chances of missing increase, but if you do connect then more damage will be inflicted
  • Lance and shield angle - there's three distinct angles the lance can be held at (low, middle, high) and it's the task of both knights to block each other with their shields that work in the same way
  • Armor/weapon set-up - With the Pixure Engine, everything that you wear and wield is taken into account as part of your overall stats - weight, durability, power, stability
  • Items - Equip necklaces, rings, arbours, globes and more for permanent effects, but swig potions in between rounds and experience one-off buffers to give you the advantage 

But let's not get ahead of ourselves! There's much more to Pixelry than the jousting matches, as we're providing a proper medieval RPG experience in which you'll have to make your way around Pixelville to upgrade your skills, acquire better steeds, purchase helpful items and forge better armor and weapons.

In Pixelry Classic, you soon fell in to a very cyclical way of playing the game as you went from mini-game to mini-game, making purchases in between and then doing a spot of jousting. But in Pixelry Champions you'll be playing according a Calendar and how much stamina you have. So rather than playing the same old mini-games over and over again, you'll go through the day with a variation of activities, and you won't be able to fulfil them all due to the restrictions of your stamina, which can only be raised by sleeping. There will also be Special Events on the calendar that you can prepare for and look forward to!

This is Pixelville. It acts as your overworld and from here you can travel to just about everywhere you'll need to go in order to rise for a lowly peasant to grand and celebrated knight! It's a simple medieval town but there's always lots going on every day. But where can you go, what can you do there, and what does it all mean?


  • Your living space! 
  • Customize and kit out your home as you please
  • Display all of the trophies you've earned
  • Recharge your stamina by resting in your humble abode


  • Upgrade your armor 
  • Forge chest plates and other pieces yourself
  • Hammer well and earn yourself swanky discounts


  • Organize small-scale jousting matches 
  • Enter into the bigger tournaments when you think you're ready 
  • Grab a tankard of ale and rough some of the competitors up!


  • Practice your jousting skills until you heart's content 
  • See how you measure up on the rankings board
  • Meet fellow trainee knights and laugh at their inferiority


  • Earn some fancy discounts on some potions
  • Purchase new attire that add permanent buffers and make you look fabulous
  • Grab yourself some potions to drink during matches for a quick stats boost


  • Go on adventures!
  • Chase down the bad guys and earn the rewards for doing so
  • Discover secret characters, and probably kill them too
  • Get away with murder in the name of justice!


  • Gallop around a track and avoid obstacles to earn extra money
  • Customize the look of your horse
  • Care for your noble steed - feed it, brush its coat, blow kisses


These are just the very foundations of what's available for you to do in Pixelville. Soon, there shall be many more mini-games, extra locations to visit and plenty more customization options available for your horse and character. These are currently works-in-progress and they're shaping up rather well, it must be said. We're hoping that you'll enjoy a varied visit in Pixelville, and will soon make yourselves at home within its safe walls.

Hopefully we can also raise the funding for Pixure, the new engine,  as that will open up so much for the game on top of what's already in the works. Essentially, you'll then have an infinite amount of ways to customize and otherwise craft your identity and possessions. If we're able to add multiplayer to the game will then let you trade your creations and their various stats with other lovely players. There's just so many possibilities!

Sat side-by-side in front of their trusty Macintosh, André and Emilio Marí were watching the credits roll for the game they had just completed when it was revealed that this creative and entertaining piece of software was made by a 15 year old. In that moment, they both suddenly realized that the game development world was open to them too, and it had always been but they never thought about it. Now, they had to meet this new calling.

So these two brothers set-up Evelend Games in order to pursue this new craft they could share, and since 2010 they have been chipping away at Pixelry on and off to make it the game they envisioned from the beginning. But who are these two, really?

Andre (left) and Emilio (right)
Andre (left) and Emilio (right)

André Marí: I take care of the project's audiovisual aspects. Character design, graphics (environment, scenarios etc), music and sounds. I also give the advice on how to refine details to help improve aspects of the gameplay and visual experience.

Example of my music from the Super Tower Rush OST:

Emilio Marí:  I am the hermit who spends many hours at a time as needed to make every speck of dust move as it should be. That is, the programmer. I never studied programming but I've used it long since for many tasks, so it has become something like my profession, my hobby, and also an area in life where I can help others.

