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power of the pen rewards and more

Posted by eric victorino (Creator)

hi guys - we sent out what we hope to be the last of the vinyl late last week, keep an eye out for them on your doorsteps n boxes... if you don't get yours by the end of this week please send us a message and let us know. (if you're out of the country maybe give it a tiny bit more time)

been making and sending out the last of the Power of the Pen rewards too, so if you're still waiting on yours, just know I haven't forgotten about you.

haven't forgotten about any of you. Your support and your belief in this band has been so touching. Thank you...


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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael Nilgitsalanont on

      Still NO Power of the pen, Any slim chance there is still even a slim chance this will be done?

    2. Missing avatar

      Christos Kefallinos on

      I still have not received the 2 posters, this is just flat out ridiculous. I got a vinyl instead of CD, but I will not return it and end up with nothing. Eric, can't you guys at least send out FLAC or some type of lossless link so backers can DL a good quality version of the album and burn it themselves?? This is 2014 after all. Seriously, where are the posters? I have sent messages to you and replied to every dam update post, still nothing...

    3. Missing avatar

      Adam Besenyodi on

      Been about four weeks now since Eric emailed me to say he'd have my Power of the Pen within a week. Still no Power of the Pen or two signed posters. Very disappointing.

    4. Missing avatar

      Adam Besenyodi on

      Received a message via Kickstarter from Eric two weeks ago saying he'd be sending out my Power of the Pen last week. Last week came and went... Did not receive anything (Power of the Pen or the posters). So disappointing.

    5. Missing avatar

      Megan Jenkins on

      I still never received my power of the pen backer pledge. Are these still being sent out? I was really looking forward to framing this on my wall.

    6. Missing avatar

      Sea Jay on

      Still no vinyl. I almost forgot I even backed this up until a Limousine song came on my playlist.

    7. Missing avatar

      AJ Stonehouse on

      I posted a comment earlier saying that I had not received the vinyl, but my mum just sent me pictures and it has arrived! Definitely worth the wait, such a fantastic album!

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael Nilgitsalanont on

      Yeah pretty bummed too, went extra postage cash, went to see them on tour, still no Power of the Pen. Too bad, I love these guys, but this is a terrible way to treat your fans

    9. Matty Dransmann on

      Ok, me once again. This is all a big fogging letdown :( Let me sum up the mess:
      I paid for 3 rewards and only 2 of my pledges were recognized even though I wrote many time to sort things out. I only received 2 CDs, a bunch of posters, the book (unnumbered) and a postcard. I'm missing a lot of things I expected. I never received any vinyls even though I also paid for the Old Schooler vinyl pack plus I chose an LP with another pledge. Well, I guess things went bad and worse for the limousiens finances, so I think I dont get what I paid for because the river has gone dry. Bad bad no fogging good. I thought a lot about posting such a negative comment right here, but I gotta be honest and hopefully this helps in some way, maybe me , maybe someone else. Whatever. Keep up the good.

    10. Missing avatar

      Adam Besenyodi on

      Also, never received the two posters. Again, so disappointing.

    11. Missing avatar

      Adam Besenyodi on

      Despite an email from Eric over a month ago saying it was coming, no Power of the Pen reward. Disappointing.

    12. Missing avatar

      Mayra gutierrez on

      I pledged $25 and still haven't received my vinyl.

    13. Yuri on

      Hi guys! I am still waiting for the vinyl in here in Denmark, Europe. No need for a signed poster or anything, just the vinyl would be cool. It has been a long wait! :)

    14. Help Me Mommy on

      I do not know why Kickstarter is posting under the name of my Rocky Horror cast, but, this is John Davey.

    15. Help Me Mommy on

      Hi guys, I am still owed the autographed vinyl/poster deal for backing at the $25 level. I received the CD when that mix up happened and sent it back as requested. Now, I am vinylless :(

    16. Jim Frey on

      As someone who has been pretty vocal and angry about not receiving his gear I wanted to make it aware that I received my vinyl today, fully autographed and signed with an apology for delay, it took a while, but you guys came through, and for that I thank you

      hopefully the rest of you get yours soon

    17. Patrick Roh on

      Still waiting on my vinyl :>

    18. Spencer Kalata on

      Still waiting on my vinyl :(

    19. Daniel Iverson on

      I still have not received my vinyl..... :/

    20. Missing avatar

      Isaiah on

      I still have not received my Vinyl record, as of today. is my email for easy communication.

    21. Missing avatar

      AJ Stonehouse on

      I sent you a message but I'll post it here just in case you didn't get it. I still have not received my vinyl, which is pretty disappointing because I'll be moving out of the US tomorrow, so it would've been nice to bring this with me.

    22. Amelia Aguilar on

      I still have not received my vinyl as of today, February 10th.

    23. Matt Sturges on

      I still haven't received my vinyl

    24. Missing avatar

      Megan Stewart on

      Hi, I haven't received my vinyl yet either. Though, if it was sent then the weather has been really bad in PA so that might have something to do with it! Thanks. -- Megan

    25. Jim Frey on

      Still havent gotten my vinyl, another week goes by

    26. Jessica Henderson on

      Still haven't gotten mine either :(

    27. Missing avatar

      Sea Jay on

      Waited til to today, still haven't received my vinyl :c

    28. Jake Gabbitas on

      I haven't seen anything yet. Can you confirm if I was part of the most recent mailing of vinyl?

    29. Josh Smith on

      Same here. No vinyl yet :( Did get the CD a while back when some were sent out to the wrong people, but followed the directions to return it.

    30. Jim Frey on

      still no vinyl

    31. Melissa Stepp on

      Nice! I got my mail club mailing last week. Thanks. It'll be nice to get some random, unexpected mail.
      Really looking forward to the vinyl and the Power of the Pen reward the most (I double up on contributions). Yay for a fun mail week ahead!