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Posted by Erik Mana & Alvin Campana (Creator)

Hi Everyone!

Just a couple of things about the up coming Signature Series Launch...

NEW LAUNCH DATE - I know that I announced a September 8 launch in my past update, but things have come up which puts me on the road during this time. So I am moving the launch date to the weekend on September 13 at 10am Eastern Time (New York Time). Hope to see you all there!

Now for something very serious...

MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS - We've discovered certain individuals that have taken advantage of the system and have created multiple accounts (and I mean dozens) in order for them to pledge to as many limited tiers as they can, which in turn, do not allow other backers to pledge. This is just ridiculous!!  We do not support this kind of practice AT ALL!!  We are taking action regarding this issue and we're working with Kickstarter to find solutions. We will update everyone as we get more information.

That said, WE WILL NOT allow any individual to pledge more than one Signature Series Set for the up coming launch. If we find multiple pledges from the same person, we will refund their money for ALL pledges and they will get nothing. Simple as that! And believe me, we will check every single backer that pledges. Consider this a warning! 

I understand that some of you may have multiple accounts to have a better chance at getting a reward and that's fine, but if you find yourself pledged to more than one already, then do the right thing and allow someone else to pledge for the reward. 

We believe everyone must have a fair shot at getting these limited rewards and we will not have certain individuals ruin that for everybody else. 

We appreciate everyone's cooperation regarding this issue and as always, we thank you for your support. 


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    1. william litzler

      Thank you for defending the real collectors. Those speculators really muddy the waters.

    2. Max on

      I do not condone making multiple accounts to get rare rewards. But if you make some of these decks so rare and hard to get, people will think of inventive ways to get them. If you made them a little more accessible, I doubt you would be having this problem now.

    3. Mackie McDonald

      So glad to hear this as isnt fair at all for the rest of us that do the right thing

    4. Bryan on

      Yeah, I totally agree with what Trevor said. Thanks Erik!

    5. Missing avatar

      Trevor Lee on

      You're a champ Erik, thanks for stepping up and doing something about it. No doubt these people are looking to get extras to sell for profits.