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Set in Argentina in 1892, VISIBLE PROOF tells the true story of the first case in which fingerprints were used to solve a murder.

Written and Directed by Gabil Sultanov

Funded in part by a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan foundation

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 (Vucetich and an assistant at work in his office)

Based on one of the most infamous murder cases in history, Visible Proof takes place in the coastal village of Necochea in turn of the century Argentina. 

Two small children are stabbed to death in their beds. No one sees the crime and interrogations yield contradictory evidence. Amid the horror was a single bloody fingerprint. 

It would be the first fingerprint ever used to solve a crime.

 (sink and vanity)

We are hoping to raise $7,000 for this project, but at the bare minimum (with Kickstarter and Amazon fees) we need $4,000

The film unfolds in a time and place that has for too long gone unseen in cinema: South America in the late 19th century

Creating an authentic portrayal of this unique world is an arduous task for a production of any size, let alone one as small as ours. We can't simply slip out into the streets of Los Angeles to film it. Every frame of the film must be occupied with a costume, a prop, or a way of speech that reeks of a specific time and place. An era that ended a long time ago.

But this great challenge is what attracts us to this project. And, frankly, things could be worse. We have already been generously awarded three-fourths of our budget in the form of a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Most recently, we received a Panavision New Filmmakers Grant which will provide us with a professional camera package at an extraordinarily discounted rate. We are humbled by the generosity of these organizations.

But still, we need breathing room. Because we believe in transparency, here's an itemized list of what we need and what it will cost:

  • $1500 to pay our Art Director/Construction Coordinator a decent wage so they can construct a small house designed in an architectural vernacular not available in Southern California. (Pre-Production)
  • $1500 to help secure Location rentals. (Pre-Production)
  • $1500 to pay a full-time Digital Intermediate Technician and an Assistant Editor. (Production)
  • $500 to feed extras. (Production)
  • $1000 to help pay for cast and crew lodging the four days we shoot On-Location. (Production)
  • $1000 to pay for our Digital Colorist to Color Correct our project. (Post-Production)

(Juan Vucetich's identification credentials)

Writer / Director  Gabil Sultanov

Director of Photography  Adam Goral

Producers  Drew Diamond   Evan Drolet Cook

Editor  Cole Benton

Production Designer  Flora Ortega

Gabil Sultanov wanted to be a filmmaker ever since he was ten. To pursue his dream he moved to the U.S. in 2001 from the former Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan, immediately following High School. After receiving his BFA in journalism from Texas State University in 2008, he began USC’s MFA program in Film/TV Production where he focused on writing and directing. He graduated in May, 2011, the same year he was awarded the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation production grant. He lives in Los Angeles.

Adam Goral loves telling stories. He is an award winning cinematographer originally from Massachusetts whose work has been screened in film festivals around the country. While earning his BA from Georgetown University in Washington D.C., he was the Station Manager at the university television station, GUTV. His passion for filmmaking led him to Los Angeles and the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts where he earned his MFA focusing on cinematography. Having worked in almost every department on set at one point, Adam fully believes in the power of collaboration and brings an open mind to each project he joins.

Drew Diamond is a filmmaker from the South Texas-Mexican Border. His love of storytelling eventually led him to USC for an MFA in Film Production. He is a lover of historical films and hopes to use his time living and filming through Argentina and Uruguay to help create a gritty yet authentic portrayal of this overlooked story.

A Minneapolis native, Evan Drolet Cook studied film production at New York University. After spending five years working in a contemporary art museum, he moved to Los Angeles in 2011 to pursue a transdisciplinary art practice in mediums such as filmmaking, graphic design and sculpture.

Prior to completing her Masters degree in Film and Latin American Studies at the University of Texas-Austin, Flora Ortega spent many years as a performer before making the transition to film. Aesthetically, her work seeks to combine a love for vintage with a respect for minimalism. She enjoys integrating the history rich and modern elements present in Visible Proof.

Originally from Ravensdale, WA, Cole Benton came to Los Angeles to study film production at the University of Southern California. After graduating with his Masters of Fine Arts degree in Film Production, Cole has worked on multiple projects from television programs and pilots to feature films as an editor. He has written and directed several short films varying from comedy to horror, as well as a documentary. "Cultured Pearl", which was filmed in Uganda. Always excited to get to know new people through his work as an editor and a storyteller, Cole has a strong work ethic that has lead to his success and value as a team member on his projects.


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