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Marshall's deep space search for his estranged brother grows worse when realizing he's trapped in Recoil, and has done this all before.
Marshall's deep space search for his estranged brother grows worse when realizing he's trapped in Recoil, and has done this all before.
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I can't believe I am actually typing these words right now!!! We wrapped the sound mix at Warner Brothers this past weekend and laid it all back to tape on Monday and... DAMN, this movie sounds AMAZING! Hats off to my killer elite sound team: Jessie, Dan, Justin, Josh, and Carlos. Crazy skills and sound design that will take your breath away. So thrilled with it. And the score... it definitely will make you drive too fast. Thanks, Gareth! 

Clearly, I'm very excited to be finished after this 22 month journey through the high seas of Recoil. I am so appreciative and there are so many people to thank. I honestly can't wait for the screening this weekend so I can thank the heroes of Recoil in public. And then have some fun with them afterward, for a change! :) But, I wouldn't be anywhere if it were not for Kickstarter and all you wonderful backers. You're in for a treat with this flick. 

A little bit further to go, yet. Still have to make DVDs and do Kickstarter rewards through September and then we get to have some fun with the film festival circuit and looking for the next film with my manager. Between now and then, I hope to be in a pool sometime soon with shades, a cocktail, and some much needed vitamin D. 

The dishes are done, man! 

More to come, 

Evan Matthews

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Recoil - Approaching the Finish Line

Recoil is moving full steam ahead to the finish line, finally!!

We just got our posters in and we plan to distribute those at the first screening at the end of August. And, of course, in the mail to everyone who donated for that reward (in September). You can see them here!

As far as the film itself, Recoil is currently in color correction at the amazing Company 3. The following week we will mix at Warner Brothers after heavy debate between them and Skywalker Sound.

We're very excited for what's next! In the meantime, you can catch additional updates at or the facebook page.

Recoil has been a long and difficult journey and we can't wait to release the film to all of you soon.

Thank you, again, for all of your patience and support in this endeavor.

Almost there!


RECOIL: One Month To Go!

Well, we are exactly one month away from finishing Recoil!! It’s been incredibly busy with all the departments, especially VFX. Since the last update, we've completed over 100 VFX shots, made CG space ships, re-recorded dialogue and foley sound effects, composed the score, won grants to help finish the film, designed the poster and animated characters, and the list goes on.

The team of nearly 20 VFX compositors are working away on over 210 VFX shots in the film. We have some really cool visuals in the works and I can’t wait to share the film with all of you who supported us through kickstarter :) Our Bodhi character came out super cool (featured below), the space environments look amazing, and the ships look awesome.

While all the VFX are underway, we also have the sound team going to great lengths to design and edit all the sound fx and dialgue that will add to the world of Recoil. Once all of our VFX are done, the sound team can take those shots and finish editing in 5.1 surround before we finally move into the sound mix in mid May. We're about 2 1/2 weeks out from finishing up VFX and sound.

Meanwhile, we’re prepping the footage with the editor to get ready for Color Correction. It’s a big, heavy film and a lot of files to move. But, these last few phases are some of the most fun as we get to watch the film really come together and take shape.

Finally, we’ll get to exporting the film toward the end of May where we will lay it off to tape, files, DVDs, etc. So, we're looking for screening venues and duplication companies to get Recoil screened and in DVD cases, respectively.

There are so many things left to do in such little time, but we’re getting there. I have an awesome team in every department and it’s scary and thrilling to be so close to done.

I can’t wait to get this up on the big screen and see and hear Recoil the way it is meant to be! I appreciate all that you have done to support the making of Recoil and I can't wait to share it with you!!!

Additionally, thank you for your patience as we try to finish as soon as possible. This has been an incredibly challenging, difficult, and exhausting film to make.

More to come!

Evan & The Recoil Team

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RECOIL: Updates On All The Latest Action!

Check Out What We've Been Up To in Post!!!

First and biggest breaking news is that we have picture locked! For those who don't know what that is exactly, it's the transition from editing (as the edits/cuts are set in order) to the work flows of the other post departments, like Visual Effects, Sound, Score and Color timing.  

The second big piece of news is that yesterday we finished our first CG Model and it's been handed off to our texture artist for further detailing! Meanwhile, the final concept art for the ship was turned over to the modeler. All very exciting! In the next couple weeks, both designs will go to animation!

Also announcing our amazingly talented sound design and foley team: Radium Audio!  

These guys are SICK with audio talent! They recently created all of the sound effects from scratch for the JAMES BOND SKYFALL TRAILER for BSkyB in the UK!!

We could not be more excited about the incredible talent we have working on this film. Including our editors, we have a total 29 artists and VFX specialists on our team, and we are still growing! In fact, just last night Matte Painter/Artist Anthony Scime joined on as our most recent addition. This dude has crazy skills! Check out some of his recent work below, and also here!

We have started assembling the Kickstarter awards and we are looking forward to sending those out! Please take note that in most cases, the awards will be delivered after completion of the film. We are currently slated for completion by March of 2013. 

All of this was made possible because of you - and we're still so thankful for your support! 

We'll check back in soon with more updates, but in the meantime, be sure to follow all of the Recoil action at

 - Team Recoil

Thank You From Team RECOIL!!!

RECOIL's Finishing Funds Campaign Has Ended as a 139% Funded Project!

The support we have received on Kickstarter has been overwhelming. Not only has it created a great buzz about RECOIL, but the positive energy and encouraging words have been a huge source of motivation for our team to keep working hard to make this film awesome for YOU. We cannot thank you enough for seeing the incredible potential in this project. We would be lost without our Backers!

We still have a long way to go in post, but we are excited about the progress we are making!  Even though our campaign has ended, we hope to keep your interest as we continue to share updates on RECOIL! And don't forget you can also check-in with us on RECOIL's official website,, and on Facebook

With Our Sincerest Appreciation, 

Evan Matthews and the RECOIL Team