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STL Files for print on your own printer
STL Files for print on your own 3D printer
STL Files for print on your own 3D printer
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    1. David Williams on

      I have been working on the viking longboat and have found 2 problems 1 with the sail it is to large for my print bed and 2 the ores are to long also can you update the file I have an 8X8X10 print bed.

    2. ESLO 7-time creator on

      @Daniel Hippensteel,

      i have check it, it is normly the correct with the name: barkunderdeck_front_fix
      It fit on the next parts.
      Perhaps, have you use the file from frigate with this name: frg_underdeck_front_fix?

    3. Daniel Hippensteel on

      The corrected file you submitted for the Bark front was for another ship. Could you post the correction to our drop boxes? That's the last part needed for me to print that bad boy out at 28mm. For the folks wondering, the ship is about 3 ft long at that scale. Woof! Lots of plastic....

    4. ESLO 7-time creator on

      @Harald Zubrod
      Have you receive now all files?

    5. Missing avatar

      Harald Zubrod

      Hi, I got links for files 1, 2, 3, 5.
      I must have lost 4, 6 and Full Set.
      I'm sorry about the extra work

    6. ESLO 7-time creator on

      @ Baxter Key:
      i have resend....

    7. Missing avatar

      Baxter Key on

      I did not get this in my folder. Please resend. Thank you

    8. ESLO 7-time creator on

      @ Jordan S:
      Great idea, i have add a halved version.

    9. Jordan S

      So I printed the longboat and am curious how people printed it as I had to add supports under the benches. Seams like it would have been better to make those different parts that you just glue into place instead of requiring supports.

    10. David Williams on

      I got the pinnace file and am up to date thank you.

    11. ESLO 7-time creator on

      @David Williams:
      I do not understand, your name stands with all dropbox files. Why it does not go with the Pinacce files I can not say unfortunately. But I'm trying to send it again ...
      Excuse the inconveniences.

    12. David Williams on

      I still have not gotten the link for file 2 I have all of the other links but not the link for the pinnace. Or is it in one of the other sets?

    13. ESLO 7-time creator on

      @James Joubert,
      yes pledge #5 coming next and soon.
      I have write this and other missing files in last update.

    14. James Joubert on

      I got links for files 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and fullset.
      But not 5, have you sent this one out yet?

    15. ESLO 7-time creator on

      @David Williams:
      I have resend the link over dropbox, normly was your E-Mail added. I dont know what was the problem. Sorry.

    16. David Williams on

      I have not gotten the pinnace yet has that come out? I have seen people mention it but it is not in my models and I have ordered the full set.

    17. Axel Großmann on

      I have now printed all parts of the pinnance and assembled groups ready for priming. With some modifications which have been provided by Eslo (mainly the updated rigging), some selfset supports for vertically printed hull parts - I am happy with the result . I printed all parts on 2 120€ china knock Prusa and things came out good. What I like best about the modell is the very nice wood structure on the deck, the complete sails and rigging setup. The ships is really not small - and is indeed very good scaled for 28-32mm. Preparing it now for a game of Freeboters fate in 3 weeks. - Was i really would like would be an option to print out the sails as shortend versions - with magnets I could than use the same hull version for in Harbour and on the high seas version. Maby as strechgoal on your new KS.

    18. ESLO 7-time creator on

      @Dean Fawcett
      Is fixed. You Need a small Support by vertical print.
      I have print horizontal without supports, so we have not seen that.

    19. Dean Fawcett on

      Hi ESLO,

      I am having issues printing sloop_part3_fix due to the bottom side not being flat and therefore not printing until layer 3-4. I have attempted to fix in meshmixer without any luck. Would you mind re cutting the model so the planes are flat? Or alternatively, upload the entire sloop body model so we can cut it ourselves to best fit the printer.
      Thanks a lot!

    20. ESLO 7-time creator on

      If you have links to pictures of ships please write here a comment.
      Thank you.

    21. Axel Großmann on

      @Robert Haddon, Ok I have done the same and printed now all Hull Parts from the pinnance, quite a bit of tinkering - but the result is very much better if you put a few selected supports i and print it vertically (I printed both parrts pinnace_back 3 one time horizintally and one time vertically - so I can compare the result and vertically is way much better with standard FDM Printer) You have to put some effort in the modells - but this modells are the first that comes with a printed rigging and sails, so for me worth the effort

    22. ESLO 7-time creator on

      This is not correct, I had immediately answered you (see in the update from 02. October). I am writing to you now also a P.M.
      It was an older and wrong model, we had changed that immediately.

      Please download the zip file again. Sorry that it with the communication did not work better.

    23. PrintingForge - Ash and Deb on

      I had to cancel my pledge on your new KS due to the serious issues with the longboat. I never received any reply as to why the quality was so poor and how such glaring errors could get through quality control. The deck isn't even attached to the hull on one side!


    24. ESLO 7-time creator on

      @Robert Haddon:
      What do you mean? Can you send me a p.m. over KS?

