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we're raising the funds we need to record and release our next album independently. no record label, just us and you.
1,767 backers pledged $75,808 to help bring this project to life.

We fucked up.

Posted by eric victorino (Creator)

There. It's been said. :) I can't emphasize enough how badly we underestimated how hard it would be to do a kickstarter project and end up with everyone happy. Thanks again for supporting the band and what we thought was a great way to take on the status quo. What I learned in this process is that while you're probably gonna be in debt if you sign a record deal, at least the only one you disappoint when you fail is yourself... Whether you want your shit or not I'm still trying my best to send it to you.



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    1. Jeffrey Bernier on

      ok... so i'm not the only backer who never received their reward, or a refund?

    2. Raw Elements Jewelry on

      just mail me your old comb, happy either way! Keep rock'n on!

    3. Patrick Roh on

      So about those backer items we were supposed to get...

      I still haven't received mine :(

    4. Gil L on

      loved the album but never got what i was supposed to. glad i was able to help make it happen i just wished i got more out of my $500 pledge, all i got so far was the digital download which is only $5. autographed cd nope, signed poster nope, autographed 1 of 2 test pressing nope

    5. Matty Dransmann on

      Alright I see how it is. I didnt realy get everything I paid for / I expected. Maybe something got lost in the mail, maybe something got mixed up. I was a bit like fuck this shit, it's all too messed up or what... but man, still Hush is a great record. And its good to know you keep making great music.

    6. Patrick Roh on

      While I do think you, "fucked up," at least the album was good, and that's what matters. You made an album you, and fans, can be proud of. Sure there are some disappointments with the rewards and the like (and I would still like my vinyl and poster, planning on hanging it at the new place), it was a learning experience, I'd assume. A way to handle things differently in the future.

      Keep up the good work guys.

    7. Steven Wells on

      I'm in agreement with Brandi. I stumbled across Internet Killed the Video Star and that was the first song my boys completely latched onto and played to death. You inspired a 6-year-old to search for music that HE likes. You nailed it. Keep making art. And don't give up on crowdsourcing, please.

    8. Brandi Blotz on

      ohhhhh HUSH! You guys released an amazing album and I was able to share this experience with my son. He felt so special at the listening party and we continue to listen to your music together - we know every lyric. The bond your music has strengthened between us is PRICELESS!!! Thank you for that.

    9. Daniel Blair-Johns on

      There have been mistakes, miscalculations and mix-ups. And for such a huge logistical undertaking, it's no surprise to see some. But all of that is still well worth it when you consider that what we all got out of it was a great album, and that you and Gio got to do it on your terms. I'm sure everything will get sorted out in due time, and judging from the other comments I think we're pretty much all on the same page here. We have faith in you guys. :)

    10. Jessica on

      I still want my stuff. :c
      I actually have been checking the mailbox for almost two years in excitement I'll finally receive my Limousines stuff.
      Having been a fan since I was twelve (I'm twenty now), I have faith you're still working on it and one day it'll be in the mailbox.

    11. Iain on

      I bet you guys will never draw pictures for everyone again, well if you are sane you wouldn't! Love the album and glad I was a part (albeit small)of it!

    12. William R Lex on

      We never received our signed vinyl, but we do have the autographed microphone and a drum head you signed for us at SXSW. Its all good.

    13. Peter Stewart on

      Hey man I don't care if you fucked up with other stuff, it's all about the music and you nailed it.

    14. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    15. Missing avatar

      Katie Bridges on

      Loved the album & tour!!

    16. Ramona on

      In agreement with previous comments that you did not Fuck Up! Anything worth doing does not come easy! Hush is a beautiful, inspiring, and passionate collection of music with unique textures and tempos* Never Stop Creating!!! Please do not think for one moment that you have failed by any means because we Love You Guys and were happy to be supportive of The Limousines:)

    17. andrew snyder on

      The album was awesome & your tour was great. That shows that this Kickstarter thing was a success. Great job trying something new, even if it means a few bumps along the way.

    18. Rob Palmer on

      Hi Eric, The Kickstart project was a success if you learned a lesson! I enjoyed it. Although I feel your first album was stronger.. I wonder if you could benefit from fan feedback on your songs before you push them into the stratosphere. You could do this outside the record label contracts through fan mail and websites. You guys really do rock and I'm sure you could deliver a fantastic 3rd album in the future. Go get some experiences in life and come up with some kick ass songs soon! Take a look at Silversun Pickups albums 1-3. 1 was good, 2 sucked, and 3 was great. I'm hoping you can do the same. Good Luck!!! Limos Fan #1. Rob.

    19. Missing avatar

      Darren Rennick on

      I agree with Anthony... take your time, I don't care how long it takes I'm sure I will get my stuff some day :) . I understand that you have a life and are busy and I don't expect my stuff to be your first priority, you have other things you have to take care of too. You guys admit you didn't know what you were getting into so to me it is understandable that there would be some tough spots along the way. All that matters is that you are trying and take your time because you wouldn't want to mess something up and cause another issue. I'm glad I became a backer of this project not once but twice and the rewards I have received so far have been awesome even if somethings weren't how I would have liked them I still am happy to have been able to help you guys make something amazing. It's not very often I can say I love every single song on one album, usually I have a couple favourites, but somehow you guys managed to do it. And how often can I say I helped one of my favourite bands make their album. Letting your fans be that involved is like a gift itself.

    20. Eduardo Fenili on

      I didn't get my vinyl but I ain't mad at ya :) It's a rough business and there are always unforeseen issues. I was happy to give the pledge simply in hopes that it helped get your album made and supported your music.

      Good Luck with all future adventures!

    21. Missing avatar

      dustin benton on

      I can't only imagine how crazy it was(is)! Hell I stress out trying to pick a place for me and my kids to eat!! Maybe next time just keep it more simple! We love the autographed shit! But how about some color vinyl? We love that shot too!! Great album!!

    22. Matt Seliga on

      The album was good enough for me. I'd rather see you use any extra proceeds (if any) to get more people to listen to it and try to tour as much as possible. You did an amazing job!

    23. Anthony Williams on

      No worries Eric! When I saw how many backers I figured it wouldn't go smoothly. You put out an amazing album and it was awesome to see you tour! Ya I still would like my prizes but take your time...

    24. PaulaMarie on

      Personally, the thing that made me want to be a backer for this project was wanting to see you make this awesome album. Far as I'm concerned, that means this was a success. Hopefully the pitfalls haven't soured you guys to Kickstarter. Congrats and thank you for your music <3

    25. Missing avatar

      Lee Smart on

      You guys did a great job! I love the album and I feel so privileged that you let me be a (small) part of helping get it out there. Thank you!

    26. Ryan Lee on

      I just want you to know that I love your album. The only thing that should matter is that it's great music! The rest is trivial.

    27. Missing avatar

      Kevin Ball on

      How did you fuck up? Although things took longer than promised you still delivered everything you promised (at least in my case). I still can't believe you wrote out an entire song for me.

      Don't kick yourself too hard!