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Rice Boy is a huge, surreal fantasy-adventure comic that I've made and self-published. Help me keep the Rice Boy book in print!
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Evan Dahm

266 backers pledged $16,645 to help bring this project to life.

The books are here!

Books arrived on Wednesday: all 4300 pounds of them, 200 hardcovers (in the 25 smaller boxes in the foreground of this image) and 1800 paperbacks (in the 100-something boxes in the background). Moving them all into the storage unit was very difficult.

What's happening now: I'm in the process of preparing and sending out all the Kickstarter incentives and book preorders. I have received MOST of the addresses of the backers and will send private messages to those from whom I haven't received them. I will put up further updates letting everybody know my progress in sending everything out; it will be a tedious process but hopefully not a very long one.

Oh and here's a picture of the Portrait posters getting ready to be sent off:

For people who did not back the Kickstarter project and are interested in the book, it will be finally available again on the store in about a week.

Thanks everyone!


    1. Creator Keir Rice on October 14, 2011

      I'm also keen to know if all the books have been sent.

    2. Creator Robin Hersom on October 8, 2011

      Have all the books been sent out? I'm expecting to be waiting a while because I'm international, but just interested to know if they're on their way or not.

    3. Creator Will on October 4, 2011

      Got my book in the mail a couple days ago. It looks really great! Thanks Evan!

    4. Creator mark D'Andrea on September 29, 2011

      uhm i was wondering when the books will arrive in mail, just a bit curious

    5. Creator Evan Dahm on September 3, 2011

      Mauricio-- Yes everybody will get their stuff all in the same box

    6. Creator Mauricio Saborio on September 2, 2011

      Expressing how excited I am would take a few rambling paragraphs.

      Are you planning to mail out the book(s) and portraits in the same box? If not, could you please?

    7. Creator Evan Dahm on September 2, 2011

      Mark-- There's a total of 200 of the limited-edition hardcovers. Only 86 were bought through the Kickstarter project; the rest will be available online and at conventions.

    8. Creator mark D'Andrea on September 2, 2011

      indeed! it is quite sad that there are 21 limited edition hardcovers left though. wonder how those will be sold.

    9. Creator Anthony Bailey on September 2, 2011

      Can't wait!