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From Bloat Games, the creators of The Blackest of Deaths, comes this space horror tabletop RPG.
From Bloat Games, the creators of The Blackest of Deaths, comes this space horror tabletop RPG.
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The Blackest Space - An Interstellar Sci-Fi Survival RPG



The Blackest Space - An Interstellar Sci-Fi Survival RPG

Cover Art by Dean Spencer

Written by Josh Palmer (Co-Creator of Dark Places & Demogorgons and Vigilante City) comes The Blackest Space, a Sci-Fi game that utilizes the BoD game system created by Eric Bloat for The Blackest of Deaths RPG.

The BoD game system is based on the d20 OGL with updates and alternate rules, most-notably the Core Mechanic:  Roll 1d20 & 1d6 Simultaneously

When you attack, make a save, make a skill, etc. roll a d20 and a d6 and add any applicable modifiers to the d20 roll.

If you meet, or beat, the target Difficulty Check or Evade score you succeed.

On the d6, do not add modifiers unless specifically instructed and ignore a roll of 2, 3, 4 or 5. For a roll of 1 add a Hindrance and for a roll of 6 add a Benefit. 


Hindrance adds an additional challenge or difficulty that was not present before the attempt.

Example: A Security Officer is successful with their laser attack; however, the laser gun has jammed and it costs the Officer their next attack to fix it.


Benefit adds an additional convenience that was not present before the attempt.

Example: An attacker using their laser gun misses the mark; however, as the opponent attempts to dodge the attack, they hit their head on a doorway.

There is 15 Classes represented in The Blackest Space:  Bounty Hunter, Captain. Communications Commander, Ebontear Endbringer, Ebontear Necrojudge, Emerald Champion, Medical Officer, Meta-Psych, Pilot, Pirate, Science Officer, Security Director, Shock Marine, Smuggler and Technician.

And 12 Playable Races: The Apparatus, Arpi, Asaluss, Cymyrs, Gnargfang, Gronslag, Harkfey, Humans, Lanerians. Mirewhips, Qu’fer and Zygaq.

*For a deeper look into what exactly is included in the book see:  DEEP DIVE below.


The interior art is grey scale art by the likes of artist Phil Stone and Bradley K. McDevitt to name a few.  The need for the Kickstarter is to continue to commission custom art for the game to best represent the unique look and feel of the setting.  Check out some examples here:

Asaluss art by Phil Stone
Gnarfangs by Phil Stone
Gronslag by Phil Stone


MireWhips by Phil Stone


The Blackest Space is fully written!  The art is over 60% done and preliminary layout has begun.  A text only, fully playable version will be released to the backers in November and the full version will be completed and layed out as soon as the art comes in.  So, while the expected due date is March 2020, we will be working deligently to get this game to you well before that!

PDFs fulfilled through our partnership with Drivethrurpg.



Content included:

  • Rules VS Rulings
  • Core Mechanic
  • Benefit and Hindrance
  • Advantage and Disadvantage
  • Attributes (Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Constitution, Dexterity and Charisma)
  • Determining Attributes
  • Luck
  • Hit Points
  • Healing
  • Death
  • Move, Evade & Armor Points
  • Everything In Turn
  • Leveling Up
  • Initiative
  • Combat
  • Vacuum of Space & Dangerous Enviroments
  • Gear and Currency
  • Weapons, Armor and Equipment
  • Cybernetics
  • Robots
  • Vehicles
  • Interstellar Ships
  • Space Combat
  • Free Actions
  • Star Ships (all sizes and upgrades)
  • Space Booty (Stat Bonuses, Weapons, Armor, Equipment, Galactic Repute/Currency, Special Items)
  • Galaxy Background
  • Earth's Timeline
  • Sections of the known Milky Way
  • Gronslag Empire, Lanerian Depths, The Solar Council,  Earth, PAX I, J-15, Nexus Base Evermore, The Azure Domain, Barrison-5, Zonatt-3141, The Golden Arsenal, Illumination Realm, The Brine Mire, Crucible Center, The Emerald Edge, Arpourus III and XI, Forbidden Zone, Ventura II, Fury VI, Wyll III, Blackspace Corsairs, La'samoo Station, Devogolos, Koshka-8 and many, many more!
  • Organtizations:  The Infinity Exchange, The Probers or Greys & The Ruins of the Great Ancients
  • Random Star System Generators
  • Templates

Note:  All content and art subject to change

Galaxy Background

It is the year 2201 to most people of Earth. 100 years ago, mankind developed the technology for interplanetary space flight, and soon discovered basic warping technology, leading to flight between solar systems. Currently, the Earth is a member of The Explorer’s Expanse and The Emerald Edge, a coalition of several planets that seek to explore the galaxy and defend its inhabitants from a plethora of active threats.