    25. Robert Haddon on

      @Axel Großmann:
      Yes, I turned on supports. I tweaked the support settings then generated them, then examined the results and added or removed supports as I saw fit. Using Simplify3D.

      Thanks, that explains the pictures. But what about the telltales that are floating in the air on the Pinnace sails?

    26. Bruce Gulke on

      Got it now; thanks!

    27. ESLO 7-time creator on

      oh.. i have seen it. There was probably an error in the upload.
      I have restart the upload....

    28. Bruce Gulke on

      @Axel Großmann - Thanks! I'll try that.

      @ESLO - I'm not seeing the Pinacce zip file; just the two zips for the stretch goals, a readme, and a Pinacce jpg.

    29. ESLO 7-time creator on

      I halve the masts for a better print.
      Also, the rigging has been modified, although it is no longer so detailed but down / inside smooth for better printer results. Rigging_fix is old and ringging2_fix is the new.
      Please download the pinacce Zip file again.

      Thank you and happy printing.

      @Robert Haddon
      This is a as extra for backers. The Ship whell Comes on the last deck.
      The Ropeholder on the inner side of ship in high of masts. (you can, but is not a must).

    30. Axel Großmann on

      @Haddon To print all pieces vertically seems also the way to go for me - the wood structure of the deck is way more better (I Printend one horizontally and one vertically) - but there are some pieces on the structure of which will be unsuported (like in the pinance_middle the gangway to the lower deck) - did you switch on supports for this ? (yes I can try myself meaning once more 4 Hours pint)
      @Bruce - you have to switch on supports there is to few area to bind on the first layer- (75 degree is working for me) but here cleaning of support is not a big problem
      @Eslo - better way to go would to split the masts in the middle (making 6 parts which needs to be glued)

    31. Robert Haddon on

      Also, where do the Pinnace parts go? There’s no picture showing the wheel or rope holds.

    32. Robert Haddon on

      @ESLO I’m almost done with my Pinnace. All hull pieces are assembled (I printed them all vertically). When I went to print the sales, I noticed that each one has a telltale that is floating in mid-air. Has this been fixed yet?

    33. Bruce Gulke on

      A couple questions with the Pinacce:

      1) What's the recommended way to print the masts? I've tried a couple times, first without a raft and then with, and each time I'm getting a big mess.

      2) I'm assuming the largest of the pole mounts goes onto the middle hull piece, but it's too big to fit as shown in the picture from the KS page. Am I missing something or does it need to be cut to fit?

      The hull pieces printed fine and look good :)

    34. ESLO 7-time creator on

      @Axel Großmann
      yes, ithink this also, this small holes in first layer is from add texture and solid. But this is not a problem.
      Thank you.

    35. Axel Großmann on

      pinnacce_middle_fix slices normaly layer 1 is for 99% correctly assigned - there are some small holes (comin maby from converting to solid) near the hull surface - but these holes can not be the cause for trouble - on layer 2 they are allready completly coverd. When this file doens´t bind correctly to the surface the problem is with the printer (leveling, bedheating, coating of bed surface...)

    36. ESLO 7-time creator on

      @Axel Großmann:
      thanks for help with the 3D printer settings.

      The Problem by Phil C is the Problem with file pinacce_middle_fix, with him the part would not completely touch the bed.
      For the slices we tested, the part always touches the complete bed.

      We will test some settings and proportions for rigging for better printing.

      The dowels will wetry to add, in next updates.

    37. Axel Großmann on

      Pinnance part 4 back - the deck is here oriantated vertically to the bed - the wood structure of deck is coming really out well here, I will compare to part 3 (which is orianted horizontally) but the columns of the rails are orientated now horizontally to the bed - which leads to the first layer of the columns being printed in freeair ..... (eg. Layer 88 in 0.2mm resolution ) which can be seen clearly in cura. This leads to residue between the columns which can be cleared with a knife after the print - not convienient but possible. Siwtiching on supports would ruin the outer parts of the hullsurface - therefore ESLO - is it possible to put two small suports rods between the columns (would also have to be cleared with a knife but much nicers - this is the usual way you do this also with open windows doors and so on ....)

    38. Axel Großmann on

      Soory got wrong in the last comment: Meant orientate the RIGGING at excatly 90 degree and plane cut Z ....

      ah and @ Eslo - did you try to change the orientation of the hull printed parts (they are printed horizontally with the bottom of the ship on the bed - could be the case that the structure of the wood for the deck could be better printed when the hull pieces are turned 90 degree so that the deck is vertically to the bed. I can try but when you have results for that, I don´t need to spend 3 hours printing.

    39. Axel Großmann on

      Solution for this is easy: Orientate the raft at excatly 90 degree to the surface and plane cut Z (e.g. in Meshmixer) so that rigging beginns the first layer in all places directly on the bed.

