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we're raising the funds we need to record and release our next album independently. no record label, just us and you.
we're raising the funds we need to record and release our next album independently. no record label, just us and you.
1,767 backers pledged $75,808 to help bring this project to life.

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E. James : Amazing Machine

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Hello Limos friends and supporters. I launched a project on PledgeMusic to record my first solo album while involving you in the creative process. I've gotten a lot of requests to also make this available to backers of the Limos album, so today I launched this NEW KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN. I am making an album in an all new way, working with as many of my friends as possible, all over the country. I would love to add you to my list of collaborators in this strange experiment.

In an effort to reduce the risk of things going wrong I've made sure to realistically price items and shipping, plus I've avoided adding too many labor intensive hand made items, choosing instead to create opportunities to share experiences with you.

In recognition of your past support I am going to make the digital download of my album free to anyone who backed the last project. A link to download it will be sent to you on release day through the email address you used to back the Limos album.

I know some of you had problems with the last project and I've been mopping that up for two years, so if there's anything you'd like to discuss with me I would like the chance to talk. Please email me at with your comments, positive or negative.

thank you for your continued love and support. 

Eric Victorino.

Hi Everyone, Eric here with a video update.


As a lot of you know, the Limos kickstarter was not without its hiccups. I hope we've taken care of all the problems by now. If not, feel free to email me personally at 

I recently launched my solo project on - I feel like you guys, whether you have contributed to my solo thing or not, you were so important to the Limousines and the making of HUSH that I think you deserve to get some stuff that the pledge people are getting too. So I'm sending you the same video update I sent them. It's a video of me working out the vocal melodies for one of my new songs while driving around. And yeah, I realize that doesn't sounds very magical, but it's really special - I managed to capture a kinda-string-of-consciousness-moment when I stumbled upon the verse words I had been looking for for quite a while. 

So I'm going to upload the video to include in this message, if you want to get involved in the making of my new album please go to and check it out, we've got some really fun stuff going on there.

I love you guys so much.

your friend -e.

OH, P.S.!! What are your thoughts on me launching a kickstarter for this project, for people who don't use pledgemusic or would just rather pre-order the album through kickstarter... Do you think it's worth doing? All feedback is appreciated. (believe it or not, even the mean stuff.) XOXOXOXO

e. james - project launch


After years of fronting bands I've officially launched my solo project. Please take a moment to check out my announcement video.



A new campaign. Would love your feedback.


Hi everyone. As some of you may know I've been working on some ideas as Gestalt. It's my first solo work. (Gio is also working on his own under the name Cruels - which is sounding amazing) --- I have put together a campaign page for my first album and I'm hoping you'll take a look at the preview link, leave me some feedback about the whole idea, specifics, the rewards, the concept, etc - I learned a lot about what not to do last time. So this project is coming from a different angle. I may take it over to instead of Kickstarter - Still trying to decide... Anyway, click this link and leave your feedback in the little comment box provided. 

I hope you're all doing well. xox


We fucked up.


There. It's been said. :) I can't emphasize enough how badly we underestimated how hard it would be to do a kickstarter project and end up with everyone happy. Thanks again for supporting the band and what we thought was a great way to take on the status quo. What I learned in this process is that while you're probably gonna be in debt if you sign a record deal, at least the only one you disappoint when you fail is yourself... Whether you want your shit or not I'm still trying my best to send it to you.