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A simulation game commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, coming to iPad and iPhone from Shenandoah Studio.
A simulation game commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, coming to iPad and iPhone from Shenandoah Studio.
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Announcing Yet Another New Game!


Greetings All,

So last week I announced the second game in the "Battle Hymn" line of games, "Pea Ridge: Gettysburg of the West." This week I'm announcing the third game in the series and attaching a copy of the map for your review. As with Pea Ridge, this is the computer version of the game, the board game will have a hex grid printed over the map - and yes, it is expected to be published in both forms. Next week I'll share information about a fourth game in the series.

But first a little about Bentonville. It was the last major battle of the war and tragic because the end of the war was in sight and every loss was a man who died, or was maimed, for no good reason. The Confederates launched a surprise attack against one wing of Sherman's army as it was marching across North Carolina. The attack went well, at first, and the better part of two US divisions were destroyed before the attack petered out and US reinforcements arrived. But the battle continued to a second and third day! My game includes scenarios for: Day 1, Day 3, the historical Campaign, and a what if scenario: what if General Sheridan were in charge of the US? It would have been a different battle, that's for sure.

Here's the map, I hope you enjoy it. Although it appears small, it is actually quite large and the areas around the play area will include charts and tracks for the board game.



Battle Hymn: Bentonville, The Last Battle
Battle Hymn: Bentonville, The Last Battle
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    1. Alex Ossel on

      This project started in the ipad 2 / 3 period, we now live in the ipad air2 / 3 period...

    2. Alex Ossel on

      Has this project been terminated? Do i need to back out? Terrible communication on this project. Please tell us something ore finisch the project! Please do something!

    3. Patrick Henry on

      Deliver the game already. Fuck the other games, deliver the one we paid for. Excuses excuses excuses.

    4. Allen F. Schell on

      Glad I didn't back this one.

    5. Lawrence C.M. Hung on

      How will the AI work? Is it tough? Does it cheat?

    6. Missing avatar

      deleted Creator on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    7. Missing avatar

      Robert Cherinka on

      Instead of designing more games, how about finishing and delivering on the Gettysburg game I backed well over a year ago and have still not seen any value from?

    8. Michael Uhrich on

      Are the A5A battles being redone? All that's missing are Bull Run and Shiloh.

    9. Missing avatar

      Vogelmann on

      I don't get this. What is this talking about game 2, 3 and 4? What are we getting as backers? Game 1, I think or am I wrong?

    10. Missing avatar

      Peter Martin on

      Hi Eric, This looks great! I was reading about the Battle of Averasboro (the precursor to Bentonville) and I was wondering if you are including that battle in this game? Since the Rebs didn't do much but defend at the battle, it might make a good intro game for players playing the Union.