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The worlds first body worn action-cam camera mount that shows you in extreme action from any perspective you want.
The worlds first body worn action-cam camera mount that shows you in extreme action from any perspective you want.
110 backers pledged £16,971 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Will O'Neal on

      Still waiting in the USA. Any word on shipping? I've emailed directly, but no response.

    2. derek vandijk on

      Hey everyone just wanted to share a video of the 3rd person mount on my Ducati

    3. no refund on

      Still waiting here is Australia. Hope it shows up in the mail soon, pretty stoked!!

    4. Taizou Kitahara on

      Product of a friend has arrived, but product I ordered has not arrived yet. When will it arrive?

    5. Shinichiro Mori on

      Thanks Mohamed! Your recommendation really helped me!

    6. Shinichiro Mori on

      I get the product in the end! So awesome!

      Matthew, Sorry for late reply. Thanks Matthew! I really appreciate it.
      Belt fits me completely :-)

    7. Erik Vonk 2-time creator on

      For everyone that wants a second waistband in another size, please contact me by email with in the subject:"extra waistband for kickstarter backer"
      The cost for a second waistband will be 30 dollar (it will ship with the original package at no extra cost)
      You will be invoiced trough Paypal for the 30 dollar)

      But please read what Matthew LeBron wrote on his findings with the sizes below...

      Thx Thijs

    8. Mako on

      How easy will it be to add a smaller waist band ... for smaller kids ... say 10 year olds? Cost?

    9. Missing avatar

      Matthew LeBron on

      I must say, the product is amazing. Works like a charm. And while using it snowboarding, I was turning a lot of heads and even got some questions about it. I was happy to answer them and everybody loved it. Thank you very much Erik & co. :)

    10. Mohamed Fahad Almahroos on

      Hi everyone, I just received my mount view 3 hrs ago, amazing, I took Matthew's advice regarding the belt size. Im 32 IN and I got the 100cm belt. works perfectly with or without cloths.

      About Shinichiro's choice since you will be having your kids wearing it, i think its a good idea to have the 90cm.

      Thank you very much Erik.

    11. Missing avatar

      Matthew LeBron on

      Your choice sounds like a good one considering the 90cm belt will fit you fine and its good that its smaller o work for your son as well. Like I said, it's on the almost the tightest setting for me when I'm wearing minimal clothing. So I feel the 90cm should work for the both of you

    12. Shinichiro Mori on

      Matthew, Thanks a lot!
      I found that the waist band is flexible.
      I will choose 90cm.
      My waist is 31 inch and I want to have my son use it so I think it would be better that the band is shorter than yours. Do you think about my choice?

    13. Missing avatar

      Matthew LeBron on

      I'm a 32 inch waist so I chose the 100 cm waist band. If I use it for swimming and biking it can be tightened up on the waist to the max and be fine. If I use it for snowboarding, I would be wearing a coat in which case the Velcro on the waist band fits perfectly. Remember also beside the Velcro on the waist band, there is the adjustable seatbelt material belt that had a snap closure in the front. So that can be tightened as well. You don't want the whole waistband to be too loose though otherwise the backplate would be flimsy and the camera will move around. The tighter the better. And for me, the 100 cm gives a good range of whether I want to wear it with minimal on (such as a swimsuit) or with a coat for colder sports. Hope this helped :)

    14. Mohamed Fahad Almahroos on


      which size did you choose? and how is the adjustable strap? how tight can you make it and how loose can it go?

      best regards,
      Mohamed Almahroos

    15. Missing avatar

      Matthew LeBron on

      Just received the product now after filling out the survey this morning at around 7am eastern time lol. Fastest shipping ever. Although it helped to send the info as requested before the campaign ended. The product looks and feels very durable. While wearing it, it doesn't feel flimsy but very secure, especially the part that locks to the backplate. It's very easy to attach/detach the rod to the backplate while wearing the belt which I could imagine helps to adjust the shot for however you want it. Very excited to try this out this upcoming Monday!!! Easily one of the best products I've backed on kickstarter when it comes to communication and the time span in which the rewards were delivered. Everything went just as promised. Thank you!!!

    16. Erik Goodlad on

      Now having received my survey, I am concerned about selecting the right size option.

      The project never really talked about size, just that there was an "adjustable belt" - which made me think of one option suitable for many sizes.

      I need to take a little bit of time and make sure I get this right... I want to be able to use it myself (bigger guy), but be able to have my wife or friends - I'd like for even my kids - to get shots of them. I am not thinking that this is not as flexible as I originally hoped.

    17. Missing avatar

      Matthew LeBron on

      Nevermind, surveys went out :)

    18. Kris on

      Not to be paranoid, but what email?

    19. Missing avatar

      Matthew LeBron on

      Are you still going to be sending out shipping surveys? Or was that taken care of in the email with the information you asked from us?

    20. Erik Vonk 2-time creator on

      Thanks guys,
      after the champaign I am now working on putting the first mounts together for shipping ;-)


    21. no refund on

      Congratz!!! Looking forward to this one!!

    22. Mohamed Fahad Almahroos on

      50 mins,, can't wait more

    23. no refund on

      9 hours to go!! Woohoo!

    24. Erik Vonk 2-time creator on

      There seems to be some confusion about the price of the extra options:
      1 the mini ball head (pledge 25 extra): this will work with any small camera that can be mounted to a tripod. So If you have a GoPro (that doesn't have a screwhole) you will need to have a tripod adaptor (this you can buy at GoPro for ±10 dollars)
      2 the large ball head adaptor (pledge 20 extra): this part will connect to any bull head on the market suited for bigger camera's (ball head not included). this extra will give you the option of mounting a heavier camera (±1,25 kilo) for normal filming (the setup with a heavy camera is not suited for high action)
      I hope this clears things up.

      Thx Thijs

    25. Christian Pérez Díaz on

      how much more for the GoPro ball head adapter?

    26. Erik Vonk 2-time creator on

      Hi Jeremy,
      If you want one of the additional mounts (mini ball head or Large ball head adaptor) just ad the amount to your pledge and we will sort you out....
      Thx Thijs

    27. no refund on

      4 days to go. Are there going to be options to get the camera mounts??

    28. Christian Pérez Díaz on

      those of us who are pledging over £135, we are getting the gopro mount without increasing the amount we pledge?

    29. Missing avatar

      aaron oconnor on

      Has this been tested for snowboarding or surfing?

    30. Albert Levay on

      maybe not _really_ new, but a complete solution which includes and was tested with a backplate. This and the fact that Abe Kislevitz (mechanical engineer at goPro) and the goPRO athletes are testing it, made the argument for me.