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A book that explores how modern, popular games were created by interviewing the designers.
A book that explores how modern, popular games were created by interviewing the designers.
2,096 backers pledged $56,234 to help bring this project to life.

Hooray... Progress & Bookmarks!

Posted by Vaughn Reynolds (Collaborator)



Progress Report

Erin and her copy editor are working furiously to have the editing on the book done by the end of October. This puts us on track to have the files sent to the publisher by the first week of November, on schedule!

Bookmark Voting is LIVE! Click here to vote!


Thank you, and talk to you soon!

~ Erin & Vaughn


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    1. Missing avatar


      Vote for #3 (and #1 being second choice)

    2. Erin Dean Creator on

      @Guz Yes, the digital version of the book will also get it in ePub format. Excited for you to get the book. :)

    3. Guz Forster

      Really excited to read your book! For those of us who chose the digital version, would it be possible to release it also in ePub format? Reading PDFs is sometimes cumbersome. With ePubs you have more control over font size and other minor details that makes reading more pleasant.

    4. Hellno Kitty

      I vote #1

    5. Vaughn Reynolds Collaborator

      Voting on Facebook - We chose to do this due to social accessibility. During the campaign we released a Google poll to compensate for non-Facebook users, but no one ended up voting on it. If you do not use Facebook, or do not want to use that poll, please simply cast your vote here and we will add it!

      @deusirae - The book cover actually has 2 women on it, but sadly the orientation of the art doesn't make it fit properly on a small vertical like the bookmark. There are many amazing women in the board game industry, including the author, Erin Dean. :D She specifically pushed for diversity on the book cover. We had intended to make more illustrations during the campaign, but the artist was, unfortunately, too busy. BUT, there will be more content coming from Erin to highlight women in the industry!

    6. deusirae

      My wife is a little disappointed that there is only one female represented on any of the bookmarks and she ended down in the very bottom corner. While generally a male dominated area there are several females interviewed for this book. Thurn and Taxis is an award winning game designed by the couple Karen and Andreas Seyfarth as is Qwirkle designed by Susan Ross. A more popular game Fluxx was designed by Kristin and Andrew Looney of Looney Labs. Many illustrators are also females including Doris Matthaus who illustrated Carcassone and Tigris and Euphrates among others. Not sure if you would be able to add a female in there somewhere.

    7. 3LS on

      Gonna upgrade to a (KS exclusive) hardcover once the pledge manager is up. I'd also like to vote for the bookmark here instead of Facebook. My vote goes to #7 (from the right side). Thank you!

    8. Keithustus on

      Clicked the "click here to vote" button, but I don't see any images for which to vote. Is this right?

    9. Missing avatar

      Brent A. Cote on

      Cant get my bote to register.

    10. XorKaya on

      Throwing my voice in to say that I agree that the poll should not take place through Facebook.

    11. Missing avatar

      Stephen Farrell on

      I agree with Gael-Ian Havard( sorry i don't know how to type that thingee), Tim, Alex, Taschaibi( again, apologies), Eisen,and Henry.
      Has your design group not heard that Facebook is... "not good".
      I would love to vote for the direct simplicity of the second option actually displaying the act of board gaming but alas cannot.
      Oh well, the poll is a nice idea though.

    12. Missing avatar

      Gaël-Ian Havard on


      Same here, Facebook should not be used for public things :/

      My vote goes for the first one from the left.


    13. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      If there is no alternative poll without facebook, please add my vote for #3 from the left.

    14. Missing avatar

      Alex LoRusso on

      I also have no Facebook account. I’d vote for #5

    15. Missing avatar


      +1 Henry: How to vote without facebook?

    16. Eisen Montalvo on

      Ditto. In case there is not, my vote goes to the third one from the left.

    17. Henry Seymour on

      Is there a way to vote without having a facebook account?