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Red White & Blue card backs & box. War with a Blackjack-like combat system, Warmonger cards and Robot players so you can play solo.
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Warmonger USA -- a Kickstarter Exclusive Limited Edition Red, White, and Blue version of my card game Warmonger: The Ultimate Card Game of War™. 

1 - 4 Players • 20 to 40 Minutes • Ages 14+
1 - 4 Players • 20 to 40 Minutes • Ages 14+

Warmonger: The Ultimate Card Game of War is a reworking of the classic card game War!   

The core differences are:  

  • Instead of “high-card wins,” wars resolve using a system similar to Blackjack where players can press their luck by turning up more cards to try to get a higher total.
    In a War, each player puts down 3 face-down cards and then one face-up card. Each player then turns up as many cards as they dare to try to get the highest total without going over 21. 
  • There are Warmonger cards with unique powers that influence battle results and other aspects of the game. 
  • Building on the Blackjack-like combat system, there is the option to have Robot players who play by a set of rules. This allows for solo play and for spicing up multi-player games. 

Warmonger is best for 2 to 4 players (or up to 6 but some of those people might run out of cards and be out of the game rather quickly).

Warmonger has the option to add in one or several Robot players to make the game more interesting or allow for solo play. 

Warmonger takes about 20 to 40 minutes to play and is easy to learn.

Video about this USA Limited Edition:

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Warmonger USA Limited Edition hand-cut mockup
Warmonger USA Limited Edition hand-cut mockup

To get a feel for what the USA edition would look like, I made some test printouts and cut and folded them so I could see the final box. I love the look of limiting the colors to 2 shades of red, 2 shades of blue, and black. 

For a quick video explaining the Warmonger game concept, take a look at the project video for the original "Pack of Death" Edition.

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Watch the Original Warmonger project video on youtube: 

Warmonger USA comes in a nifty tuck box with 52 Playing Cards, 8 Custom Jokers, 36 Warmonger Cards, 16 Robot Players (some cards have 2 Robots, some cards have 1 more complicated Robot), a Superpower Card and a Table Organizer Card, and cards with the game rules, notes, and how-to-play tips. 

Video of unboxing a Warmonger Pack:

About the Game Design of Warmonger

I liked the idea of the traditional card game War!  

  • it's easy to learn 
  • it's quick to play 

But I didn't like the game itself... 

  • you don't get to make any decisions 
  • nothing new or different happens 

So I set out to rework the game and came up with: 
Warmonger: The Ultimate Card Game of War! 

  • I kept it easy to learn by using a lot of game mechanics most people already know -- even people who don't play a lot of games 
  • The play is is still fairly quick, but the players get to make a lot more decisions, press their luck in battle, and take into account how their friends will play their hands 
  • The Warmonger cards add all kinds of one-of-a-kind events to shake things up 
  • The Blackjack-like combat system makes it easy to create rules for Robot players 
  • 2, 3, or 4 people can play 
  • 1 person can play solo by playing against one or more Robot players

Here's a video with me going into more detail about the game design

How to play 

You can read though these graphics or scroll down for a short how-to-play video.  

For more details you can download a PDF of the full rules or even a PDF of the entire PnP game.


The Robot cards are a fun way to spice up a game with your friends because each Robot plays differently.  

They can also make for interesting solo play.  

Because of the Blackjack-like combat system of trying to get the highest Battle Score of 21 or less, there are lots of ways to come up with rules for how the Robot players should play. That's why Warmonger comes with so many Robots -- each is it's own kind of enemy.  

And I'm developing more Robot players that are more advanced and can be downloaded for free as PDF files. There is also a Facebook discussion group for the development and sharing of Warmonger Robots.  

Here is a full game video of me playing against 3 Robot cards -- The Cheater, The Cheapskate 15, and The Cautious 14. I've included some stuffed animals to represent the Robot cards and I explain everything that's going on with the gameplay as it goes along.

Here's a fancier solo-play video which includes one of the advanced Robot players that is available as a free pdf file. 

Here's a review of the game by Logan Chops that gives an overview of the game and demonstrates the gameplay: 

Here's an interview with Eric by Getting Geeky with Gamer Leaf so you can learn a bit more about Eric and the making of Warmonger: The Ultimate Card game of War. 


Vectorized Playing Cards 2.0
Copyright 2015 - Chris Aguilar -
Licensed under LGPL 3

Game Design:
Eric Shefferman

This project is a Quickstarter.  

More than just being a Quickstarter, this project also extends on my ideas for Print-on-Demand publishing and what I call QTYONE production.

I came up with the idea for a themed version of Warmonger and did some artwork mockups, printed out some test images in color at Staples (that's how I made the cards and folded box in the first photo), and then shot the video with those test prints. My improv skills came in handy and I made the video in just 4 takes without having a prepared script (I would have used my 3rd take but the lighting was off). 

With QTYONE production, there's no long production delays to start printing and there's no extra inventory lying around (no garage filled with unsold games) after the printing. This Kickstarter Limited Edition will be made exclusively for the Kickstarter backers (copies of the regular Warmonger edition will still be available).

This project will be printed with DriveThruCards — the printer of the original Warmonger: Pack of Death Edition. They make very high quality cards with excellent color reproduction and working with them is always a pleasure. Their rapid turnaround time is what allows me to promise such a rapid delivery time. They are located in Kansas (USA) so shipping from them is rapid and predictable. 

Rules for launching a Quickstarter campaign:  

1. The development process—from sketching an idea to launching it on Kickstarter—should take no more than three months.
2. Keep the campaign under 20 days.
3. The funding goal should be below $1,000 (or thereabouts in your local currency).
4. The main reward should be under $50.
5. The video should be shot over one day with whatever camera you have (smartphone highly recommended).
6. Don’t do any PR and media outreach (unless you get contacted).
7. Don’t run any paid ads on social media.
8. No stretch goals.
9. Include “Quickstarter” in your campaign name.

For more information on Quickstarter, see

Quickstarter Project Timeline: 

now through July 12
Kickstarter is in progress - back early, back often - tell your friends!
I'll do some test prints with DriveThruCards to make sure everything prints as intended.

approximately July 26
Kickstarter releases funds to my company and printing can begin.

approximately August 16
Rewards start shipping to backers.

August 17
This is my birthday. I'm just letting you know. 

Risks and challenges

Warmonger is an already developed and tested game, this project consists of recoloring all the artwork to a Red, White, and Blue theme.

Printing decks of cards in tuckboxes with DriveThruCards has been a very straightforward process for both of my previous Kickstarters and I expect everything to go smoothly this time as well.

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