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$5,471 pledged of $275,000 goal
$5,471 pledged of $275,000 goal

Next steps (life without Kickstarter)

Hello backers!  Thank you for your incredible support of the Food Book Fair!

It's become clear that we'd set our goal too high and it is highly unlikely we will hit 250K in the remaining days.  What does this mean for your donation?  You will not be charged what you have promised to Amazon Payments on this site.

Why 250K?  That was silly!  Our original space was raw 40,000 square foot space, (HUGE) hence the large Kickstarter goal.  It would have required port-o-potties, a handicapped ramp and emergency lighting, tons of permits, security...the list going on.

What's in store for the Food Book Fair?

We are close to finding a more manageable space and will continue on.  We're still looking for sponsorship to cover our costs (there are still many).   We'll be focusing more on the books and the panel discussions this year than the Fair/expo portion.  We'll announce the final location soon.  The support and press has been immeasurable.  It will be awesome.  We've learned a lot in this process and can't thank you enough.

All my best,

Elizabeth (


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