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Dr. Rhee’s Kimtschi Shop is an interactive art project, posing as an mercantile venture, open for a week in das Gift, a bar in Berlin.

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Thank you for your interest in our project, Dr. Rhee's Kimtschi Shop! Please check out the video and our written description and if you have any questions, hit us up! Be patient if we do not answer right away, we are trying not to be consumed by the internet and social networking!

Our interactive art project, a shop within an art bar called das Gift (, will be open for one week in November, the season in which Baechu Cabbage Kimtschi is tradtionally made in Korea. Instead of selling the 50+ portions of our Kimtschi, we will barter them with the visitors to the show - the shop's "customers." We invite people to trade "cultural artifacts" from their own nationality/culture, which they deem to be the equivalent value to the national treasure of Korea. In this way we collect "national treasures" from other cultures and nations. Each participant will also be asked to fill out a short form with what country/culture s/he represents and reasons of trading this specific object which will be displayed together with the artifact. In addition, we would like to instantly update our website with the objects as they are traded so people can follow our progress in real time. The last night of the exhibition will be the closing reception (Finissage) and the visitors will be able to see all of the traded cultural artifacts and have the opportunity to evaluate the pieces in a survey form - choosing their most favorite valuable cultural artifacts. The results of the evaluation will be available later for viewing on our website.

Dr. Rhee`s Kimtschi Shop posing as an mercantile venture, seeks to investigate cultural consumption, explore how authentic culture is evaluated, and question the function of a national treasure, all through food, bartering, and audience assessment.

Project Preparation: A few weeks before the exhibition, we will make about 20 kilograms of our special homemade Kimtschi and can them in air-tight jars. The labels for these jars will be designed especially for the Dr. Rhee`s Food Lab brand. We also would like to equip the Staff Only Exhibition space with shelving to hold the traded cultural artifacts for the duration of the show.

If you help us, your funding will go towards the actual Kimtschi ingredients for some 50 portions, some kitchen equipment, air tight canning jars, the design and production of the labels for the jars, exhibition materials like postcard invites, display shelves, a used small refrigerator for the duration of the show to hold the Kimtschi and keep it from getting too warm, transportation costs, and some other misc. production costs for advertising, rewards, and the how to make Kimtschi video. 

Project updates will be sent regularly and the postcard invitations will be sent out as soon as they come off the press. Most rewards will be sent out in the winter, about a month after the close of the exhibit which will give us time to prepare mailings, the video, and the paintings.

If by chance we are funded over our requested amount, we will develop our project to be shown somewhere else - perhaps in a city near you! Let us know if you have any bright ideas for locations!


  • We need 1000€ to complete our project. This is the currency rate at the moment we launched the project from euros to dollars!

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  • Learning language is complex and not all ethnic Koreans speak Korean well. This does not however diminish one's ethnic or cultural identity or one's love of Kimtschi.

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  • Kimtschi (kimchee, kimchi, gimchi) is a traditional fermented Korean dish, made of vegetables with varied seasonings. It was designated by the Korean Government a national treasure.

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  • It's how it's spelled in Germany, when in Rome...

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  • Hanjo is nearly finished with his doctorate in Physics and the highly coveted Kimtschi recipe is based off a recipe from the Rhee family. In addition the Dr. part references the long-standing German brand, Dr. Oetker, which usage of such a prefix, strengthens the people’s confidence in the scientific and reliability of the brand.

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    Updates on the project and your name said aloud with a toast to you in Korean and German with German beer at das Gift during the closing night!

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    A digital photo of the cultural artifacts on display with the artist and scientist sent by email and your name/link on our website and all the above!

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    Dr. Rhee´s Baechu Kimtschi recipe - electronic version (emailed), and all of the above!

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    A personalized hand written thank you note on the project postcard invitation (mailed), Electronic version - Dr. Rhee's Kimtschi full color photo step by step Baechu Kimtschi recipe (emailed) and all of the above!

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    A printed Dr. Rhee's Kimtschi full color photo step by step Baechu Kimtschi recipe and a Dr. Rhee Lab Brand Jar Label (mailed) and all of the above!

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    A signed full color printed zine of all of the traded cultural artifacts with descriptive text (mailed), a Dr. Rhee Food Lab poster, and all of the above!

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    1 Dr. Rhee Kimtschi Jar (with Kimtschi inside of course!) and your name as a credit on the "How to make Kimtschi - the Dr. Rhee way" video and a DVD copy and all of the above!

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    A tour of the Dr. Rhee Food Lab in Berlin and a home-cooked meal by the artist and scientist and a chance to learn to make Kimtschi in the Food Lab (Travel to Berlin and accommodation is not included) and all of the above!

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    A one of a kind abstract ink painting (A4 size) by artist kate hers, appropriating asian landscape painting techniques, but instead of ink, the material is Kimtschi juice and all of the above!

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