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Spine is a 2D skeletal animation tool designed specifically for game development. Bring your games to life quickly and easily!
1,533 backers pledged $67,569 to help bring this project to life.

New Spine Features


Hey everyone! We have now updated all 18 of the official runtimes to support all the features in Spine: bounding boxes, keyable draw order, events -- everything. We've also been working on stability, fixing bugs, and adding minor features to help productivity. For example, hotkeys are now configurable, attachment transforms can be copied, and the timeline is now above the dopesheet. We will be working through the remaining handful of minor stretch goals in the coming weeks.

When we started Spine, we had vision of exactly what we wanted from a 2D skeletal animation tool. We've built a great tool and, thanks to all your support, have almost two dozen official runtimes. From where we are now, again we can clearly see the road ahead. We have a plan to really take Spine to the next level. To reduce our budgetary pressure and ensure we have the time see our plans come to fruition, we have decided to do a new Kickstarter to help fund four amazing new features:

Spine Features Kickstarter

Backers of the original Kickstarter already have a Spine Professional license, so will already get all of the new features. If you would like to support us again, fantastic! Otherwise, be sure to check out the new Kickstarter video to see where we hope to take Spine in the future. Of course, just spreading the good word about our project would be great too!


    1. Creator Rirath on November 4, 2013

      You guys rock for giving backers Pro licenses. I absolutely want to see these features, so I'm happy to chip in what I can.

    2. Creator Trese Brothers Games on October 30, 2013

      Which runtime will come first for the new Spine features? Cocos 2DX for the win!