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+KNOB. The Audio Speaker connects to anything Apple like the iPad, iPhone and iPod, anything Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone7
+KNOB. The Audio Speaker connects to anything Apple like the iPad, iPhone and iPod, anything Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone7
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Got them and slowly shipping

Got the units delivered on Thursday last week. 5 pallets in total. Nicely wrapped and packaged. 

I spent the weekend going through each one individually, taking it out of the box, plugging it in, going through a series of tests:

1. does it activate the Bluetooth

2. does it link up (used iPad 2 for the test)

3. does it play sound?

4. does it play sound with no distortion?

5. does it charge?

6. does it reconnect after turning it off and back on?

... and a few other visual inspections. 

Monday the shipping boxes came in from Uline and inspected some more units. Amazing people!  I have so far evaluated 168 units. I've also packaged a few of the 168 in the new boxes before calling it the night. Thanks to Kris for his help!

Today I have been doing shipping labels in the order the pledges came in. It's not very fast but I am getting them out. Now I have to run to the post office to catch today and tonight do some more. I have added your email to get notified when it ships.

Thank you all for your tremendous patience,


Still waiting

I email the forwarder every day, I think they don't like me so much by now :) Still waiting but here's what I know:

Customs will inform the forwarder as soon as the shipment is inspected. Once cleared, I will have about 1 day to move it out of their hold. Was hoping for this past Friday, it came and went and than hoped for today. I still have a few hours to get the notification. So, that's basically it.

Meantime I have been visiting the woodworker for Anaconda and we are getting much better. He's taking each unit and shave, sand and finish the unit properly to take the protective coat. So, I'm working with him to bring up the quality so we can be proud of the way it will present itself.

As soon as I know more, I will let you know and post some pictures of the pallets arriving.

Thank you,


Our shipment has arrived

Confirmed by the forwarder the units have arrived on November 18th and are now awaiting for customs to clear our shipment. It can take a few days to a few weeks, really hoping for a few days and I will ship as soon as we get clearance. Thank you for your great patience and encouragement! 

 Raul E. Chinda

another update

Silence and pain! Suspicion and vengeance ... anger, punishment! What are you doing? I tell you. I wait and carry and hope and despair and fight and plead and try my hardest to make a business.

I could not pay to airship your units from China to USA to than ship them out to your addresses again. I spent everything I have to making this business a reality. I am out of a job - I don't have a job, I have 5 to 7 jobs. You, that are very angry at me, how would you feel without a steady paycheck, how would you feel if that lifeline that arrives every two weeks is cut? FOR A YEAR? Yet you are upset with me! Angry want to punish! I will send you the speakers once I have them. I made that promise and I will hang on to it. What about being somewhere else you ask? How is it that it's in Selfridges? Why aren't you happy for me that it IS in Selfridges? It will be in Italy and Spain and Moscow Russia if not out already, it almost made it to Singapore but it will eventually make it there, I'm sure of it. And I hope they sell well! I hope they sell very well! I bet everything on this. How else will I live after I send you your speaker? But some of you don't really give a s**t about me and what I go through. It was just an experiment to play around with. What about it? What would you want me do? I'm sorry if I come across morose and dark, but I am morose and dark. I have a reaction to kickstarter right now, had it for about 4 months, got really bad about 2 months ago ... got too much when everything I worked for was spinning without a handle - the universe telling me to chill out and wait it out.
Why have I even started this I have no idea! it's been a burden and has driven me to depression. No, I am not afraid to state it publicly! Every turn, every step is trial after trial! Anacondas came in and they looked like crap! Garbage. I sent them back. Lets see how many can be saved. I have to buy more wood, get it shipped, find someone else more capable, pray to God, stop crying, hang on to my word, I have to hang on to my word and trust my work ... because when all this is done, when we are ready to cross over to the other side, the only thing left is our word, the only thing I will have is my word! So I will send you the unit when I can as soon as I can!

I am so glad I did not give you an update until now! I knew a month ago that the shipment will arrive in Miami on the 18th. But, here's what I receive this morning:

"Hello Raul, I am working with Jon on your shipment and wanted to give you a quick status of the shipment before the weekend. At this point Customs has requested to physically see your cargo (Intensive Exam). Once intensive examination has been done and cargo has moved back to pick up location (PORTS INTERNATIONAL) I will keep you posted. Please note there will be extra charges due to this exam that are unknown at the moment, as soon as I know full amount I will also keep you posted. If any concern please do not hesitate to contact me."  

I just learned this ... Intensive Exam is after the whole container goes through XRAY. It's not a whole container so it needs to be taken apart, than taken to inspection area and opened. Hopeful estimates from the agent that wouldn't give me an estimate is another week! But it could be longer! How much longer no one can tell!

You see! you want to exact vengeance, it's already here, I have been suffering through punishment this whole year. As far as this path of raising capital goes, it's great and I am grateful but the mistrust that is rampant on here is sometimes too much to bear at times. I understand though and don't hold it against you. I just want you to know, it is very tough to get so much negativity at times.

I will update whenever I get concrete news. Maybe from Anaconda maybe from the shippers, maybe in 3 days maybe 10, maybe you will remain angry at me maybe you will understand me. At this point all I want is to fulfill my promise of delivering your speaker and than figure out how make a running, self sustaining business out of this.

BTW, if you have moved since Oct. last year and want to make sure I ship to your new address please send me an email with it - just in case!  

I would also want to express that I am SORRY that the Original arrived in stores before arriving at your homes. I did not control this, promise it was not an "evil mastermind plot" to frustrate you!

Thank you for backing my project Raul