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Update #5 - For backers only

New Year, New Stuff

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Update #4

We made it!

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Dear Kylee, Joan, Gerry, Justin, Brett, Tieg, Neil, Andre, Dudley, Daniel C, Linda, Amber, Angela, Tim, Franny, Nikolas, Lucy, Adam, Genoa, Shirley, Jackie, Lucila, Dean, Annie, Faith, Austen, Riley, Amelia, Michael, Glen, Tonatiuh, Pang, Carlos, Alex, Michael and Anita, Jeffrey, Mary, Brett, Kathiy, Kip, Julie, Anne, Diego, Patti, Kathy, Matt, Marty, Andy, Charles, Daniel L, David, Betty, Rich, Stu and Cindy,

FUNDED! Well guys, thanks to you, we made it and then some. I'm amazed and honored that so many of you (56+) stepped up to help us make this film. I'm really at a loss for words. Seriously. I've typed like five different versions of this paragraph.

In the next few weeks we'll be sending you all sorts of updates from the set. Until then though, we'll probably be relatively silent as this is crunch time to prepare for production. We start building our sets in less than 10 days!

The image above is of our first camera test at Panavision. Quite a rig, huh?

In the realm of logistics:

If your credit card has not been charged yet, don’t worry – we’ve been informed that credit cards may take up to a week to be charged. The one downside to the amazing amount of money we’ve raised is that Kickstarter and Amazon Payments now have to be extra careful when it comes to fraud monitoring, charging credit cards, and delivering the money to us.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. More soon.


Update #3

Update #3: $2600 in a day



Today we had our biggest day yet!

We've been off logging time converting our budget's soft numbers into hard ones, holding auditions and location scouting, hardly tending to the Kickstarter. Nevertheless, people have kept stepping up to graciously help us to make this film!

I'd like to take the opportunity to welcome the following additions to our backer pool:

Tieg Zaharia

Neil Reese

Daniel Cook

Dudley Tarlton

Andre Kishimoto

Linda Soranno

Each of us feels incredibly grateful to have support from our family, friends and strangers, no matter the size of your gift. Thanks to the above for all the support, whether it is new or enduring in nature. We can't wait to share our film with you all.

Finally, I want to welcome our new Associate Producers to the project Amber and Martin Simoncic. Your donation has truly made this film possible. Your generosity has humbled and inspired us to work even harder. For their kindness, the Simoncic's will also receive Vucetich's "antique" fingerprinting kit that will be used in our production. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you! More as it develops!


Evan, Producer

Update #2

Day 23


Things are going well! We've added another FOUR backers to our campaign. First off, a big thanks to JOAN SORANNO for pledging $300.00 to our project. This money will be a big help to pay for costume rentals at Sony Picture Studios, Universal's Costume shop and Western Costume House.

We also want to thank our three other new backers, GERRY ALTMAN ($25) and Kickstarter employees JUSTIN KAZMARK ($1) and BRETT CAMPER ($2). Thank you guys so much for your participation in our project. Your donations have made me believe in the kindness of strangers. And, while every dollar counts, what's even more powerful is word of mouth you guys bring to our project. Please tell your friends about this cool little film you backed on Kickstarter!

Casting and location scouting starts this weekend!


Set in Argentina in 1892, VISIBLE PROOF tells the true story of the first case in which fingerprints were used to solve a murder.

Update #1

Day 1: Launch and our First Backer


After too much time primping and prodding, we've finally arrived. Our kickstarter is breathing, and in just a few short hours we got our first backer!

Thank you, thank you Ms. Kylee Leonetti, with (I'm sure) a little help from Lola and Christian. You guys rock. We'll be sure to throw a few coins in the Chinatown wishing well for you for your bravery.

More tomorrow!


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    The Producers go to the Los Angeles Chinatown Wishing Well ( and throw a penny for you, aimed at the wish of your choice. (Vacation, Luck, Health, Love, Lotto, etc.)

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    A copy of the director Gabil Sultanov's five favorite mystery novels and a personal note from him.

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    Digital Copy of the film a week before it's released.

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    Associate Producer Credit

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    Juan Vucetich's fingerprinting case used in the film.

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