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Tuck box update

Posted by Erik Mana & Alvin Campana (Creator)

Hi everyone,

Just an update on the tuck boxes. EPCC has consulted with their tuck box manufacturer. Apparently they are not willing to follow my template and insist on using their own version which is very different from my original design. It's not only a different design, but it functions differently from mine and it's much bulkier. Plus they also mentioned that it would cost at least 4 to 5 times more if they were to produce their own tuck box. I guess what they're really trying to say is "No", so no thank you. 

As I mentioned before, I am already in communication with other suppliers and I am currently in the process of determining which supplier is best for the job. It is a very competitive market and will have to do my due diligence to make sure these companies will follow through with their promised quality.

With all that being said, it seems that there is a common consensus about my box design which I must now consider changing as recommended by some of these suppliers. Two things to be exact:

Lamination - At least three suppliers suggested a layer of matte lamination to protect the boxes from rips at the back of the box along the fold. Since the box lid must be pulled back completely to allow the deck to come out of the box, the box is more prone to rips along the back fold of the lid, more than any other standard tuck box out there. Admittedly, I did not take this into account when designing the box, which is now something I have to consider for both the blue boxes and the gold and platinum reserve boxes. In the end, it's all about producing a quality box and there are many options to producing top quality boxes. If that means finding better paper and providing added protection to them then I'm all for it. 

Template Adjustment - Another common issue was the alignment of the foil stamping, specifically with the front circle ornament of the lid. The original design has the die cut exactly around the circle ornament, where it is also to be embossed and foil stamped. Unfortunately, there is not a machine out there that can give a precise cut, stamp and embossment and have it all line up perfectly 100% of the time and I must now account for some margin around the cut. Something my original supplier neglected to mention to me. That means adding 2mm to the die cut around the circle to ensure the embossing, stamping and cut is within the design. 

Despite these changes, I feel a great sense of relief that there is something we can do to improve on the boxes and get them done properly with all the issues addressed. 

Once I have finalized the supplier and have gotten a proper sample from them, I shall update you all on the progress. Thanks again for your patience.

Moving forward!


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    1. Bruno G. Buffoni on

      Go for it Guys,we're with you .... !

    2. Coastal Pete

      You'll find a way. Whatever the end result, it'll be class!