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Do your own deep tissue massage with tennis or lacrosse balls for unequaled power, precision and versatility. Get loose, get relief!
Do your own deep tissue massage with tennis or lacrosse balls for unequaled power, precision and versatility. Get loose, get relief!
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Shipping, shipping, shipping!

Posted by Eric Jeffrey (Creator)

Hi friends, I'm deep into the fulfillment process now and wanted to do an update and share some pictures with you. I'm pretty confident we are more than halfway through and should finish shipping next week. Just FYI - when I print the shipping labels, an email is generated to you with a tracking number. Sometimes your package doesn't actually reach the USPS though until the next business day.

There are still a handful of backers that never filled in a survey and haven't responded to my emails, but that's probably normal for any Kickstarter project.

In spite of taking what I thought were careful notes, I have made a few shipping mistakes in the rush but so far they've been pretty easily correctable. I'm sure I will hear about a few more in the coming weeks...

One person had expected to receive a set of balls because of the lousy wording I used when trying to describe the size of the mesh bags in this update. That's one thing I'll remember for next time - most people probably just read the update email instead of visiting the post online - so the comments stream underneath of the post is not caught by the majority of readers.

I have made a lot of progress with the store on the Massage Track website and will open it as soon as the last Kickstarter shipments go out. Unfortunately, I misjudged how many people would want the medium versus large neck tracks and the mediums are going to sell out very quickly.

For anyone that wants to purchase a set of massage balls however, I'll have lots of those in stock.

And here are some pictures for you:

arriving from China
arriving from China
boxes ready to be moved into the garage
boxes ready to be moved into the garage
packing a trio set
packing a trio set
packing creates a pretty big mess
packing creates a pretty big mess
thank God the USPS does a pickup every day
thank God the USPS does a pickup every day

There's a lot of preparation for each batch involving Excel spreadsheets and the Shipping Easy tools to create a picklist and shipping labels. There are always a certain number of addresses have to be corrected so they are accepted by the USPS database but I'm so thankful that amazing online tools exist to get all the stuff done. Would've been much harder 10 years ago!

So that's a peek behind the scenes.

Last week, I had the great satisfaction of helping a friend who was weightlifting (doing squats) when he wrenched his back. He showed up at my house two days later obviously in a lot of pain and walking a little crab-like. I set him up with a Body Track and balls and I could see that he was impressed when he felt the release in his lower back. But,with an acute injury like that, you don't just get up pain-free right away. Just lying down on the floor is pretty complicated because any little movement of your body triggers the muscles that are spasming.

Anyway, he wrote me this the next day:

"Thank you again for helping me yesterday. I've bee using the massage track in 20-30 minute times throughout the day. My pain is largely gone but everything is still completely out of alignment. I left a message for Dr. Lara. to see about an appointment."

I had recommended a physical therapist to him also but was really thrilled that he was able to stop the pain. The funny thing is, he's been watching me develop the Massage Track tools for the last two years and was always very supportive but he didn't think he needed them himself.

Hope you are all well. Thank you so much for your extraordinary patience and heartwarming support... I truly hope you will come to love your massage tools. 

Warm regards,


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    1. Engelhard M. Labiro on

      Arrived in Japan. Looks good. Asked my wife to buy balls. Thanks Eric!

    2. Eric Jeffrey Creator on

      Glad to hear it bad monkey!! Thanks for your kind words:)

      Susanne, I wrote to you privately...

    3. Bad Monkey Productions on

      Got mine! Everything looks and feels great. I was very impressed by the quality. I'll definitely be recommending these to friends and family. (If I could afford it, I'd be buying these as holiday gifts for everyone.) Thanks for all your hard work Eric!

    4. Susanne Lam on

      Hi Eric, can i have my UPS tracking number? tks! Can you give me your email address so i can give u my details for checking? tks!

    5. Eric Jeffrey Creator on

      One thing I realized just today - I should've included this in the instruction sheet: when you get it, please wash everything in warm soapy water. It's not necessary for the yellow and orange balls which are made of natural rubber, but it won't hurt them. This is to remove the light wax coating the factory applies to remove the products from the molds more easily... technically, it's called 'mold release agent' and is just wax. If you wash it off, everything grips better:)

      Thanks Amanda!

    6. Amanda Helstrom-White on

      I received mine and I'm just starting to use it. I think it's going to be a big hit. My main problem is trying to use it and not have a cat decide I want to play since I'm on the ground. Not much room to avoid them in my studio apartment. I can't wait for the store to be up and running, I'd like to get another set of balls so I can do the arm exercises that you demonstrate on the DVD that require 4 balls.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Baker on

      Oh yay!!! Exciting news. I can't wait for mine to arrive. My bum shoulder has been killing me and I suspect this will help a lot.