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Compose music with your voice, or any instrument, live.  Works with all your favorite music software.
imitone lets you play any instrument with your voice.
imitone lets you play any instrument with your voice.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Mike Mergler on

      5 frickin' years and it's still not done and never will be because you don't have a business personality to "get it done." Perfection is the enemy of good. Get a working model out to market so we can use it. What a huge disappointment this has been. great idea, lousy execution. Instead of a real studio tool, it's a novelty idea for non-professionals. Stop bothering me with updates.
      MM Dayton Ohio

    2. Elliot Jenner on

      I know MIDI wants to be "stateless", but when you have physical controls that have physical position that needs to be tracked, statelessness is not only an unrealistic model, but it causes a lot of problems. You can't assume physical objects that need to retain values will return to 0 every time you instantiate a control. Please yell at MMA to add the ability to get the position of controls WITHOUT waiting for the user to move them (requiring horrible coding to handle 0-Max moves).

    3. Evan Balster 2-time creator on

      Hey, Sal —

      Yeah, MMA has been a huge investment of time, but I expect it will pay off in a good way. They're designing the next evolution of MIDI and the nuances of that will have a big impact on what's possible with imitone in the future. As you suggest, I'm planning talk about that in my next writeup right after I get this milestone (VST alpha) completed.

      Slow going here, but it goes back to the old programmers' maxim: "The first 90% of the work takes the first 90% of the time, while the last 10% of the work takes the second 90% of the time."

    4. Sal

      Still quietly excited to see where all your new developments with the MIDI Manufacturers' Association take you with this project, and I am very much looking forward to hearing some more updates of all that! Thanks, Evan!

    5. Evan Balster 2-time creator on

      Hey, Austin —

      I've put out a number of software updates over the course of the year, but no Kickstarter writeups. I ought to do one of those to review 2017 progress.

      Long story short, I've been participating in the MIDI Manufacturers' Association, continuing my research and adding various features and improvements to the software. Most recently I've been re-working the code for the VST plugin and laying technical groundwork for the final stages of development (though I also have at least one more research phase left).

      imitone has had a lot of scope creep and a heck of a lot of schedule overflow over the course of its development but at this point I'm putting together a clear picture of what needs doing between now and 1.0.

    6. Austin Haynes on

      How is this project coming along? I see the last update was December of last year.

    7. Rupert Englander on

      Evan, that's great. Look forward to seeing continued updates as you progress and wish you all the best with that.
      Thanks again,

    8. Evan Balster 2-time creator on

      Hello, Rupert —

      We actually have imitone running on iOS now — we spent a good portion of the Spring on the mobile port. Currently we're working through some other portwork (VST/AU) but after this we will start looking into how we can get these internal developments rolled out into beta.

      A whole lot of tech work is necessary to hammer imitone into different forms for PC, Mac, Linux, mobile and DAW. Right now our strategy is to do a whole bunch of that work in one big run, while signaling our continued progress. (Most of the new stuff in 0.9.1 was changes needed to make the mobile version work well, for example.)

    9. Rupert Englander on

      Hey Evan. Just wondering how close you are to releasing a mobile version of Imitone?
      Thanks a lot,

    10. Andy Richardson on

      Thanks for following up. A/V software is so weird - I had it flag (and later release) another audio app over the last couple of months, so I wonder if a commonly used library is somehow misidentified by the scanners. In any case, I redownloaded and this time it was clear. Probably just an overaggressive scan by the a/v app. Thanks!

    11. Evan Balster 2-time creator on

      Hey, Andy ---

      Firstly, that is imitone 0.6.0, a version which is out of date by two years. The VirusTotal aggregator reports that one out of 54 antivirus systems flag it:

      The latest version, 0.8.2, is flagged by zero out of 57 antivirus scanners:

      I'm not familiar with HerdProtect, but they are providing erroneous information about at least some of these results. I use BitDefender, which has no issue with 0.6.0.

    12. Andy Richardson on

      Panda antivirus quarantined the version of Imitone I downloaded a few days ago. The d/l link came from the Kickstarter project email. I can always ignore the quarantine and use the file, but you know....

    13. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      The VST version should be your #1 priority, so people can actually use the beta version properly. Until the VST version is out I wouldn't be wasting any time on yet more research! Also please provide contact info in your emails and website besides Twitter.

    14. Missing avatar

      MediaJolt on

      Thanks for the latest update. I had been wondering lately how things were going, and as if you were responding, here comes your latest email!

      As a teacher, I'm very aware of the importance of process - especially if you give yourself over to it, which few people do - so many of us are goal-oriented to the point where process can't be organic, leading to false ends or inconclusive/useless outcomes. I like your description of what your process has been over the past year, and I come away with the impression that Imitone will be a much stronger, robust app for it. Thanks for keeping us in the loop and sharing your process with us! Please don't stop!


