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imitone lets you play any instrument with your voice.
imitone lets you play any instrument with your voice.
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    1. Evan Balster 2-time creator on

      Guy -- Auto harmonization, if I'm not mistaken, is already available in several DAWs and plug-ins. Because imitone pretends to be a MIDI controller, it can talk to all of these and your request is already possible!

      Bruno -- The VST stretch goal was already passed, as per update 11 -- so there will be a plug-in version!

      James -- throat mics offer excellent sound isolation, but tend to result in strange-sounding vocal recordings. Imagine putting your ear against someone's neck as they talk -- that's what it's like. There are also lots of poor-quality throat mics out there -- imitone does a great job with shawdy microphones, but most other uses don't.

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      Guy Funnell on

      I know this is not your current concern but would it be possible one day to add Auto harmonisation abilities to the software so that it harmonises as you sing?
      this would be fantastic.

      Guy Funnell Uk

    3. Bruno Spoerri on

      I will use imitate mostly with my saxophone and in conjunction with Max/MSP-patches. So my question: I hate to have 2 applications open at the same time - could you provide either a MAX object or a VST, that could be used in Max? Thanks Bruno Spoerri

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      Lumir Hrma on

      Thank you Evan, pledge adjusted accordingly.

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      James Wolk on

      Hope this isn't too off topic...just wondering if a throat mic might be used effectively for recording vocals in general as a work-around for recording in a non-soundproof room...(with or without imitone)...
      I concur with the writing style. Excellent. Only found one mistake so far.

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      steve pratt on

      This all sounds great and I must compliment you on your written style. You communicate your ideas really well. I already pledged to get prime and im really excited about its possibilities. I cant wait to get using it.

    7. Evan Balster 2-time creator on

      Lumir -- Too early to say about an upgrade path -- you can adjust a Kickstarter pledge before the project ends, or contact me about adjusting a PayPal pledge. I might consider custom CC mapping as a config-file feature in imitone.

      On noise cancellation: My reasoning is that it already would have required a special equipment set-up -- two identical microphones, which might need to be hooked up through the same audio interface to avoid a latency hit. A contact mic probably works out to be a cheaper and easier set-up by comparison.

      梁德华: In the long run I would be very interested in bundling imitone with some kind of microphone, or even make a hardware version, but I would need to pair with a really solid product and I haven't yet found one I'm willing to endorse.

    8. Franklin Webber on

      I backed Prime because I wanted to make sure that the project reached its higher level stretch goals. I also am sure that I will want to play with some of the advanced features.

    9. 梁德华 on

      If you are going to drop the noise cancellation feature, I would probably suggest you might consider providing a throat mic with it? I'm pretty sure there are people out there whom might still be interested in the noise cancellation part.

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      James Wolk on

      I stumbled on prime via KVR topic and sure am glad I did. Looking forward to seeing/hearing any and all features that come about during the development cycle(s). Thanks for including "... turn off musical notes and use imitone exclusively as a way to control expression and vibrato while playing a conventional keyboard." That feature has me intrigued further.

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      Lumir Hrma on

      Ok, after reading this - will there be an upgrade path? I thought custom CC mapping would be in the basic version - thus backed that one, but now I want prime - what can I do?
      And again, cograts Evan to this masterpiece!

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      Noise cancelation doesn't seem like a particularly interesting feature to me. When using non-voice inputs, the use of a purpose-built controller or contact mic/pickup seems like a more than adequate solution. Rather than attempting to broadly apply imitone to the spectrum of instruments out there, I'd like to see more focus on the human voice, which aside from being the most expressive instrument we have, is also available to the overwhelming majority of the population. I thinksuch a focus would also enhance the appeal of imitone.

      In a studio environment with proper gain staging, I don't see extraneous noise as an issue. For live performances, I think the throat mic is the simplest and best solution. However, I'm worried about non-ideal record situations, such as multiple singers on one mic (the polyphony issue above) or multiple singers on multiple mics in a less-than-ideal recording environment. This is a low priority and I'm not completely familiar with how imitone works, but would it make any sense to optimize pitch detection to cancel out bleed from other inputs? Similar, although not quite the same problem as before.

      As you might gather from my above comments, sequencing and multi-channel options are pretty important to me. The analysis certainly looks interesting, although I'm not sure how I'd use it myself. I'm pretty used to FFTs and other spectral mappers like iZotope makes. Either way, I'm excited to see where this goes!

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      Adam S. Crane on

      Noise cancellation and polyphony are the major prime features that interest me. Noise cancellation would honestly be most useful for things that *aren't* a human voice. You decide you want to integrate with another band and you're not sure what you're going to need to mic, no problem. With noise cancellation you are ready for any environment.

      Also I think people like prime because it's a way to donate more money while still getting something out of it — most of us, I'm assuming, just want to hit the mobile app stretch goal (while also being generous). That is my #1 concern with this campaign.