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Signature Series Campaign

Posted by Erik Mana & Alvin Campana (Creator)

Signature Series Campaign

So I've been getting a lot of comments and messages about how to proceed with the Signature Series and the common solution is to launch a separate short campaign after this campaign closes. I completely agree with that. We can launch the campaign as early as 2 days after this campaign closes, which is fine by me. 

So as of now, the Signature Series is set to launch September 8 at 12 noon Eastern Time.

40K Stretch Goal

Moving forward, some of you have ask about the box sets as promised in my 40k stretch goal and yes, that is still pushing trough. Sorry if I was not able to officially confirm that as I was a bit distracted by what to do with the Signature Series. So this is my official announcement. 

All Gold & Platinum Reserve Sets will now have it's own special box. This only holds the Gold & Platinum Reserve decks only, not all three decks. I am currently looking into a box for three decks and when I do find one, I will offer this as an Add-on for those who wish to avail of it. 

And of course, the early reveal of the Sybil Livida Tuck Box was part of my secret 40k surprise. Also keep an eye out for a new update regarding the Sybil Livida add-ons.

That's it for now. I cannot thank you all enough for the amazing support and enthusiasm for this project. Still blows my mind!


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    1. Erik Mana & Alvin Campana 5-time creator on

      @zombie & Viacheslav - Very good points. Thanks for bringing those up.

      The way i see it, I will treat this new campaign as if it was just an extra reward tier that allows existing backers to avail of it. The added $6000 (if completely sold out) will be added to this total so that we do not lose out on the 50k Stretch goal. But we need to be well beyond $45k to make sure of that.

      As for shipping - simple! You can combine the sets to your existing campaign and calculate your shipping. Then just add the difference to your pledge. New backers will have to add their shipping just the same.

      Just think of the second campaign as part of this one. Hope that clears things up! :)

    2. TormentErManaZombie1979 on

      the biggest i see with running the extra campaign is that you are going to remove 6k worth of funding and also 100 of each of the LTD decks from this campaign, making the other stretch goals almost impossible to hit.

      Also Viacheslav is correct in regards to shipping charges, not sure i really want to pay 2 full european delivery charges.

    3. Viacheslav Myachin (Slavich)

      I also agree that updates are very important and Erik is doing a great job at sending them out.

      I have two small concerns about having a second campaign:

      1. By having a second campaign we would lose at least $6,000 of funding in current campaign at therefore will probably not reach other stretch goals, unless Erik has other plans for that now.
      2. How would int. shipping be done for those that are backing both campaigns? Will we save on postage?

      Apart from that I have no problem with it, I think it's the best solution to keep everyone happy :)

      Thanks Erik for a great campaign so far

    4. Chris Betts on

      Only downside i see to their being a second campain is that if i want to only have the signature series 3 and no other decks, thats a big risk, as if i drop my pledge on this campain, and then miss the beggining of the second campain i wouldnt end up with any gold or platinum reserve decks at all

    5. Andrew Dodge on

      Agree, thx for the updates.

    6. Jx Lew on

      I agree with Fes & Tanner. I actually really appreciate how quickly Eric updates us. I'd rather have updates everyday than a once-a-month update. I personally quite enjoy being informed on how's the project coming along :)

      Thanks Eric :D !

    7. Erik Mana & Alvin Campana 5-time creator on

      @Fes & Tanner - Thank you guys! Keeping everyone informed is important to me so I'm glad you guys appreciate the updates.

    8. Fes

      Shea - You can always ask Kickstarter to not email you every time there's an update. It's under account>settings>notification. Then you can check in at your leisure without having your email blown up.

      I like knowing what's going on, as soon as it's going on, with projects I'm backing that are currently funding. That's my preference though.

    9. Tanner Matthews on

      i like the updates. i think its important to keep us all as informed as possible. with the pledges going so quickly its nice to know exactly when things are happening etc. just another perspective.

    10. Shea Antoinette on

      1. thank you for the livida upgrade and the updates

      2. could you limit your updates a bit? or compress into on big update? i know this campaign is moving forward QUICKLY but it is rather annoying getting a update after each milestone or question. if you can't limit your updates, that's okay i'll deal with my ever-overflowing inbox. it's just i've received four emails from one person in less than 24 hours @_@ i'd rather have a compassionate, overzealous creator over seemingly interested and introverted one