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A book of photographs and writing that speaks of impoverishment, memory, and the preciousness of life.
A book of photographs and writing that speaks of impoverishment, memory, and the preciousness of life.
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Red Ball of a Sun Slipping Down is on its way!



I'm writing to say that if you haven't already received your copy of Red Ball of a Sun Slipping Down, it is on its way. We (my wife Janine, son Sam, and myself) took on the packaging and mailing of the book personally, since the need for a second go at the printing had slowed things down and we wanted you to receive the book close to the estimated delivery date.

Please note that there are a handful of people that we still need to mail books to, since they have not replied to the survey sent months ago, nor have they responded to emails requesting mailing addresses and the like. And let me say a few words to those who pledged for a copy of Stepping Through the Ashes, The Knife & Gun Club, or Exploding Into Life, in addition to Red Ball. As had been explained in the Kickstarter description, these are out-of-print books, but not necessarily pristine, since some of them date back almost 30 years. The books then that we have sent are the very best quality that we have on hand. They were shrink-wrapped after I signed them, to protect them during our shipping process.

From our end, we're relieved to have books and prints in the mail, but it's not yet time for a celebration. That will come when we know that the books are safely in your hands.

If you haven't received your copy of the book (plus any additional rewards) by July 16th, please contact us at and we'll get back to you.

Again, thank you for making the production of Red Ball of a Sun Slipping Down possible.


Slight, but not serious delay



I'm writing to update you on the progress of the book. As you may be aware, the book was successfully printed in April. But then, as it turned out, there was a mishap with the binding; a considerable number of the printed pages were scratched. We had to return to the press in early May to reprint the damaged pages. The book is currently being bound and the slipcase readied for special edition copies. The book will be a couple weeks late, but will be on the way shortly. So sorry for this.

Please know that there will be an exhibition for the project at the Stephen Daiter Gallery in Chicago, opening June 6th. At the opening there will be some advance copies of the books, ones that were rush delivered for this purpose. My intention was always to get the books to our backers before anyone else, but then this accident happened. I hope you understand.

Thank you,

P.S. I thought I might share with you something that's unusual, though a common sight for those who have been on press. It's called an overprint. When the printer cleans the press, readying it for the next sheet, he will utilize excess sheets, occasionally running one photograph on top of another. The result has a certain surreal beauty, I think.

Progress on Red Ball of a Sun Slipping Down



I’m writing to tell you that our book went to press in Massachusetts last week. For any of you who’ve had occasion to be on press, you’ll know all too well that printing a book is a stressful process that involves decisions about color and ink density, decisions that, to be honest, one does not always feel qualified to make. Well, I think I know what a well-printed photograph should look like. To sustain these qualities on the printed page is not at all an easy or automatic process, even when, as in this case, the printing staff is experienced, easy to work with, and especially friendly. But in the end, we feel the book looks great.

Red Ball of a Sun Slipping Down, which is 112 pages in length, was on press for four days, with my work day running from 8 a.m. till about 3:30 p.m., with about an hour and a half or so between sheets. Still, we’re not finished yet. The press sheets are just now being varnished and I’m going back to The Studley Press next week for the printing of the dust jacket and special edition slipcases. After that, the volume will be sent out to be bound, so there’s still lots of work to do. But we’re getting there, bit by bit. 

As always, thank you for making this possible,

Update on book


In the last week or so, I received a couple of inquiries about the progress of our book, Red Ball of a Sun Slipping Down. Sorry if I'm a bit late with an update, but things have been in flux. All the design work has been completed, of course, to the point where if I go near my inDesign files again, my family will scream. The match prints have been made, the hi-res files sent to the printer, yet the final press date has not been scheduled. There's to be some proofing prior to the printing, which, if all goes well, should occur no later than a month from now. After that, something like another month is needed for binding, since the companies doing the binding are always backed up. Add in shipping, and this brings us up to a late May/early June delivery date of the book to my Kickstarter supporters. If you recall, June was my target date for delivery.

Please know that I appreciate any questions that you have about the progress of the book. When we finally get on press, I'll send you some pictures of the process, which is both extraordinary and terrifying, since there are many decisions to be made. All the while, the pages stack up at a frightening rate. If there are any changes in the schedule, I'll let you know as soon as I know.

Thanks as always,

A collective effort


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