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Project Update

Posted by Erik Mana & Alvin Campana (Creator)

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to give you all a heads up with our progress. My last update shared some exciting photos of the box set with some sample tuck boxes inside. Note, the sample tuck boxes used in my last photos were only to test embossing and foil stamping. 

This week I got an exciting email from my box manufacturer, Rose, showing the actual paper stock with embossing and foil stamping and it looks gorgeous! It is EXACTLY as I imagined it to be. Even the smallest details of the intricate design shows clearly in the embossing! I love it!

As you all know, we are working with Expert Playing Card Company to produce the highest quality cards for you. My unique box design was something they've never produced before and so to make sure I got the tuck boxes done right, I sourced out to a company that are specialists and experts in the field of "cigarette style" boxes. I wanted the best producers to make these boxes for you and now we have them. 

That said, we do face some small challenges in logistics. Since I am dealing with three companies in three different countries (USA, China and Taiwan with me in Canada no less) to produce this awesome series of decks there are some "back and forth" with fitting, adjustments and approvals. Our first tuck box prototypes did not fit EPCC decks perfectly and were too tight. We are currently adjusting size of tuck boxes right now. This takes up a lot of time and money to make sure everything is perfect. That means that I cannot treat this with the same time frame as any other deck you see out there. 

Here is a brief summary of our process:

  • EPCC decks produced in Taiwan
  • Tuck boxes and box sets produced in China
  • EPCC office in NY is the main portal for design and approval.
  • Once tuck boxes are produced, they are shipped to Taiwan for decks to be inserted by hand  - all 5700 decks. 
  • They are then wrapped in cellophane and then shipped to NY. This can take as long as a month by ship freight.
  • Box sets are directly shipped from China to my fulfillment company in Buffalo, New York awaiting arrival of the decks.
  • Once decks arrive in NY, they are shipped to Buffalo to meet with the box sets.
  • Meanwhile, the commemorative coins are being produced in the US and then shipped to Buffalo as well.
  • I will personally go to Buffalo to number seal each of the decks myself, package all reserve sets in the special boxes and sign, dedicate, seal and package all Signature Sets as well.
  • And finally all orders are shipped out.
  • *high five*

Needless to say this is far beyond any normal deck production and I just want to make sure that we get it right and perfect. If that means taking a little longer than so be it. I just want to be transparent with you all to let you know that I will likely not be able to meet the January delivery for these reasons. That doesn't mean that we will be relaxed in our production. In fact, we are working hard to meet deadlines efficiently to make sure that any kind of delays are managed down to a minimum. I hope you all understand.

In the meantime, here are a couple of shots that my friend Rose from China has sent me of the Gold Reserve tuck box. I have to say, these guys rock!...

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    1. Fes

      Those photos really do look great. Very exciting. :)

    2. Max on

      Great update. Thanks for that. Also, that box is stunning!

    3. Christina

      WOW! the detail is breathtaking!