    15. Amit Bhaga on

      Hi Evan,
      I hope that all is going well with the project. I can't wait to see the latest update.

    16. Rupert Englander on

      Hey Evan,
      If you would like anyone to alpha / beta test the iOS or Android app for you let me know. Super keen to try it out.
      Thanks a lot,

    17. Evan Balster 2-time creator on

      Mikkel: The core technology is better than ever, and *nearly* ready for 0.8.0. There's one more small improvement I still want to make. Additionally, I have several new features I'd like to slip in before sending it out, the most important of which is automatic scale detection.

    18. Mikkel Bergmann on

      Hi Evan,

      How is it coming along?
      Looking forward to trying this improved version.

    19. Evan Balster 2-time creator on

      An update will be coming soon -- along with the next version, with any luck. I've been doing major research over the last few months, and everything is now coming together into what I fully expect will be a greatly-improved imitone 0.8.0. It's certainly taken longer than expected, but I've also come significantly further than planned, by the looks of it.

      Be on the lookout for those in the next... two weeks? (I'll confess I'm pretty terrible at time estimates when R&D is involved, but it's maybe a day or two from completion now, and everything after is work on the app which is infinitely more straightforward.)

    20. Missing avatar

      Davide Grody on

      Agreed with Mandelforce: an update would be much appreciated at this point...

    21. Missing avatar

      mandelforce on

      Any news on the next update? I like your posts on self- and task-management a lot.

    22. Taco Truck Games on

      Does anybody know where to get the key to unlock the beta? It's not in may email.

    23. Missing avatar

      Vibeke Pedersen on

      Novice here wondering if anyone would be up for helping me figure out how to just get this up and running. I downloaded Anvil Studio but can't seem to figure out how to set it's input to imitone... Is there better midi software I can download? I see a mention of Reaper down in the comments... I would prefer to work off my Windows machine although I do have access to a Mac as well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    24. Evan Balster 2-time creator on

      Well, I can certainly say I've learned my lesson about announcing release timeframes. :)

      The major source of delays is that I've been wrapping up another project sooner than expected. My current plan is to give it two more weeks, after which point I'll be free to spend nearly all my time on imitone for a few months. One of my major efforts this year has been better scheduling, task management and time estimation, so this time I'll be working from a firm plan rather than an improvised one. It's looking like an Autumn release at this point.

      My hesitation to update has mostly been due to the lack of showable progress. I have a few really cool new UIs and some major improvements to the algorithm both in half-baked states. Suffice it to say that the next update will be very different -- but will also take a lot more work to get ready.

      Regarding ports, I write portable code and the codebase on which imitone has written has been ported to iOS and Android already. Most of the hard work will be in fine-tuning the software's interface and responsiveness on these platforms.

    25. Missing avatar

      Martin Kutschker on

      Frequent updates are the key to keep folks happy even when a project cannot keep the timeline. You promised 1.0 for spring 2015. I am patient and content to wait as long as you give frequent updates what has happened in the meantime.

      Did you work on the algorithm again? Did you manage to get imitone working as a VSTi? Have you started at least plannig for iOS and Android?

      Anyway, you haven't even answered any question here for more than a half year. This is bad style. Hope to hear from you soon even if only to tell us we have to wait for autumn to come.


      PS: Do you intend to write all the code for different platforms alone?

    26. Missing avatar

      Alvaro Matiz on

      Any news on ETA of the 1.0 version? It´s been a while since the last update and we´re way past the target date. Thanks.

    27. Rupert Englander on

      Hi Evan. Any indication on iOS app timing? This use case is the most appealing and apparent for me, capturing ideas on the move.
      Thanks a lot.

    28. Evan Balster 2-time creator on

      imitone 0.7.0 is out! Update forthcoming!

    29. Missing avatar

      Artur Andreas on

      When does the Android Version come?

    30. Missing avatar

      Alvaro Matiz on

      Any new updates? It´s been a while and we haven´t received the finished product or an explanation. What is the new ETA? Thanks!

    31. Phoebe on

      Linux would be nice! :3

    32. Evan Balster 2-time creator on

      Hey, all --

      imitone has been making headway (as reflected in the 0.6.0 and 0.6.1 versions!) but I've been dragging my heels on posting about the recent exhibitions of the program and its latest progress. Starting on a writeup now.

      Stefan -- It has been a low priority thus far due to the scarcity of inter-operable music software on Linux, but I'll look into getting a Linux build put together.

      David -- Expect a message shortly.

    33. Missing avatar

      TJ Hemingway on

      What is the latest? I haven't heard in a while.

    34. Stefan Lindblad on

      Hi Evan,

      I too would appreciate an update, and especially on the Linux support, which was a big part of my reason for pledging.


    35. Missing avatar

      David Soberman on

      Evan, I was an early backer yet I never received the product. And after reading through comments I am realizing that this is not the type of software that I thought it was. I would like information on how to get a refund please.

