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Dr. Rhee’s Kimtschi Shop is an interactive art project, posing as an mercantile venture, open for a week in das Gift, a bar in Berlin.
53 backers pledged $1,763 to help bring this project to life.

Thanks to all supporters!

We ended our Kimtschi shop with another well attended reception on the 25th of Nov. Friday evening, lot of beer and kimtschi breath! We traded 57 jars of Kimtschi and raffled off the last 3 to eager participants. The next day we sadly closed our shop to protests and tears. Das Gift und das Kimtschi became such close friends over a week!

We had thoughtful and difficult conversations about ethnicity and multiculturalism. We learned about varying perspectives on race and culture. We were empowered and humbled, enlightened and disappointed. In the end, we recognized our project could evolve and improve. We want to travel it.

Now Rhee Food Lab is busy crunching numbers! The best, the worst, the most beautiful and the one most likely to end up on ebay will be published soon on our website. All of the national treasures submitted are online as well as participant photos! Please check them out - we're improving our website

We'll start sending out electronic goodies before the end of the year. Mailings will go out in January! Thanks for being Kimtschi fans and helping to cure cancer, prevent avian flu and decrease the use of Viagra. Wanna get on our mailing list? Please email us and let us know - we're hoping to bring the project soon to your city!

Liebe Grüße,

kate und hanjo

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