      @Eslo - Thanks for the changes (cutting the beam, fixes on part 2 ,.....) but I noticed only that something had changed by the comment of PHil C on the new kickstarter. Please send an update or an email to your clients once major updates happen. And please provide a changement history or version for your files - that way you and we can keep track what is the latest and correct version. And I would advise to assemble a small parts guides for all the parts of a ship in an explosion diagramm. The dowels would be nice - but I don´t need them for assembly. You seems to be new to the STL business - all these mentioned items are provided by other STL business being on Kickstarter and I think they are essential. That being said - I have to say I like the design of the pinnance very much, and in principle I think this is great set of files. Just keep adapting to the business a think you will have found with the ships a niche where you and the community can both win ;-)

    40. Axel Großmann on

      HI, I just downloaded the new Download for the Pinnance. I didn´t print the ship - but I will today - I have two Prusa Clones, I think I will be ready with all by Monday evening.
      I checked the files with Cura and Repetier Host. At least for the rigging I can tell that this won´t work on normal printer - and that a raft is not a solution for this problem. The Main structure of the rigging is beginning at layer 7 and because the plane of the rigging is not orientated rightly at 90 degree to the bed in some places it only starts on layer 11. Depending on the chosen resolution you will start your print 1.1mm over your normal starting height (in my case 0.3mm over glas surface and 0.1mm over blue tape covering) - that you won´t get any binding to the surface ist absolutley clear - a raft just puts some material to the gap an in some printers that may be sufficient to give enough binding - compromising the backside of the raft for this.

    41. Missing avatar

      Phil C

      Thank you for your reply ESLO. You did indeed send me an email (about 10 hours ago) that was marked as spam, my apologies.

      I will look into other option, perhaps it is an error in CURA's part

      I have tried using a raft for the rigging, but even with a raft it will not make contact with the print bed, even when decreasing the Z-location to negative numbers. again it is possible this is a CURA problem. I will download an older version of CURA I think, just to ensure it is not a CURA problem.
      with thanks

    42. ESLO 7-time creator on

      @Phil C:
      I had already told you before hours, please check your Spamfolder.

      I wrote to you that I had tested everything on different slicers had also Cura only one of an older version and no error had. Even with the test print not. Because they are so far also the only one with the problems, I think it is perhaps due to the newer version of Cura or the parts are arranged obliquely on the heating bed. I can send you pictures that it works.

      For the rigging please use a raft.

    43. Missing avatar

      Phil C

      I am having a lot of difficulty with print failures printing off the rigging and poles especially, in addition to the problems mentioned in the email that I am still awaiting a response to.

      I really want this to work because it is a great idea but unfortunately, until this campaign's pledges have been improved I am not able to support your next one. That is a real pity because there are some great ideas there that I would like to have, but if this is the amount of effort I have to put in to get the prints to work then the cost is simply too high.

      Please fix these teething issues so that I can enjoy these files and I strongly suggest you work these issues out before launching another campaign in future

    44. ESLO 7-time creator on

      In the next 2 days comes pledge 4 and some stretchgoals and exclusiv ship for Full_Set.

    45. Missing avatar

      Phil C

      I have sent an email

    46. ESLO 7-time creator on

      @Chris Abbey @ Sally 4th:
      Mostly, it was not a fault/mistake in the model, but improvements to save support or something similar. Once it was an older model and once a mistake with a distance. This often comes with the models when you are cut or textured. We check all models but you sit many hours on the models and then you can be "blind" for minor mistakes. We did a lot of test prints but not any of the sizes / scale and the improvements. That would be a huge amount.

      We ask for your understanding.

      @Pihl C:
      Can you send a picture on our E-Mail: by us was the print fine and i cant also see a fault by Cura Software. Only small holes (i think from add the texture), but the contact to bed is good.

    47. Missing avatar

      Phil C

      When printing the pinacce middle section, once side did not touch the print section properly causing nasty print failure. Tried again, same result. Will be looking at Cura file soon to see if i can find why that part didn't stick but the two front and two back prints went ok.

    48. Chris Abbey @ Sally 4th on

      In fact it would be a good idea if all of the boats that are in multiple parts had 3mm holes in sides so that dowels can be used to ensure perfect alignment and strong joints. You could even provide a 3d print file for a 3mmx3mmx6mm dowel. This is what Printable Scenery and Z1 design do. I am a little concerned with the number of faults in files to date, although they are minor. In fact when I printed longboat the bottom did not print out correctly until I'd run it through Netfabb to fix it. Some of these prints take 4-6 hours to print so it is a shame to discover a fault, even if you go on to fix it after wasting that much time. Will the rest of the first three ships print without any faults? How will you tell backers that their has been a fault and that they need to download fixed files?

      I am very keen to support you and buy more boats, but do wonder if it would have been better to have really tested first wave of designs and got all off them and all of the stretch goals out to backers before launching another kick-starter?

    49. ESLO 7-time creator on

      @Robert Haddon:
      We have fix this, please do download it again.
      Thank you.

    50. Robert Haddon on

      @ESLO I noticed that on the Pinnance front 2, the port side portholes protrude much farther than on the starboard side, and some of them are not even fully attached to the hull.

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