So far we've made four games together, they are:

Serenata (Made in 48 hours):

Principia Mathematica (Made in 48 hours):

Pixelry Classic:

Pixelry: A Day At The Races


By now you should have a good idea of what Pixelry Champions is all about and so we hope that you're as enthused as we are about it! If that is the case then we hope you'll help us out and support the game in any way you can - you don't need to spend money to do this. 

As well as pledging to the Kickstarter you can also help us get the word around to as many people as possible. Here's what you can do to help:

  • Share this Kickstarter page with everyone you know by emailing friends you think would be interested and grabbing those to hand and showing them what Pixelry Champions is!
  • Use social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to tell even more people about the game 
  • Visit Pixelry around the web on the Evelend Games website, IndieDB
  • Play the Pixelry Classic demo and get as many people as you can to try it out too!

In advance, thank you so much for all your support and know that we appreciate it loads! We're really excited about Pixelry Champions and hope that you are too. If you have any suggestions or questions then please leave comments and message us, we'd love to speak to you.

Risks and challenges

Being that there's only two of us, the biggest risk is one of being incapable of working on the game for whatever reason, as that would indefinitely halt the production of the game. If we make the funding goal, though, we'll be working together on Pixelry Champions full-time and won't stop until it's completed.

The biggest challenge will be manipulating GameMaker to make it work how we want it. But kicking code is what game development is all about, and we're confident that tackling this is going result in success.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • First and foremost, Pixelry Champions will be coming to Windows PCs. If we reach a total of £41,000 or more during the Kickstarter campaign then we'll also port it to Mac, Linux, iOS and Android

    Last updated:
  • Of course you will! But you'll only get Pixelry Champions for free if you bought Pixelry before the date this Kickstarter project launched (March 19th). And thank you for supporting us during the early stages. We still need as much support as we can get though, so spread the word and consider pledging more to the game's development so that it can be an even better game!

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    Pledge £3 or more About $5 USD

    Thank you letter + Digital Stamp "I fought for Pixelry" and a digital copy of Pixelry Classic.

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    Pledge £6 or more About $9 USD

    Previous reward, PLUS your name will be added to the list of randomly generated names of the secondary challenger knights in the game.

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    All previous rewards, PLUS a copy of the new and awesome Pixelry Champions.

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    Pledge £15 or more About $23 USD

    All previous rewards, PLUS a copy of Pixelry Champions Android. HOWEVER, if the Android stretch goal is not reached you'll get the new and awesome OST instead. Your name will also be displayed in a special section on the web as a beloved supporter!

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    Pledge £20 or more About $30 USD

    All previous rewards, PLUS a copy of Super Tower Rush - another of André's games which is a competitive online and single player fast-paced platformer.

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    Pledge £25 or more About $38 USD

    All previous rewards, PLUS you'll receive a set of exclusive items that offer special properties in the game. These will be exclusive to Kickstarter supporters.

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    Pledge £40 or more About $60 USD

    All previous non-limited rewards, PLUS you get to design an armour set that will bear your name, which will be included in the shop of the final version of Pixelry Champions! And 1 extra copy of the game to share with your friends.

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 6 backers
  8. Reward no longer available

    Pledge £50 or more About $76 USD

    All previous non-limited rewards, PLUS create an NPC with a history, motivations, motto and design by you and will fight you in the campaign. Plus 2 extra copies of Pixelry Champions to share with your friends.

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    Reward no longer available 12 backers
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    Pledge £60 or more About $91 USD

    All previous non-limited rewards, PLUS a signed pixel art by André (artist and designer) of a picture or character of your election. And 4 extra copies of Pixelry Champions to share with your friends.

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    Limited 1 backer
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    Pledge £150 or more About $227 USD

    All previous non-limited rewards, PLUS early alpha access to Pixelry Champions with regular update and an optional programming lesson by Emilio and a pixel art class by André. And 6 extra copies of Pixelry Champions to share with your friends.

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    2 backers
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    Pledge £300 or more About $453 USD

    All previous non-limited rewards, PLUS have meetings with André and Emilio every two weeks to talk about the development of the game, propose ideas and take part in the creative process. Also 9 extra copies of Pixelry Champions to share with your friends.

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    Pledge £700 or more About $1,058 USD

    All previous non-limited rewards, PLUS you get to design a whole new city like Pixelville City where YOU will be crowned the King or Queen, which will include five champions (also designed by you) taking part in a special championship. This city and championship will be unlocked after the player finishes the Single Player Campaign. Plus 14 extra copies of Pixelry Champions to share with your friends.

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    Limited 1 backer

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