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A 'zine to instigate art conspiracies. An audio collage to reverberate the Renaissance. An online game to make your art zing. Ethereal bohemia. Read more

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A 'zine to instigate art conspiracies. An audio collage to reverberate the Renaissance. An online game to make your art zing. Ethereal bohemia.

About this project

We're working on a multimedia mixed-media 'zine-game that engages creators and the world-at-large in creating muse networks of mutual conspiration we call Bohemias [1] as well as (broader infrastructure and ecosystems blah blah) ushering in a neo-Renaissance.

The serialized 'zine with accompanying original audio collage will be physically (yep, snail-)mailed to a mutual muse network (basically anyone audacious enough to request copies... "participate to win!").

Each 'zine evokes handwritten letters that artists oft wrote to each other for encouragement (for instance, Vittoria Colonna and Michelangelo or Lou Andreas-Salomé and Rainer Maria Rilke). The gameplay engages our "readers" to be "writers" of muse-letters themselves. An online component complements the tangible artifacts aiming to create conspiracies (inspire+together) of participatory passion projects and another level of collaborative gameplay.

The story through its characters and time-space settings will also recount and depict flourishing periods of cultural foment such as the Italian Renaissance and 1910s Montparnasse, France. The mailings will also distribute artist trading cards with the narrative/CD package.

In a similar vein of Alternate Reality Game as "World Without Oil" (see, we will ask participants to envision and role-play this reality: A magical earth with unbounded creativity. The Renaissance as a state of mind and a way of living, not simply a long ago time-period or a particular space.

The game does not advocate for any particular solution to creating a supportive ecosystem; rather it is a sounding board and catalyst for the collective. The narrative game solicits the boldest pent-up dreams and widest imaginations to be engaged and expressed so that solutions organically form and are tested out in a supportive sanctuary and via person-to-person networks.

Because the game is designed to address the creative community's most individual and collective burning issues of "making a living" plus live their making, it's inherently engaging. As Barbara Sher says in her bestselling classic, "Wishcraft", many people are stymied in their pursuit of their dreams by their feelings of isolation. By making the process of achieving dreams more magical and mythical (and no, not the "starving artist" myth!), ,we jointly rise the out-flow of artistic expression and beautification of our externals to the level of a quest, rather than the drudgery of sheer survival.

Your funds are critical to ensure we can afford remain within the main setting of the initial story this spring - New Orleans --as full-time artists without having to move back West with family or some other fate that would sever us from the Muse of the city (you'll see why this is fundamental in the narrative), cover costs of photocopying (all dream sequences in full-color collage) and mailing the mixed-media 'zine, plus start the process going for the computer programming and development of the online portion of the gameplay. We just need you to prime the pump, and believe in us.

Every backer receives the inaugural AND second issues for your $3 and up pledge. (We are counting on total of 54 issues.) Ultimately, we aim to find a sustainable way to ensure all future editions are either free or a very nominal cost for everyone that requests a copy.

[1] "Bohemia is a world that artists create. They're made by people who live by their gifts and live for their gifts and live to give those gifts to others. The Bohemians have a kind of erotic sense of property. They share with one another. They cooperate with one another. They collaborate with one another. What Bohemias reflect is the natural life of artists, how they behave in their authentic environment...And we depended for our resources, not on grants, and not on sponsorship, and not anybody's funding, but on our own communal efforts undertaken together." - Larry Harvey, founder of Burning Man,

p.s. The only letter-pressed printed poster hanging in our current dwelling at this time reads: "There's no retirement for an artist, it's your way of living so there's no end to it." - Henry Moore


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    Be in on the initial muse network. Get the initial 'zine of the serialized edition mailed directly to you, complete with game piece (surprise!) and a hand-picked muse-pal to conspire with.

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    $11 reward

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    Personalized, tailored -- yes, "bespoken"" gameplay challenge geared to your specific star-studded enthralling vision. Inserted like a treasure in a Cracker Jack box within your illuminated 'zine edition.

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    $23 reward

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    The spell "abracadabra" is first encountered in 2nd century AD poem, roughly meaning "I create from speech." We'll insert a short and sweet personalized, tailored, "bespoken" sound elixir in your 'zine.

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    $33 reward

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    Your time-traveling "future" self channeled by one of the characters in 'zine (perhaps scribed in the Underworld or Renaissance Italy or a16th century Spanish convent) will hand-write and collage a lengthy missive to you and insert into a not-random book to be delivered surreptitiously.

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    $51 reward

    0 backers Limited (10 left of 10)

    Geez, Kickstarter rounds out $51.50? Anyhow, let's admit it, you've visited somewhere in your distant or recent past, a psychic, a tarot reader, a hypnotist, perhaps, a shrink or a colon hydrotherapist? Or worst yet, a life coach? Oy, they are not cheap. This is guaranteed desire therapy. Collectively, we the muse-network shall focalize around your project and barn-raise your creative vision into crystallized reality. Yes, reality -- yes, even in this dense dimension.

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    $88 reward

    0 backers Limited (8 left of 8)

    Calliope, yup the time-transposing messenger cat, will collaborate with Sam, the present-day New Orleans musician to write your very own electronic gumbo music inspired by you (take our quiz, and we'll find relevant sigils and veves and other enchantments).

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    $222 reward

    0 backers Limited (3 left of 3)

    Come directly experience one of the last bastions of North American bohemia with genuine bohemians! Stay with us a few days during Mardi Gras, or French Quarter Fest or sometime this early spring and we'll show you the bustling underground creative scene.

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