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Sex Education Comic Book, from the Oh Joy Sex Toy collection. Fun, lighthearted and helpful comics for young and old adults alike.
Sex Education Comic Book, from the Oh Joy Sex Toy collection. Fun, lighthearted and helpful comics for young and old adults alike.
Sex Education Comic Book, from the Oh Joy Sex Toy collection. Fun, lighthearted and helpful comics for young and old adults alike.
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    1. Karl Kesel on

      CONGRATULATIONS, Erika and Matt! Outstanding— and equally deserved— response to your book! Of course, I'm sure my Facebook post yesterday about it made all the difference. It did get 12 likes, after all! ;-)

    2. Missing avatar

      Brent Mullins on

      When it's mailed out, what is it shipped in?

    3. Maxx Mittelstadt on

      Let’s get to $81,469

    4. J Winter on

      I actually got the news of you releasing a new book from Daz Black new video on kickstarter items. He loved it, and wants one for himself to review it :D

    5. Mathew Ellis on

      I'm excited to improve my skills

    6. Missing avatar

      Veronica Holt

      So excited that you put out this book. Bought it as a good resource both for me (because learning is cool) and for the future when my toddler is older and may not want to ask me directly.

    7. Joshua Workman

      Honestly, I have no idea how much of this information I'll ever be able to put to use, but it wouldn't hurt to know. Knowing, after all, is half the battle.

    8. Erika Moen 5-time creator on

      Ah yeah, there's a typo in the video =/ Ah well.
      Thanks for the lovely words Am!

    9. Missing avatar

      Am on

      This is so cool, I'm glad I stumbled across this kickstarter and your amazing, funny and informative comics! Wanted to ask--did you notice the link to your site at the end of the video is incorrect? :) (At first I thought my servers were censoring access!)

    10. Annie C

      Thanks for the info. I forgot about it hitting stores. *laughs* I got over excited and guess wanted a certain amount as soon as possible. Thanks for reminding me about that. Also I have to say I love the diversity in your character designs for the masturbateers in your comics. That touch definitely helps set up heuristic that every "body" can have sex. I want to thank you because your comics with sex positivity as early as DAR! helped me become comfortable exploring that avenue of myself. You are a gift as is your art. ^_^

    11. Erika Moen 5-time creator on

      Hey Duncan - we are pretty NSFW in the comics and don't want to get into any trouble by putting out education out there for any age younger than 16. Some people will think this stuff is fine for younger and other will think that even 16 is too young for it! So we hedged our bets and put 16 on the cover =)
      If you want to make your own judgement I would encourage you to check out the comics:

    12. Duncan Ross on

      Hi, the cover says for ages 16 and up... what led you to that decision? Surely sex-ed is better (or rather needed!) earlier?

    13. Erika Moen 5-time creator on

      Hi Annie! Thank you for the lovely words!
      Right now we only have 1, 2, or 5 books as options. More than that, and you may want to contact our publisher about wholesale options for when the book hits stores - marketing at onipress dot com
      Sorry, the Kickstarter is a bit limited in that sense!

    14. Annie C

      Would there be an add-on option that we can order more books along with the one we'll receive for the pledge?

    15. Annie C

      You are doing something very wonderful. I think this is going to help a lot of people especially young people. I know I'm getting some copies for my adolescent nieces and nephews because I know their parents aren't going to talk to them about anything. Hell my parents still never gave me "the talk" and my pop was an ob/gyn. *laughs*

    16. Missing avatar

      Sneaky Snake

      Thank you for the five extra copies tier! My public library is getting some sexy donations this year ;)

    17. KZ (KingZombie)

      You know what would be really great. What if you had a pledge level where do you get a book sent to a library or a sex ed teacher as a gift.

    18. Erika Moen 5-time creator on

      Hey Kayleigh, Brian:
      Re getting 2 books with a signed bookplate:
      If you back at the 2 book tier, and then send me an email when the surveys go out - I'll happily figure out an additional payment and get a bookplate added to your order manually. Hope that works?
      matthew daniel nolan @ gmail

    19. Brian Smith on

      Same question as Kayleigh: I signed up for a signed copy but I would also like a second copy. Will I be able to add on a pledge for a second book?

    20. Erika Moen 5-time creator on

      Just added in a 5 book tier for those of you in book clubs and who know a lot of teens! Hope that helps those of you asking for more books.
      (if you're interested in wholesaling or getting books for selling, check out my FAQ!)

    21. TheHoboMagician

      Ok thanks :D

    22. Erika Moen 5-time creator on

      Hey TheHoboMagician, a bit copy n pasted from the FAQ:
      A doodled copy, is a standard signature-drawing Erika will do, it won't be a-one-of-a-kind, but it will be hand drawn, and better than a simple signature.

      A unique drawing, is a drawing Erika will spend a lot more time on, and it won't ever be drawn twice. Really makes that copy a unique item. She tends to draw all kinds of NSFW things for this tier.


      So that your getting with a Unique, is a one of a kind drawing of Erika's choice, slightly bigger and with more time put into it. Best (and atm - only) way to get original art from her.

    23. TheHoboMagician

      I wana get the unique doodle but what does it mean exactly? Is it still a random drawing just more detailed?

    24. Daniel Campbell on

      I second the all-book tier!

    25. Kayleigh Dziewik on

      I signed up for a signed copy but I would also like a second copy. Will I be able to add on a pledge for a second book?

    26. Erika Moen 5-time creator on

      Hey Rebecca! I'll investigate and see if we can maybe add a 5 book tier or something, since your not the only one to ask (gotta chat with the fulfillment team about shipping prices). If I don't you can always email me after the surveys are filled out about changing the order to include some books - I can manually fulfill it then and get you appropriate cost quotes then. Hope that helps!
      Matthew Daniel Nolan on Gmail

    27. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Weisberg on

      I have pledged for two books, but I would love to have more books - would it be possible to be able to get it on the same shipping? (I'm on the other side of the world ;) )
      Thanks in advance!

    28. RM Quirk

      Super excited to add this to the growing collection of your work!
      Happy 5-Time Backer.