Earth’s Timeline

2020 A massive movement of pseudoscience, especially climate change denial, begins to have a major effect of world policies involving carbon emissions and health issues.

2022 Major riots break out throughout the world, as vaccine deniers push for more “freedoms”, vastly increasing the spread of once contained illnesses. The hottest year in recorded history occurs and the sea levels begin to rise at a greater rate.

2025 A new plague, Romero’s Disease, arises that kills most it infects within hours, and causes violent insanity in those that survive it. It spreads to almost every corner of the world in a week. It kills 100 million people within that week and sends most of the world into a state of chaos. Billions flee the larger cities to seek refuge in the countryside, causing massive conflicts with the scared and isolated rural communities.

2028 The death count of the plague reaches 2 billion! Violence and famine wipe out millions more. Many coastal cities are beginning to drown.

2031 At the beginning of the plague, several world governments and private groups went into well defended, underground bases. Led by elite scientists, most of these bases communicated with each other in an attempt to find a cure. A team in Hyderabad makes a break through, finding a way to make the uninfected immune to the disease with a simple shot.

2035 Most of the survivors near the secret bases are inoculated and begin to rebuild civilization in the surrounding areas, creating Savior Cities. Those survivors isolated from the bases do not trust the rumors of their “cure” and become more withdrawn and violent. The bases in Paris and Beijing are destroyed. The world’s temperatures are still rising and more coastal regions are engulfed by the rising tide.

2039 The growing Savior Cities are now all walled off from the wilds, but they still take in refugees. The outer communities become more violent as the world heats up and many resources become scarce.

2042 Regular air travel and trade between the Savior Cities begins. The world population is estimated at 1.5 billion.

2050 The Treaty of Moscow is signed by every Savior City, creating a unified alliance and a World Council. Most of Africa, Australia and the Middle East become uninhabitable due to the heat. A large coalition of independent communities, The Thundering Horde, unify in the Asian Steppes and destroy the Savior City of Irkutsk.

2056 The World Council begins to relaunch satellites and send manned missions to space. The Thundering Horde now control most of Siberia, Eastern Russia, Mongolia and Northern China.

2061 Construction of Luna Savior I, a city on the Moon, begins. Several small space stations are finished. The Thundering Horde takes the Korean Peninsula and launches a failed attack on Sapporo.

2065 Luna Savior I is completed. The World Council approves lethal force to deal with The Thundering Horde after they destroy Xi’an with a nuclear weapon and begin marching toward Chongqing.

2066 The Thundering Horde are destroyed by a new orbital defense system. Several small, independent cities apply to join the World Council. The large cities are stable and begin to grow, but much of the wilderness is still dangerous, as it is an ever-expanding wasteland filled with camps of insane, distrustful people.

2071 The first manned mission to Mars is a success, as Kiri Ito is the first person to walk on the Red Planet. They establish a small, permeant settlement.

2077 A major breakthrough in ship speed is made, allowing a ship to go from Earth to Mars in 5 days. Ships are sent to every planet and moon in the solar system by the end of the year. The world population nears 2 billion.

2078 The Cymyrs are discovered on Pluto. They quickly join the World Council, which is now renamed the Solar Council, and greatly advance the world’s knowledge in science.

2090 Manned space bases are established around each planet and many moons. The construction of a large station begins in the orbit of Pluto.

2094 After several attempts to cool the rising temperatures on Earth, scientists develop a chemical that safely slows the rising temperatures. However, the damage has been done to a large chunk of the planet. The Pluto base is finished and is dubbed Proxima I. It is a large science lab, manned by the most brilliant Human and Cymyr scientists.

