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Part comic series, part clothing line, together to tell the immersive story of Kid Havoc.
Part comic series, part clothing line, together to tell the immersive story of Kid Havoc.
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Alright guys we're officially in business! Check out the and let me know what you think. You guys built this so we value your opinions on it, obviously. Orders have been coming in from all over the world and it's only been one day! Not to mention we're also selling out of the limited edition copies of Issue One: The Gripping Tide at Velocity Comics here in Richmond. That's great news and best of all... you guys don't need to worry about it because I have a special order of The limited edition copies for our kickstarter backers that qualify ($50+ tier). 

This also marks the start of shipping out the rest of our higher tier KS rewards. The Kid Robot Munny vinyl toys will be slow to get out at first given the unexpected demand so they will be shipped separately from the rest of your order. So, if you get an original inked page, another comic and some prints don't fret. The Munny Maker's on it. Ok, I also promise I will never refer to myself as the 'Munny Maker' again but you get my point. I'm going to making a ton of these things. 

Thanks again guys and I hope you're as proud of all of this as we are. We've created a new approach to self publishing and new way to operate independently. We've made mistakes along the way but I hope that we can still be an example for other aspiring artists and designers who wish to find ways to get their work out and to turn their stories into something tangible. 


P.S. If any of you have a local comic book store that you think would be interested in selling copies of Kid Havoc by all means give them our contact info and we will gladly ship them a box. They can email me at

NYCC 2013


 NYCC starts tomorrow! We’ll be selling these at Booth #1147. When we get back we’ll be launching where you will be able to order the comics along with items from the coinciding clothing line. We will also begin sending out the remaining higher tier Kickstarter packages once we return from comic con.

Sterling Hundley graciously provided us with this incredible variant cover and we cannot thank him enough for it. He’s been a huge supporter of Kid Havoc since it was just an idea and sloppy sketches in a notebook. Now that it’s all coming to together, and we’re launching this weekend, it seems fitting having his work on the cover.

Here’s a preview of just a couple of items from the first line including our Men’s Henley style shirt which features artwork from Issue One silk-screened on the interior lining of the sleeves. Below that we have the Women’s Pleated Shoulder Pencil Dress with in-seam pockets. All clothing has been created in the USA by Fernanda Chavez of Kid Havoc.

We hope to see you in NYC! Again, If you're not able to make to the con will go live once we return around the 14th where you will be able to order these items online. Of course I'll post another update letting you know when everything is up and functioning.

Thanks again everyone! None of this would be possible without you.


Rewards Update and NYCC

Hey guys,

There seems to be some confusion with how the reward system is set up so to clarify, we are sending out rewards in two halves, both of which were pushed back to later shipping dates but everyone should have already received their first rewards - being the shirt and comic along with a few other items. The second half of your reward will be sent out after we return from our launch at New York Comic Con this October. Issue 1 will be released at NYCC along with our first line of clothing. After that, we'll be able to start sending out all other higher tier rewards. Remember that your rewards stack. So if you ordered a $75 reward you're still getting the rewards in the $25 tier and so forth. The lower tier rewards are just being sent out first so you have more rewards coming! 

Now on to NYCC! We'll be at booth 1147 October 10th - 13th where we will be celebrating our launch with the first issue alongside our first line of clothing. We're also planning a beta sale in September where we will be launching our site early for a week just to see how orders process, what sells and so on. Basically it will be a soft opening and will hopefully allow for small financial boost before we head off to NYC. When the time comes to promote we'll need your help so I'll keep you guys posted.

Thanks again for being patient with us. I'm thrilled you guys have enjoyed the pilot issue. It was such a learning process and now I really feel I'm hitting my stride with these next few. The story will officially start with Issue one and will progress from there. We're not selling Issue Zero again so hang on to them. That being said, Fern and I are beyond excited to launch Kid Havoc. You guys are going to love what we've been working on. Our work has progressed so much since we first launched this project. The clothing, the artwork, the story... it's all getting better. Thanks to you guys we've grown as artists, entrepreneurs and our passion for Kid Havoc accelerates every day. So again, we can't thank you enough. See you guys in NY!

Thank you,


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We've started shipping out first orders!

Alright guys, all of you have been tremendously patient and understanding and now I'm happy to say that we've officially started shipping our first rewards! I can't wait to hear what you guys think. It only gets better from here. I'll be posting a preview for the Issue one as well as our first line in the coming months. So far everything looks incredible and I know you guys will be thrilled.



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