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A weekly in-depth video course in the ideation, design, analysis, prototyping, marketing and crowdfunding launch of spicy new products!
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This question is at the center of so many creative people's hearts!

Bringing a product to market is a long, difficult process-- and it's not made any easier by how scarce information is on how exactly you're supposed to go about it.

  • How do I interact with machinists?
  • How do I write marketing copy?
  • How do I make sure my parts fit perfectly?
  • How do I...

By backing this, you'll have those questions answered through weekly videos walking through a real crowdfunded product design project!

You'll get step-by-step info and resources--start to finish-- from a mechanical engineer and product designer who's designed products and components for things as varied as 3D printers, rocket-based telescopes, and bomb detectors.

A rough idea is a great starting place, and by defining what exactly it is you're making can save tons of money and time. 

Let's look at key parametric design concepts so that your CAD models are robust, flexible, and accurate.

CAD only takes you so far. We'll get our hands dirty and explore fit, form, and function with physical prototypes.

These folks are professionals-- learn how to communicate your design ideas to them effectively and how to get the most out of their years of experience.

Inspire your backers! Show them you mean business and get them on board with your vision. We'll identify important market segments and learn how to get our product in front of them.

We'll put the prep work in to kick off big, and use tried-and-true marketing and analytics techniques to continue that momentum throughout the campaign.

Without great planning and appropriate tools, supply chain management can get out of control, quick. You will walk through a properly executed, timely fulfillment cycle.

Risks and challenges

The risks and challenges of product design *are* the backer's rewards!

Designing a product is hard, especially on a compressed timeline, and you will be right there with me looking at the sometimes difficult, sometimes exhausting, always interesting process.

I will put up weekly videos.
I will give you the templates and tools I use.
I will help spread the knowledge of how to make something beautiful.

Whether the product campaign succeeds or not, this course will be a huge boon to makers everywhere who want to get their ideas out into the world.

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    Maker's Course

    Together, we will launch a crowdfunded project this summer!

    You'll receive:
    • weekly exclusive videos about every single aspect of the process that is involved in bringing something to market.

    • access to a Q&A forum to ask questions and provide feedback on videos and designs

    • every document I build: design files, drawings, templates, cost analyses, market research-- everything out in the open to help you launch a successful campaign of your own.

    • on top of all that, 10 of you will be chosen to participate in a one-on-one product design review with me-- completely confidential design advice from a seasoned pair of eyes!

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