2099 The colony on Mars reaches 10,000 people and they begin an attempt to terraform the planet.

2110 After many years of flight tests, a Cymyr scientist, ADR-5, develops a basic warp drive. This allows for faster than light travel, without time dilation. A special ship is built, and expert crew are selected for the mission to Alpha Centauri that is expected to take 18 months.

2111 The S.C.C. Irkutsk launches from Pluto on its way to Alpha Centauri. Unmanned probes are launched to the other nearest solar systems.

2113 The S.C.C. Irkutsk returns after exploring Alpha Centauri, but sadly informs the Solar Council that they discovered no life and left some crew there to start constructing a base on one of the planets.

2122 Warp technology improves and more local systems are explored, but no signs of life are discovered.

2134 Life is discovered by Captain F. Sieving and the crew of the S.C.C. Blytheville on a planet in Tau Ceti. The life is a humanoid race of cat-like people that have just discovered agriculture and city building, named the Yenb after their chief god. The Solar Council votes to enact Acree’s Accord (named after the S.C.C. Blytheville’s Head Security Officer), a law that prevents the interference with the cultural progression of non-space faring races, unless they are in imminent danger. A space base is constructed behind a moon near the planet, for scientists to monitor the aliens.

2150 50 Solar Systems have been explored and claimed by the Solar Council. Only a few more planets with life have been discovered thus far, with only one other intelligent race being discovered in GJ102. The Octox, an intelligent race of octopus-like humanoids, live completely underwater in a early Bronze Age type society.

2154 The S.C.C. Damascus does not report back after being the first ship sent to the J-15 solar system. A second ship, the S.C.C. Rabat, is deployed and does not report back either.

2155 A fleet is sent to J-15. They encounter an army of satellites and drones that decimate the fleet. 2 ships survive and return to report the loss. Future plans to explore J-15 are scrapped.

2167 The S.C.C. Copenhagen encounters a Lanerian fleet on the outskirts of the explored galaxy and is captured. Negations take several months, but a peace treaty is signed and a border is established. Travelers from both civilizations are allowed safe passage through each other’s space. The Solar Council and Lanerians create embassies and exchange technologies.

2175 The S.C.C. Miami and the Oceanstar Liquanto, a Lanerian ship, discover a recently destroyed base of an unknown alien race in a previously unknown area of space. Soon after, they board a near-by, crippled star ship. The ship had 2 Gronslag survivors that were saved from death’s embrace by the quick-thinking crews. They learn from the survivors that they have been in a losing war for the past 20 years with an alien civilization known as The Ebontear Crucible.

2176 The Treaty of Hope is signed between The Solar Council, The Lanerians and The Gronslag Empire. The new allies are defeated at The Battle of Blackest Night by an Ebontear Fleet.

2177 The S.M.E.G. Corporation (Space Mining and Engineering Group) begins to dominate deep space mining and many shipping lanes.

2179 The Gronslag home world is besieged by Ebontear ships. After a long, unsuccessful battle, an Emerald Edge Armada enters the battle and defeats the Ebontear Crucible’s forces. The Emerald Edge welcome the Gronslag, Lanerians and The Solar Council into their ranks after informing them of the state of the known galaxy. The three, up and coming powers create a unified federation known as The Explorer’s Expanse.

2180 The Emerald Edge introduce The Explorer’s Expanse to locations of worm holes in their systems. Construction of a new Space Port begins near a worm hole hub.

2181 The remaining, known Ebontear Crucible are expunged from the domains of The Explorer’s Expanse.

2190 The Explorer’s Expanse gain access to all Emerald Edge ports and their worm holes.

2201 All powers prepare for the first ever Galactic Summit to be held at Exchange Hub Alpha.

Risks and challenges

There are of course risks, and while I believe that I have been thorough in my research of the Do's and Don’ts while running a Kickstarter. This is my 9th Kickstarter, so I still plan for surprises and hiccups along the way. This is why the promise date is in December 2019. I feel very confident that I can deliver the rewards well before then but I recognize the need for a contingency in case problems arise. I will stay transparent in my campaign and will update the backers frequently to what is happening and the current status of things.
Some potential problem areas that I will be monitoring closely are: Art commissions and layout.

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