    36. Missing avatar

      Davide Grody on

      Hi Evan,

      I hope A3E went well. I would appreciate any updates on whatever progress and struggles you are having with developing the product.


    37. Evan Balster 2-time creator on

      Monti --

      Yep, scale detection is a planned feature and most likely one of my next additions.

    38. Missing avatar

      Montisquirrel on

      Hi Evan, write me if you need help with FL Tutorials. I'm using it since a long long time and have all kinds nice plugins.

      And here a though I just got: I have no clue about programming software. But for the problems many users have (me included), that they can't hit the key which they acctually want to sing, maybe you can add something like this: The user has to sing/record a scale into the software (do, re, mi, ....) and Imitone saves this personal scale for the particular user. So if the user for example tries to sing a "C", Imitone plays a real "C".
      Do you get what I mean...?

      Just a though.... =)

    39. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Iliev on

      My suggestion for Reaper was primarily from the lack of a time-based feature lockout on the demo/trial. Agreed it could be overwhelming for a novice user. The offer still stands to help you produce a tutorial with whichever host you think is most suitable for your users :)

    40. Evan Balster 2-time creator on

      Jeremy -- Reaper's a technically challenging program to learn, and as near as I can tell is specialized more for audio recording and editing than VST hosting -- so I don't think it's a good fit. I'm keeping an eye out for something that can be friendly to a complete amateur; something which, like imitone, can be approached as an object of play rather than a technical toolbox. To that end something like FL studio works a little better -- still not perfect, though. :\

    41. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Iliev on

      @Evan - I know my way around the main music production software packages very well, so time permitting I would be happy to help you with that closer to the time of release.

      I might suggest directing novice users to install Reaper, which is a multi-platform DAW (Win/OSX) that offers a 60-day trial period, at the conclusion of which you are asked to uninstall if you don't buy (but no functionality is lost and merely keeps asking you to buy it indefinitely). I could help you develop a tutorial for installing and configuring imitone with that, which would allow the novice users to use imitone in a potentially quite powerful environment

    42. Evan Balster 2-time creator on

      @Jeremy -- I'm considering hiring someone to help with the technical writing / help videos.

      @Rob -- I've been doing some really deep, involved work on imitone's core algorithm this last week or two in preparation for A3E. I've made a number of breakthroughs in the theory and I'm confident the final result will be a dramatically more responsive and reliable algorithm. (I should know for sure when I test the latest revisions in a few more hours.)

      I'm planning on releasing a new update and writing a new Kickstarter post, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get that done before A3E, so it might not be until the end of the month.

    43. Rob Callicotte on

      Haven't heard anything in a while. What's the latest status? Any ETA?

    44. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Iliev on

      @Alladin Connolly, @Creator
      I'd much prefer Evan to be working on the code for the software and not spending time teaching people who aren't tech savvy or proficient with music production software the basics during the beta phase.

      Beta = testing = not for end user/consumer. If it is still in Beta in December then I think it would be appropriate for Evan to divert his time to developing tutorials for end users on how to use the software and integrate it into a DAW, in line with his promise to provide a version for everyone to use at that time.

    45. Evan Balster 2-time creator on

      Aladdin -- Definitely! I'm really interested in writing up some guides like that and will be doing it soon. In fact, maybe I should make that a higher priority than the code right now...

      I am a little worried about making endorsements of other pieces of software or hardware, but I guess there's no way around that!

    46. Al C on

      No worries. Maybe just find a good free software that it works with and do a youtube video of actually getting the setup going on a windows computer (I have windows seven) a mac tutorial would probably be good to. I know there are you tube videos but they seem to be for people who already understand this stuff.

    47. Evan Balster 2-time creator on

      Aladdin -- Remember that what you've been getting has been a beta -- not the final product. It has a long way to go yet before it can deliver on the promises I've made.

      The final product will include built-in instruments, but it's true (and mentioned all over the campaign) that its main usage is as a controller for other music software. I had a choice with imitone: Spend a year making imitone really good at what it does, or spend three making it do all the things other music software can, with the end result being a GarageBand knockoff with a voice gimmick. The decision I made gets a better product, sooner, into the hands of the people who can benefit from this.

      I'm happy to offer a refund, but I implore you to wait -- improvements will come, but the work will take time.

    48. Al C on

      I was an early backer. Downloaded and installed every update. Never got anything working. I must have been an idiot because I thought the software was supposed to allow you to sing into it and get back music, but it looks like I have to install some other undefined midi software and get them to play nice with each other somehow and learn two different non intuitive software's to try to make this work? I guess I just wasted thirty five bucks. Did not get that that was what this project was supposed to be at all. Somewhat disappointed.

    49. Marsha Tyszler

      I have AOL and got the key within the e-mail that arrived. Could it be the way the key displays within AOL depending on the way individual users have their account settings set?

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