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Escape The Curse of Shadow House in this dark and mysterious homage to old school adventure games For iOS and Android

 *CONTEST* What's in a name?

So... I have been inspired by all of you amazing backers, in so many different ways.

One of those ways in particular, has been your names. While a name may be common in one part of the world, someone on the other side of this rock may have never heard it before. We all have a name. A very Beautiful name.

Ok, here's the deal.

I want you all to take a look at the list of names of your fellow backers. I want you to pick one female and one male name. Maybe it's beautiful, maybe it sounds cool. For what ever reason you decide, pick your favorite names from the list. On Sunday, after the deadline, send me an email with your two names.

Who ever has the most votes, will receive a very special hand made journal with your name on the front in some type of artistically sculpted manner. In addition to that, your name will be referenced in the game somehow...but I will not say how yet.

And to top it off, a mystery item. What will it be? I don't know, but it will be created by me.

I will be sending out the special prizes for this contest, even If we do not reach the goal.

In the mean time, I would love to see some of your favorite names posted in the comments section!

So, think about names. Think about your own name. It really is special and beautiful, and powerful, even If you don't think so!

'till next time,


UPDATE- * Here's a new video as we approach the end of the line.

I added some screenshots in the video, and two sound clips from the game I've composed, please note they're not finished yet, but at least you get a glimpse. Sorry, no gameplay footage.

For now, Here's a HUGE SHOUT OUT to the Tex fans, TEX himself, Dave Marsh from Shadowgate and Sherlock Holmes, Rick From Haunts, Alex from diehard Gamefan, Rob from Hiro, Jay from MaKey MaKey and every single other one of you I did not mention, for showing so much love here! You guys and gals are amazing examples of the power of word of mouth. I will do a proper thank you at the end of the project.

Story so far...

You are a young woman, and you have been bitten by a vampire and find yourself in a strange house...

You begin to find old pages from what appears to be a journal, scattered throughout the house.

As you find the letters, a tragic story begins to unfold...

Young Alexander Shadow has lost his Bride, Elizabeth Blackwell when she is caught in a random act of violence and is killed. Falling deeper into a depression, Alexander longs for death to be reunited with his lost love. 

Overcome with grief, Alexander reaches his breaking point and vows to end his own life. Tragically, on the eve of his suicide, he is bitten by a Vampire and cursed to immortality, doomed to never see his wife again in the afterlife.

Can you put an end to the curse and free yourself from the vampirism that has befallen you? Can you reunite lost souls?

Explore a beautifully illustrated haunted estate! Solve challenging puzzles. Collect the journal pages. Create your own  haunting melody on a broken old piano. Use items from your inventory to interact with the environment. Get lost in the world of The Curse of Shadow House!

UPDATE - * I've decided that the first 25 people to back The Curse of Shadow House will receive a promo code to download the game for free from the app store, even if funding is unsuccessful!  *

You Slowly wake up with a throbbing pain bitting at your neck. You look around at your surroundings and begin to wonder what's going on. The last thing you remember was walking in the forest near the old family cemetery and then getting bit in the neck from behind.

Now, you're waking up in a strange old house and a sense of mystery and fear overcomes you.

Welcome to The Curse of Shadow House!

The Curse of Shadow House is a Homage to old school adventure games in the likes of Shadowgate, The 7th Guest, and Maniac Mansion, to name a few.

This is a game  where you can lay back in bed with the lights off, pop on your headphones, and get sucked into an intriguing adventure. A world filled with a tragic love story, a strange haunted estate to explore, and an emotional, dynamic soundtrack. 

This game will be playable on your iOS or Android powered mobile Device. 

The Game play is simple, you navigate from room to room,Finding items and solving puzzles in an effort to find the cure to your new found vampirism and bring an end to the Curse of Shadow House. This is the first in a series of adventures for the character..(who's name has not been finalized)

I really just want to make this a game where you can relax and enjoy the story, graphics, sound and mood of it all while exploring and solving the puzzles. No stress of zombies chasing after you, just you taking it all in and using your wits to unlock the mystery.

The Game is really starting to come together well, but i need money to make it a reality. It looks and sounds great so far, but with so much to do, I cannot get the time I need to get it done without your help. Your help will  enable me to spend all of my time developing the game and that means a better game. You know how it works.

I am personally creating all of the artwork in the game, composing and performing the music, writing the stroy and putting it together so it all works well on your mobile device. Since the nature of the gameplay is pretty basic, programming the game is the easy part.

The hard part is actually creating the graphics and the music and because I'm not getting paid to build this game, I need you to act as the publisher and In return, I'm offering you some VERY cool rewards.

In addition to art prints and soundtrack downloads, I am personally handcrafting Two of the Books that are found in the game, and you get a choice of either one for supporting the project at the $50.00 reward level. I will be including a unique original sketch and a personal thank you, in each book as well. The rest of the pages are blank for you to let your own creative inspirations flow. I am also handcrafting the necklace that is found in the game, and I'm including that at the 25.00 reward level. I'll update with a picture soon!

I'm also offering some other fantastic rewards for those of you who are interested as well so check 'em out.

I've got a lot of work to do before the game is finished and I really need your help. I just want to thank you in advance for even considering helping make this game a reality.

I can't wait to share the Curse of Shadow House with all of you, and leave you with memorable adventure and some very cool rewards.

I'm aiming for a Halloween release, around October 17, 2012 depending on review and approval times, and Development issues.

I will be shipping the rewards after the app is officially released.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support.


Eric Shofe


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    Prepare to Die! Not only are you the most generous of all creatures, You will be immortalized in a painting As the Demon of Shadow House! The Painting will be displayed in the game, I will use your photo as the base for the undead vampire scourge of a villain who haunts the house AND you will get a very special hand crafted journal, a unique necklace, a unique 24x36 framed poster, and You will be forever remembered as the villain from The Curse of Shadow House. Plus The other prizes as well! Not to mention, you will have my eternal gratitude.

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